Chapter 127: The Traders

Lunarstar walked in her room carrying a book. She closed the door behind her and climbed on her bed, stretching across the bed and laying the book in front of her. She opened the yellow and white book, on the cover it said 'Princesses and Princes' Lunarstar flipped through the pages looking for pictures. There were quite a few scattered in every chapter. Lunarstar was relieved to find out it was a story and not a lesson on Princesses and Princes. She opened the book to the first page and began reading.

Stardust laid outside in the grass under a tree as he waited for Lunarstar. The soldiers on top of the wall seem to be looking over the wall at something. Banner climbed the stairs to see what was going on. At the gate stood six elves on a wagon pulled by a donkey. In their wagon they had something long covered with a sheet.
"What do you want?" Banner asked.
"We are traders, we brought a wagon load of rugs we would like to show the King," one of the elves yelled.
"Banner," A soldier next to him began to say, "Wasn't King Sea Mist expecting some traders?"
"Yes but I didn't think they'd come this soon," Banner replied, he turned and looked at the soldiers on the ground, "Open the gates!"
The donkey pulled the wagon through the gate and stopped a few feet away from the gate. Banner walked down the steps to greet them, "Welcome to Moonlight Castle. Would you follow me to the Throne room?"
Banner led them to the castle and down a long hallway where they were stopped by the soldiers guarding the throne room.
"They're here to see King Sea Mist," Banner said.
"Wait here," the soldier went into the throne room, a minute later he came out, "You may go in."
Banner led them into the throne room and stood at the base of the thrones.
"Your majesty, I believe these are the traders you were expecting," Banner announced.
"You guys came sooner than I thought," King Sea Mist said to the Traders.
"We wasted no time getting here," one of the Traders replied.
"We brought the rugs you have asked for in return for the old ones," another elf added.
"Yes, I will have a servant show you the old rugs," King Sea Mist replied, "Banner would you go send for one of my servants?"
"Yes your Majesty," Banner knotted his head and left the room not to long after that a servant walked in. She was dark pink with green, yellow, and white hair, on her back was a set of wings, "You sent for me your majesty?"
"Show these Traders the old rug I want replaced," King Sea Mist ordered.
"Yes, your majesty," The servant bowed and left the room with the traders following her. She took then to the Library, Ballroom and waiting room.
When she left them alone, they went outside to their wagon. One of the Elves noticed Stardust walking to the wall and stop.
"There he is," The elf whispered.
"Act normal and he may not notice," another elf said.

Stardust turned and sat in the grass watching the elves carrying two rolled up rugs. They were largely round and a bit hard to carry for the elves. They carried the rugs into the castle, one on the first floor and one on the second floor. Lunarstar was reading when she heard a noise in the hall. She set her book down and went out in the hall so see what the noise was about. The halls were normally quiet so it wasn't to often when She heard a lot of noise.
The elves carried the rug through three halls to the Resting Room. They moved the light blue chairs and couches off the rug. Then they moved the long glass table off the rug.
Suddenly an elf rushed in, "She's coming!"
"Hurry, you three hide," the elf exclaimed.
They rushed out the door while one of them grabbed a silver candle stick. The elf was left alone with a blue and white rug.

Lunarstar walked around the corner and saw a door opened, she peaked in the room. She was surprised to see an elf trying the roll up a rug.
The elf looked up at her and smiled, "Hello."
Lunarstar took a few steps back only showing her face, she hadn't forgotten the last time she meet an elf.
"You must be the Princess. Queen Royal Heart's daughter. I heard she had a pretty daughter and from what I can see, they were right."
Lunarstar blushed.
The elf laughed, "It's ok, I'm not going to bite."
Lunarstar cautiously walked in the room, "What are you doing?"
"Rolling up the rug. Would you like to help me?" The elf asked.
The elf noticed his fellow elves at the door, "Lets try from this end." he walked across the rug and stood next to Lunarstar with his back towards the door.
Just then Lunarstar felt a hard thud on her head. She instantly fell to the floor, closing her eyes in the process.
"Got her!" one of the elves exclaimed.
They noticed her head had a cute and was bleeding.
"Star Cluster didn't want her dead!" the elf exclaimed.
"You said to knock her out and I did."
The other two elves checked Lunarstar and was relieved to see her still breathing.
"It's ok. She's still alive," the third elf said.
"Good, now lets roll her up in this rug and replace it with the other rug."
They stretched her out on the rug and began rolling her inside it them dragged her out into the hallway while the other two replaced it with a blue, pink and white rug.
one of the elves put the candle stick back on the table and helped pick the rug up with Lunarstar inside. The four of them walked down the step and through the halls towards the doors.
They walked outside and up to the wagon. They set the rug on the wagon making sure non of the other rugs accidently roll on it. When they turned around, they jumped back in surprised. Stardust stood staring at them suspiciously. He stood very close to them, staring into their eyes.
They all looked scared or surprised but non of them looked calm. Stardust could sense Lunarstar, he had thought she was one of the elves but the looks in their eyes told him she wasn't.
Suddenly two more elves came and set the rug in the wagon. They turned and looked at Stardust cautiously. Stardust looked into their eyes but neither one of them was calm.
He turned and walked around the wagon. He could still sense Lunarstar very close by but he couldn't see her.
The elves nervously got in the wagon and left. The donkey pulled the wagon through the gate, leaving Stardust standing behind. He could sense Lunarstar moving farther away from him. He bolted into a run and quickly climbed the stairs and ran along the wall to the corner and looked over the edge. He glared at the elves and the wagon. He couldn't see Lunarstar but he knew she was there. When the wagon past him, Stardust turned and ran down farther down the wall, then he suddenly stopped and looked over the edge. He stared at the wagon, he knew she couldn't possible be hiding under the rugs, he had checked and watched them carry out the rugs.
The two soldiers that was following him finally caught up to him.
"What is it?" The purple soldier asked.
"Do you know them?" The orange soldier asked.
"No I don't know them," Stardust replied.
Banner walked up to him, "What is it?"
Stardust turned and faced him, "Where is Lunarstar?"
"In the Castle," Banner replied.
"And she didn't come out?" Stardust asked.
"No, non of my soldiers has seen her leave the castle. We would know if she walked outside," Banner answered.
Stardust turned towards the two soldiers that followed him, "Have you two seen her?"
"Like Banner said, she didn't come outside," The purple soldier replied.
"She's probably reading or exploring the castle," The orange soldier guessed.
Stardust left and ran across the wall with the two soldiers trying to catch up. Banner and the rest of the soldiers stood and stared, they couldn't figure out what's gotten into Stardust.
Stardust ran down the stairs and across the yard to the castle. He still sensed Lunarstar but it wasn't as strong. He thought she was one of the elves or hiding in the wagon but he didn't find her there. Then he thought his senses were playing with him. He had to be sure Lunarstar wasn't in the castle. He went to the library and walked around the room but didn't see her. He left the library just as the two soldier caught up with him. He checked the kitchen and the servants dinning hall. He rushed back down the long hallway and ran upstairs. He hurried to her room and knocked. When he didn't get an answer he slowly open the door. The two soldiers caught up with him as they stood catching their breaths.
"What is it?" The purple soldier asked.
"Lunarstar," Stardust answered as he walked in, "I thought she was in the wagon or one of the elves but I didn't see her."
"One of the elves?" The soldiers asked.
"She can't possibly look like an elf," the orange soldier replied as he watched Stardust walk to the balcony.
"She's a pony, she can't possibly disguise herself as an elf," the purple soldier added, "and she defiantly wasn't in the wagon. No one saw her outside."
"I know that," Stardust exclaimed impatiently. He could still sense Lunarstar but she was moving farther and farther away.
Stardust left her room and checked the bathroom and several other rooms. He hurried through the halls and ran up to the third floor. He rushed through the hall surprising the servants. He checked all the rooms and rushed down stairs with the two soldiers straining to keep up.
He ran to the first floor and down the long hall to the throne room. The soldiers at the door stopped him with their spears.
"You can not go in. The King does not want to be disturbed," one of them said.
"It's important. I must speak with him," Stardust replied.
"Orders are orders," the other soldier replied.
"It'll only take a few minutes of his time. Please just ask him," Stardust begged.
The soldier knotted and left. He took longer than usual. Stardust stood for a while waiting, then the soldier walked in, "Follow me."
Stardust followed the soldier through the throne room to a door in the corner. The soldier took him into a large room where Lunarstar and the Queen often spent their mornings together.
"I was told you need to speak with me and that is was important," King Sea Mist said while sitting on the couch.
"Have you seen Lunarstar?" Stardust asked.
"The Princess?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"No we haven't, not since this morning," King Sea Mist answered, "Why, is there something wrong?"
"I can't find her anywhere. I searched the castle and can't find her."
"She's probably in her room reading that book I gave her," Queen Snowfall guessed.
"No she's not I looked in her room."
"Then she's probably outside," King Sea Mist added.
"No she's not. Non of the Soldiers has seen her leave the castle."
"Then she inside somewhere. Don't worry about it, Stardust," King Sea Mist commented.
"She couldn't fly out of the castle without someone seeing her. She can't wink out, she doesn't know the outside wall to know where to wink to. She wouldn't walk out with out being seen," Queen Snowfall pointed out, "I'm positive she in the castle somewhere and you just missed her."
"Stardust, she's not in any danger. Now if you would please leave I must have some time alone with my wife."
The soldier took Stardust out of the room and our of the throne room.
Stardust was mad and showed it as he walked pass the two soldiers, heading outside. He walked across the yard to the shady trees and laid down under one of them. The two soldiers behind him were glad he had stopped. They were tired of running up and down the stairs.
"There's got to be away of getting out of here. I can't believe no one is taking me seriously," thought Stardust as he looked at the Castle walls.