Chapter 124: Kitchen Thief

Banner walked through the hall heading outside when he heard a commotion at the end of another hallway. He could quite make out what they were saying or who they were. He turned down the hallway and followed the noise, at the end of the long hallway he discovered the noise was coming from the kitchen. He could hear the ponies arguing over something. He walked to the kitchen and peaked around the corner.
"I swear, those were dry and hang up before the kitchen was closed," The dark pink pony shouted.
"How do you explain the misplaced foods?" The white male pony asked loudly.
"I don't know."
"It's got to be a ghost," another cook exclaimed.
"That's nonsense. There are no such thing as a ghost," the white pony replied.
"But I heard a noise in the kitchen the other night," another pony replied.
"Why didn't you check it out?"
"I did and when I got her, there was no one here."
Banner quietly left the kitchen, he could still here them arguing. He tuned down the hall and continued walk. He knew there was no such thing as a ghost but he knew there couldn't have been anyone in the kitchen at the middle of the night.
A soldier walked up to Banner interrupting his thoughts, "King Sea Mist wants to speak with you."
"Ok," Banner followed the soldier to the throne room. The soldier stopped at the door as Banner continued in the room. King Sea Mist sat at the throne alone, Queen Snowfall wasn't with him.
"You sent for me?" Banner asked.
"Yes, my cooks have told me about food going missing and misplaced. Pots and pans being watched and the floor looking dirty. I believe there's a kitchen thief at night, probably someone flying in a time and stealing the food from the kitchen. Banner, I want you and a few soldiers to check it out tonight, I have a feeling the thief will be back tonight."
"Yes, you Majesty."
"Inform me in the morning on who you find," King Sea mist added.
Banner bowed and left the throne room, he walked down he wide halls. He left the halls and walked into the Great Hall. He opened the door and left the castle heading down the stairs.
He walked across the yard to the Castle wall and climbed the stairs. Charades was walking around the walls checking on all the soldiers.
"Charades," Banner called.
Charades hurried over to Banner, "Yes, what is it?"
"Have you heard about the kitchen?" Banner asked.
"The cooks thinks there's a ghost in the kitchen at night but King Sea mist thinks someone is stealing food at night. He wants a few of us to check it out tonight. I want you and Buster to come with me tonight."
"Don't tell anyone. We don't want to scare the thief away."
"Alright, I'll get Buster," Charades turned and walked around the wall to find Buster.

Later that night when the sun was completely gone and the stars twinkled brightly behind the drifting clouds, Banner, Buster and Charades went into the castle. Everyone was sound asleep on the second and third floor. Soldiers at the throne room stood awake guarding the doors. Banner, Buster and Charades turned down the hall and continued walking, as they got closer they could hear noise. Clanking noise and doors shutting. Banner couldn't believe the cooks where right. could there really be a ghost? They stopped and looked around the corner and gasped, under the door was light, not very bright but it was enough to see the light.
Banner went first and threw open the door expecting to see a thief or ghost but to their surprise it was Stardust and two soldiers sitting at a small wooden table eating soup from their plastic yellow bowels.
"You?" Banner cried.
"What?" Stardust asked surprisingly.
"We heard there was a ghost or thief in the kitchen at night but it was only you?" Banner asked.
"I can't sleep so I come here and since those two are watching me they might as well eat to," Stardust explained.
"Your eating soup?" Buster asked.
"Stardust is a great cook," the yellow pony exclaimed.
"There's plenty of soup in the pot," the pink Soldier added.
"I wouldn't mind having some," Buster replied.
"Looks good to me," Charades added.
Banner stood and stared at Stardust as he eat, Banner wasn't to crazy about eating next to Stardust.
Buster walked up to the pot and looked in, he saw noodles swimming in the broth with pieces of chicken.
"It's homemade," Stardust said still eating his soup, "The bowls are below you on the right."
Buster took opened the cupboard and took a pink bowel, Charades too a red bowel.
"Well," Stardust asked Banner.
"I guess it couldn't hurt," Banner walked to the cupboard and took a blue bowel. The three of them fill their bowels and sat at the table.
They spent awhile eating their soup will there was no more soup left in the pot.
"This is good soup," Charades commented.
"Where did you learn to cook?" Buster asked.
"I don't know," Stardust stood up and walked over to the pot leaving Buster, Charades and Banner suspicious.
"What do you mean you don't know?" Charades asked.
Stardust took the pot and cleaned it in a large sink, "I rather not talk about it," Stardust took their bowels once they were finished and quickly washed them, then left them on the counter to dry.
Banner didn't like Stardust but he had to admit the soup he made was good.
When Stardust was done they all left the kitchen heading outside. Banner stopped at the base of the stairs and watched as Stardust walked back into the yard.
"What?" Charades asked.
"He doesn't know a whole lot," Banner replied.
"What do you mean?" Buster asked.
"He doesn't know where he learned to cook or what happened to Queen Royal Heart or the questions he asked Skyview in the Dungeon," Banner paused, "for some reason, I can't help but feel sorry for him."
"You?" Charades exclaimed, "feel sorry for him? I thought you didn't like the Black ponies?"
"I said I felt sorry for him, I never said I liked him," Banner continued walking towards the castle wall laying on the grass next to the wall. Charades and Buster glanced at each other and then looked at Stardust who had fallen fast asleep. They yawned and joined Banner at the wall.