Chapter 128: Escape from Moonlight Castle

Night had fallen and the Stars twinkled brightly. Stardust laid under a tree wide awake, he didn't even once sleep. He laid in the grass staring at the stars. The two soldiers next him stared at him wondering what was wrong. It was the first time they had seen Stardust stay up all night.
"Aren't you tired?" one of the soldiers asked.
Stardust ignored him or simply didn't hear him, he was to busy thinking about how to get over the castle walls. He knew he couldn't run out, he would rather sneak out. He didn't want to fight all the soldiers, it would make him look bad. The Castle Walls were very long and there wasn't that many soldiers on the walls, he might have a chance to sneak over the wall but first he would have to do something about the two soldiers that are with him. He stood up and yawned as he walked towards the castle. He was tired but he had spent the day and most of the night worrying about Lunarstar that it kept him awake. He thought about the King and Queen, they didn't believe him neither did the soldiers. No one missed Lunarstar, they all thought she wanted to be along reading or exploring.

The two soldiers picked up their lanterns in their mouth and followed him into the castle. Stardust turned left instead of right catching the two soldiers by surprise, they had expected him to go to the kitchen.
"Where are you going?" They asked.
"Follow me and find out," Stardust whispered. He had an idea about how to get rid of them and hoped it would work.
He climbed the stairs and ran down the hall as fast as he could, trying his best to keep his hoofs quiet. The soldiers ran after him down the long hallway. They turned the corner where Stardust had turned but when they got there, he was gone. The soldiers stopped and looked around but didn't see him or hear him. They set the lanterns on the floor next to them.
"Where did he go?"
"Beats me."
"Here," whispered a voice.
They turned around only to see Stardust front hoofs coming at them fast. There was no time to avoid it. Stardust hit them hard, they hit the floor and slid a few feet away. Stardust walked up to them and looked down on the floor at them. They were knocked out cold laying on their sides. Stardust grabbed their tails and dragged them across the floor to a room he was hiding. The door was to narrow to drag both ponies so he picked one up and dragged him into the room, laying him on the floor. Stardust left the room and dragged the other soldier into the room, then he left and carried the two lanterns leaving them next to the soldiers.
"Sorry boys but I intend to find Lunarstar," Stardust whispered.
He turned and left the room quietly shutting the door behind him. He walked down the hall cautiously towards the stairs when suddenly a purple soldier and an orange soldier came out from another hallway, they were the two who watched him by day. Stardust halted and looked at them angrily, he hadn't expect them to show up. He stood ready to take them out when the purple soldier took a rope from around his neck and handed it to him.
Stardust was surprised, he didn't know what to think of it. Were they actually helping him?
"Bring her back safely," The orange Soldier whispered.
Stardust took the rope and hung it around his neck. He looked at the two soldiers and smiled, then continued walking towards the stairs. The two soldiers quickly turned and left.
Stardust quietly walked down each step trying not to make a sound. The Soldiers at the throne room door never heard Stardust going down the stairs. When he reached the bottom step he turned left and walked quietly towards the back door. He crept open the door and quietly walked outside closing the door softly.

He laid low to the grass next to the bushes that sat on each side of the door. Stardust looked around the wall. He saw a few soldiers but most of them were in front. Stardust left the bushes and walked along the wall. He knew they couldn't see him, his coat was so black it blended in with the darkness. He walked to the far end of the yard to a corner where he knew there was less soldiers. He took the rope from around his neck and made a lasso. He swirled it around his head and threw it at the top of the wall. The rope lassoed itself around a large square stone. Stardust gave it a light tug and began climbing the wall. When he reached the top, he took the other end of the rope and threw it over to the other side. He turned around and slowly began climbing down the wall.
He touched the ground and let go of the rope, he was now outside the castle walls. When he turned around he paused, the ground was steep going down. There was a lot of trees, rocks and bushes on the hill. Stardust carefully continued down the steep hill. Suddenly he slipped on the rock and fell down the hill and over the cliff, landing on the ground with a thud. Stardust stood up and looked around. The cliff was very tiny and the ground he landed on was flat but very narrow. Stardust turned and looked to see where the path led to, it want up the steep hill to a wall.
"A secret way out. Probably for emergences," Stardust thought.
He turned and hurried down the path hoping it lead off the mountain. He was more worried about Lunarstar than he was earlier, he could no longer sense her which told him she was far from Mooney Mountain. He knew there was only one place those Traders will taker her. He had to get to Dream Castle before they do.
He hoped when he got close enough to Dream Castle he will be able to sense her and rescue her from Star Cluster.