Chapter 126: Daydreaming

It was in the morning when the soldiers woke up Stardust.
"What?" Stardust yawned.
"You don't want to miss breakfast," the orange Soldier replied.
Stardust stood up yawning and stretching his legs. He shook the grass out of his coat and began walking towards the castle with the two soldiers close behind him. Stardust walked in the castle and down the long hallway towards the kitchen. He heard the usually noise in the kitchen, cooks talking and yelling, water boiling in pots and steam coming out of the oven. Stardust walked in and waited for the cooks to notice him. One of them gave him a plate full of waffles and 2 strawberries on the side. The two soldiers behind him got the same, they took their plates and followed Stardust in the next room into the servants dinning hall. The room was big, all the servants and a few soldiers sat at the long tables. Stardust sat at the end of a long table with the two soldiers sitting in front of him. As he eat, he looked at the two soldiers in front of him, for a minute he imagined his two brothers sitting there eating. He sighed sadly, it had been a little over two weeks and he hadn't seen or hard from them. He wondered if Skyview was ok, was Skyview still thinking about what he said in the dungeon?

When Stardust and the two soldier were done they left the room, leaving their plates on the table. The soldiers fallowed Stardust down the hall when he suddenly stopped. Ahead was Lunarstar talking to Queen Snowfall.
As Stardust stood and watched, he suddenly saw Banner instead of Lunarstar in a lighter and wider hallway. Stardust rubbed his eyes and looked, it was Lunarstar instead of Banner.
"You ok?" The purple soldier asked.
"You've been doing that for a few days now," The orange soldier observed.
Stardust turned and looked at them, "Don't you two tell anyone about it."
"Ok," The two soldiers quickly answered.

Lunarstar turned and noticed Stardust. She said goodbye to Queen Snowfall and left rushing over to Stardust.
"Good morning Stardust," Lunarstar exclaimed excitedly.
"Good morning," Stardust replied smiling.
"Are we going to play today?" Lunarstar asked.
"You sure love to play, don't you?"
Lunarstar blushed, "Well, sure I do. I never got a chance to play with someone when I was growing up, not till I moved to ponyland and meet my friends."
"Oh," Stardust replied, "Well, lets just spend the day relaxing."
"Relaxing?" Lunarstar asked.
"You can't play all the time," Stardust replied, "come on, this is fun and it doesn't involve playing."
"Ok," Lunarstar replied and followed him outside. He walked down the steps and around to the side of the castle. Lunarstar could hear the cooks talking, she could even see them through a window. Stardust took her to the back yard which was full of squar cut bushes and flowers along the side of a stony path. The path lead to a small pound in the middle of the yard. Stardust stayed in the grass and walked far from the bushes and trees. He stopped and laid down, rolling over on his back with his feet in the air.
"What are you waiting for?" Stardust asked noticing Lunarstar just standing there, "Lay down and watch the clouds."
"Watch the clouds?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes," Stardust replied, "Like that one," Stardust pointed, "It looks like an ice cream cone."
Lunarstar looked up and smiled, the shape of the cloud looked like the top of an ice cream with eh cone trailing off in the distance.
Lunarstar flattened her wings to her sides, she laid on the grass and rolled on her back looking up at the clouds.
"See, isn't this fun?" Stardust asked.
"Yeah!" Lunarstar exclaimed as she stared at the clouds, "That one looks like a bird," Lunarstar pointed.
"Yes it does," Stardust agreed.
"That one looks like a book and that looks like a fish," as Lunarstar kept naming what she saw Stardust stared at the clouds, he was no longer listening to her. Images flashed before him, they were like a dream, fuzzy and cloudy. He could make out most of them but some he couldn't tell what they were. Some were images of ponies and places he never seen before.
"Stardust!" Lunarstar yelled.
Stardust snapped out of it and looked at Lunarstar, "What?"
"You weren't even listening."
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar. I was just thinking."
"Oh, about what?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
When Lunarstar asked that question, it felt familiar to him like someone had asked him that same question many times to him.
"Oh, nothing important," Stardust lied. He didn't want to tell her he had been seeing images and having nightmares.
"Oh," Lunarstar signed, she turned and looked up at the clouds, "Look there," Lunarstar pointed, "Kind of looks like me."
Stardust smiled, "Yes, it sure does."
As they laid in the grass staring at the clouds. He thought about his brothers and wondered what they were doing. He felt bad he had to turn against them but hoped they would joint him. After awhile he realized Lunarstar had gotten quiet. He turned his head to find Lunarstar sound asleep with her head turn and her feet still in the air.
as he looked at her sleeping face, he suddenly saw her as a white pony with long blue hair. Stardust blinked a few times till all he saw was Lunarstar sleeping.
"Strange, I know I've seen that pony before," Stardust thought. He turned and continued looking at the clouds, thinking.

The sun was setting turning the sky orange and pink. He looked at Lunarstar who was still asleep. He reached over with his hoof and shook her, "Wake up."
Lunarstar slowly opened her eyes and yawned.
"It's getting late," Stardust added.
Lunarstar quickly sat up surprisingly, "I slept through most of the day?"
"Yes you did. I guess you needed it."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep on you."
Stardust laughed, "It's quite alright."
"Well I had fun, though," Lunarstar looked at the sky one last time, "I better be going before someone comes looking for me," Lunarstar stood up, "Talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight!"
Stardust just smiled at her and watched her run into the castle from the back yard. Once she was inside, he turned over on his side laying his head on the grass.
"Aren't you going in front?" The purple pony asked.
"Why? Does it matter where I sleep?" Stardust asked.
"No, I guess not," The orange turned and waved at the two soldiers with lanterns. When the solders arrived, the other two left.
Stardust had quickly fallen asleep as the two soldiers with Lanterns stood at a distance watching him.