Chapter 125: Rope Toss

The birds chirping ringing in Stardust ears. The sounds of early sunrise woke him up. He stood and yawned, stretching his front legs and then his back legs. He looked at the castle doors expecting Lunarstar to run out but she didn't.
"She's already outside if your waiting for her to come out of the castle," The purple Soldier commented.
"Where?" Stardust asked.
"On the wall," the purple soldier replied.
Stardust looked around and saw her at the farthest end of the wall looking out.
Stardust turned and walked across the yard to the wall. He climbed the stairs and walked across the top of the wall. Soldiers turned and stared at him as he walked by.

Lunarstar stared in the distance, not paying attention to nearby soldiers watching her. She was fascinated at the world she had not gotten a chance to see yet. She saw over tree tops and mountains in the distance. She could barely make out a town at the base of the mountain, all she could see was a road leading up the mountain.
"Like the view?" a familiar voice asked.
Lunarstar turned and looked, she smiled at Stardust who stood and stared at her.
"Yeah, I do," Lunarstar turned and looked at the hills, "It's very pretty up here. I wish I could just fly over those hills and valleys. I wish we could have looked around town before coming here," Lunarstar replied, she paused and looked at Stardust, "What's the towns like in this world?"
"Not much different than the other world," Stardust answered.
"That town below, It had no street, didn't it?" Lunarstar asked.
"Kingdoms are different that others. Some have rocky streets, some have dirt streets and others have pathed streets."
"Are you going to be up here all day?" Stardust asked.
"I don't know. There's nothing to do. We already explored the castle, played all the card games and board games. I've even read awhile this morning but now, there's nothing to do," Lunarstar answered.
"Well, I know one game you haven't played."
Lunarstar looked at him surprisingly, "what game?"
"It's a game me and my brothers used to play till Star Cluster found out and made us stop," Stardust turned towards the orange Soldier, "I need a short rope, preferably 15 inch long."
The soldier stood there not sure if he should leave Stardust alone.
"Go get one. I'm not going to go anywhere especial when I'm surrounded by other soldiers," Stardust assure him.
"Ok," the soldier turned and left as Stardust and Lunarstar stood and talked.
"What game?" Lunarstar asked again.
"It's called Rose Toss."
"How do you play it?" Lunarstar asked excitedly.
"I'm getting to that. Someone throws the rope high in the sky, the first one to catch it must run to base. You can take the rope from them and reach base first, who ever has the rose at base wins," Stardust looked around the yard, "Lets make that fountain base. Now here are the rules, No unicorn magic and no flying. Stay in the front yard and do not go in the castle."
Just then the soldier came back with a rope, "Here it is."
Stardust took the rope, "It's a bit long though. I can fix that," he took one end of the rope and tied it in a knot then he took the other end and tied another knot.
"Now lets go," Stardust walked along the wall till he came to a set of stairs. He walked down the stairs and into the yard. Stardust stopped short of the trees, he set the rope in the grass and looked at the two soldiers, "You two will have to stay put."
"But we have to follow you," the purple soldier replied.
"I will run over you if you get in my way. So stay next to a tree and watch."
The two soldiers tuned and walked to a tree, they stood and watched.
Stardust smiled at Lunarstar, "Ready?"
"Yeah!" Lunarstar exclaimed excitedly.
Stardust took the end of the rope and tossed it in the air. Lunarstar looked up and watched it as the rope fell. Stardust stood on his hind legs catching Lunarstar by surprise, he caught the rope in his mouth and turned from her. Lunarstar ran after him, she noticed he wasn't running to fast or going straight to the base.
"Are you going to get the rope from me?" Stardust mumbled.
Lunarstar ran as fast as she could chasing Stardust around the yard. He ran at times and trotted at times teasing Lunarstar with the rope. She chased him through the yard full of trees dodging them from let to right. She stretched her legs out and long body as she picked up speed. Before Stardust knew it, she had caught up to him. She grabbed the rope and ran for base with Stardust close behind her. She skidded to a stop at the water fountain.
"Well, you won this time," Stardust commented.
"You let me win though," Lunarstar replied.
"It wouldn't be much fun if I never let you have the rope."
"How do you and your brothers play?" Lunarstar asked.
"Roughly. I do my best not to let them have the rope but not to worry, I'll go easy on you."
"Not to easy though," Lunarstar replied.
Stardust laughed, "Oh, I'll try. Ready to play again?"
"Yeah!" Lunarstar exclaimed.

The soldiers on the wall stood and watched Stardust occasionally, it interested them to see one of the Black ponies playing like a little pony.
Buster stood next to Banner on the wall watching Stardust run around the yard with Lunarstar straining to catch him.
"I've been watching him for a while now," Buster commented.
"Good, that's what your suppose to do," Banner started to walk away.
"Not that."
Banner stopped and turned around facing Buster.
"Have to noticed something about him?" Buster asked.
"Noticed what?" Banner asked.
"He's cold to other ponies except for Lunarstar. He seems so nice to her, he smiles and laughs with her."
Banner looked at Stardust thinking about what Buster had said. He hadn't noticed it til Buster had said something. He looked at Stardust who laughed and smiled greatly as he played with Lunarstar.
"I wonder, could he really have changed?" Banner asked himself.
"He sure has taken a liking to Lunarstar," Buster added.
"He sure has," Banner stood and wondered if it was possible to get the other two black ponies to change, then he would have a great chance at getting Dream Castle back.
Banner stood and continued watching most fo the day. Stardust and Lunarstar played for hours, the only time they stopped was when it was time to eat