Chapter 123: Not sleeping well

Stardust left the castle and walked across the yard where two soldiers a pink pony and yellow pony stood waiting for him, the other two behind him turned and left him. The sky was getting darker as the sun disappeared behind the hills. Stars twinkle in the clear sky.
Stardust walked to the trees and laid down on the grass folding his feet under him. He laid his head down and closed his eyes falling fast asleep.

It was pitch black and the crickets began making noises. The soldiers stood a few feet away from Stardust standing next to a lantern, they knew it was safer not to stand to close when he's sleeping.
Stardust kicked and groaned wildly in his sleep as he kick up a few grass steams.
The Soldiers stood and watched him, they had seen him dream the same dream for a while now.
Stardust quickly sat up saying no.
"Dreaming again?" the yellow Soldier asked.
Stardust laid his head down, "yes." He laid for quite awhile thinking about the dream. Why did he have it? Questions about the dream raced through his mind. He tried sleeping but he couldn't. Images of the dream flashed before his eyes.
Stardust quickly sat up hanging his head low. He was tired but his mind wouldn't rest. He stood up and began walking with the two soldiers behind him carrying Lanterns in their mouth.
"So what are we having tonight?" the pink soldier asked while holding the lantern.
"What ever you like," Stardust replied as he walked into the castle.

The next morning Lunarstar had finished eating her pan cakes and hurried out of her room leaving the tray on the table. She went down stairs and smiled happily when she saw Stardust at the other end of the hall. She hurried down the hall to meet him making sure no one appeared out from another hall.
"Stardust," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Good morning, Lunarstar," Stardust replied.
"Your up early this time," Lunarstar observed.
"Yes I am, those two woke me up," Stardust pointed at the two soldiers behind him.
"Oh. Well, want to go exploring with me?"
"We did that for two days."
"Oh, well how about we got to the library then? Like to read books or maybe we can play card games?" Lunarstar suggested.
"Are you any good at card games?" Stardust asked.
"Some I guess."
"I'm really good at games, are you sure you want to play with me?"
"Sure," Lunarstar smiled.
They turned down a hallway heading for the library.
"I'm going to find the cards. I'll meet you in the library," Lunarstar winked out leaving twinkling stars behind. By the time Stardust reached the Library Lunarstar had just winked in the room.
"What took you so long?" Stardust asked walking to the couch, "Unicorns wink in and out instantly."
"I had to ask a few ponies, I didn't know where the cards were," Lunarstar replied setting the white and blue cards down on the table.
Stardust and Lunarstar played for hours, at times Lunarstar would win and other times Stardust would win.
"I thought you were good at games?" Lunarstar asked.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I am, I just had some things on my mind," Stardust replied still thinking about his nightmare.
"It's not much fun with half of you here," Lunarstar commented.
Stardust laughed, "no it sure isn't. I guess I could think about it be prepared to loose."
During through the rest of the day Stardust won proving he was good at card games. Lunarstar did her best but still lost.

Later that night after Lunarstar and Stardust spent all day playing games, Stardust left the castle and headed under a tree. The two soldiers stood by the tree waiting while the other two a purple pony and orange pony left Stardust.
Stardust laid on the grass with his feet under him. The two soldiers stood back with a lantern watching him as he fell asleep.

Stardust stood in the dark with a green and pink foggy cloud surrounding him. He noticed a bright light ahead of him. The Clouds around him swirled wildly around him. Stardust pawed the dirt on the ground feeling mad. He looked up and saw something moving in the light.

Stardust continued to groan and paw the grass in his sleep, suddenly he woke up yelling no. Once he realized it was a dream, he laid back on the grass.
"Are you going to have that dream every night?" the yellow soldier asked.
Stardust looked up at him as he rested a few minutes. Then he sat up and yawned, "I guess so."
He stood up stretching his front legs then his back legs, "But don't you two tell anyone about this."
The soldiers looked at each other, "ok."
Stardust began walking towards the castle with the two solders behind him.
"So I guess it's my turn to decide what to have," the yellow Soldier commented.