Chapter 122: Queen's Garden

Lunarstar laid in bed under her blue blankets listening for sounds but all she heard was the birds in the forest chirping loudly. Sunlight peaked through the cracks of her curtains, hitting her in the face. Suddenly they were forced open.
"Time to get up Princess," said a yellow pony.
Lunarstar turned over to avoid the light.
"I know, I'll get up in a few minutes," Lunarstar whispered.
The yellow pony smiled and left the room.
When the pony left, Lunarstar threw the covers off of her and sat up, yawning and stretching. She got off the bed and walked to her dresser. She picked up her brush and began brushing her long white hair. When she was done, she set the brush down and walked to the balcony. She stood on her hind legs with her front hoofs on the railing, looking out at the valley and mountains in the distance. She looked down at the Castle yard in front and saw two soldiers standing over Stardust. It was hard to tell if Stardust was just laying under a tree or sleeping. Lunarstar stared at him trying to see what he was doing but all she could was a black rock so she decided to leave her room and head outside to get a closer look at him.
She hurried down the hall passing the servants. She walked downstairs through a few halls and walked outside to the yard. There was a lot of trees with a small water fountain in the middle. She saw the two soldiers standing next to Stardust under a tree. She hurried over to him only to find he was asleep.
"Princess," the purple soldier whispered, "he's asleep right now."
"Oh, I'm sorry," Lunarstar whispered.
Just then Stardust yawned, "It's ok."
He opened his eyes and lifted his head.
"I thought you said you always get up early?" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Yes, I do but..." Stardust stood up and stretched his legs, "I had a rough night."
"A rough night?" Lunarstar asked.
"I rather not talk about it."
"Oh," Lunarstar sighed, "I'm sorry."
Stardust smiled, "so what are you doing out here?"
"I was just wondering if you want to explore or play?"
"I need to eat first," Stardust began walking through the yard with Lunarstar at his side.
"Stardust can I ask you something?" Lunarstar stopped and looked up at him.
"Sure," Stardust replied as he stopped and faced her.
"Am I the only one who hasn't been caught?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, you are."
"What happened to mother?" Lunarstar asked.
"Queen Royal Heart?" Stardust asked.
The two soldier stood quietly listening, they too would like to know.
"Well, during the Battle at Dream Castle me and brothers were told she went through the Gate so we went after her. It took us a while to find her but we eventually did. She tried to fly away but Skyview was able to catch her."
"Fly!?" Lunarstar exclaimed surprisingly, "She can fly?"
"No one told you your mother was a Pegasus?" Stardust asked.
"well anyways, we took her to Dream Castle in the Throne room. Star Cluster told us to leave the room, so we did. That was the last time I ever seen her. Me and my brother have no idea as to what happened to her or any of the prisoners we has captured."
"You don't?" Lunarstar asked sadly.
"No I don't. I'm sorry Lunarstar, that's all I know."
"So she...could be dead?" Lunarstar asked sadly.
"I doubt it. Star Cluster told us to catch her, he never said he wanted us to kill her. Don't worry, Lunarstar, I promise I'll find out what happened to her," suddenly his stomach began to rumble which made Lunarstar laugh, she had never heard his stomach make noises, "Well, I have to go, I'm starving. Talk to you later, Lunarstar." Stardust turned and walked into the castle with the two Soldiers following close behind him.
Lunarstar stood sadly and stared at him.
"What's wrong?" a familiar voice asked.
Lunarstar turned around and saw Buster, he wore a sword and metal leg bands, "Buster?"
"Sorry, I just didn't...," Lunarstar looked at him again.
"Oh," Buster understood after noticing her staring at him, "I am a soldier, Lunarstar."
"Oh," Lunarstar replied, "Don't you soldiers wear armor or something?"
"Just when we're going to battle," Buster answered, "Lunarstar, is there something wrong?"
Lunarstar sighed, "I asked Stardust about my mother."
"Oh?" Buster asked curiously, hoping Lunarstar would tell him more.
"He said they caught her and took her to Dream Castle but he doesn't know what happened to her," Lunarstar tuned toward the Castle, "I think I'll go explore again or something."
"Ok," Buster replied as he watched her leave.
"Buster," Banner called as he walk towards him, "Is there something wrong with her?"
"Stardust told her about Queen Royal Heart."
"What did he say?" Banner asked.
"He doesn't know what happened to her, only that he and his brothers took her to Dream Castle," Buster replied.
"How can Stardust not know?" Banner asked.
They stood and watched as Lunarstar walked into the castle.
"Poor Lunarstar," Charades commented, startling Buster and Banner who had no idea he was standing there, "She lost her mother, has no father and she's no longer aloud to see her friends or her adopted parents. She can't leave the castle grounds so basically she stuck here."
"She won't like that," Buster replied.
"It doesn't mater weather she likes it or not. It's done to keep her safe, she'll have to understand that," Banner exclaimed.
"She's only 13, Banner. There's a lot she's not going to understand till she's older," Charades pointed out.
Banner stood quietly before saying anything, "Just watch her." he turned and left heading back to the wall.
Buster and Charades stood and stared at each other.

Lunarstar walked in the castle heading for the stairs when she bumped into Queen Snowfall.
"Hello Princess," Queen Snowfall said, "Have you eaten anything yet?"
"No, I haven't."
"Princess, would you like to eat with me at my private quarters?" Queen Snowfall asked.
Queen Snowfall smiled, "Fallow me."
Lunarstar followed her through the halls to the throne room she paused at the door and looked at the soldiers, "Have someone bring breakfast to us in my private quarters."
"Yes, your Majesty," the Soldiers bowed.
Lunarstar followed her into the throne room to the door in the corner next to the thrones. Lunarstar walked in the room which had a light yellow carpet with a few couches a few tables and one long table in front of the couches. On the wall above the couches hung a painting of King sea Mist and Queen Snowfall. on the other side of the wall were tall windows with a few glass windows.
"Like my garden?" Queen Snowfall asked noticing Lunarstar staring out the windows.
"It's pretty."
There was a step just outside the door with a cobble stone path through the garden. In the middle of the garden was a large water fountain, birds stood on the rim chirping and taking their baths. There were all kinds of flowers in many different colors.
"Princess Lunarstar, I'll show you the garden later, we must eat first," Queen Snowfall commented.
They sat on the couch together talking as they waited for their breakfast to come which didn't take long. Two servants, a pink pony pegasus and an orange unicorn walked in with long silver tray. They set the tray on the long table and left.
Lunarstar smiled greatly when she saw the Pancakes on the tray.
"I heard you liked Pancakes so I had some made for you," Queen Snowfall explained.
"Thank you," Lunarstar exclaimed.
Lunarstar had three pan cakes and a glass of orange juice which she quickly finished. Queen Snowfall finished hers shortly afterwards.
"Well, shall we go to the Garden?" Queen Snowfall asked with a smile.
Lunarstar stood up and followed Queen Snowfall through the door to the garden. She took Lunarstar to the water fountain. The birds flew away as they approached them. There were bushes and trees around the fountain, behind the bushes were rows of flowers. There were tall stone walls on each side of the garden with two towers attached to the castle and the walls.
"Mom would love this garden," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Your mother?" Queen Snowfall asked, "oh, you mean your adopted mother?"
"Yes," Lunarstar said sadly, she had forgotten about Rosebud till now.
"I'm sorry, Princess," Queen Snowfall replied, "Why don't you tell me about her?"
"Well, her name is Rosebud, her dream is to have a garden, much like this one. We moved a lot so she could never start a garden. When he finally moved to Ponyland she and my father Booster, decided it was their last move. Mom was excited about staying, she quickly bought some seeds and started planting them. Our yard is big so she's taking half the yard while dad takes the other half for his work," Lunarstar explained which began to bring back memories.
"What does your father do?" Queen Snowfall asked.
"He carves things out of wood. He's got a big shed for his work space," Lunarstar sighed sadly, "Will I ever see them again?"
"I'm sure you will but not right not."
Lunarstar lowered her head, "Stardust was just telling me about mother."
Queen Snowfall looked at her surprisingly, "he knows Rosebud too?"
"No I mean...Royal Heart."
"Oh," Queen Snowfall walked up to her, "What did he say?"
"He and his brothers caught her and took her to Dream Castle leaving her with Star Cluster. He and his brothers don't know what happened to her," Lunarstar replied.
Queen Snowfall was surprised to hear what Lunarstar had just said, she couldn't wait to tell King Sea Mist.
Lunarstar looked up at her, "He also tells me she could fly."
"Oh? you didn't know?"
"No one told me."
"Well she's a pegasus and from what I heard she loves to fly but being Queen makes her grounded most of the time. You look a lot like her though," Queen Snowfall explained.
"I do?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"You have her white coat and you look like her in the face."
"What does she look like?" Lunarstar asked curiously.
"She's white like you with blue hair, blue as the sky. She has bright pink eyes."
"Will I ever see her?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know. Hopefully if she's still alive you will someday," Queen Snowfall looked at with a smile.
Lunarstar felt sad, she felt all alone, no parents, no friends.
"Princess, you should be happy not sad," Queen Snowfall commented.
Lunarstar looked up at her wondering if she had lost her mind. How can she be happy when she might never see her friends and family again.
"You have two mothers, that is something not everyone can have," Queen Snowfall added.
Lunarstar thought about it, she hadn't really thought about having two mothers but she knew Queen Snowfall was right.
"Let just have some fun and enjoy the garden." Queen Snowfall suggested happily.
"Ok," Lunarstar replied trying to smile.
"You are welcome to come here when ever you like," Queen Snowfall added.
"Thank you," Lunarstar replied.
The two walked around the garden smelling each flower and talking about each other.