Chapter 121: Free at last

Early the next morning, the pink soldier left the dungeon and hurried upstairs only to bump into Banner on his way up.
"Where are you going?" Banner asked.
"To talk to King Sea Mist. You might want to hear this too," The pink soldier hurried past him and headed to the Throne room with Banner behind him. Two Soldiers at the Throne room doors stopped them.
"I need to speak with King Sea Mist. Tell him it's important," the pink soldier said.
One of the soldiers left and went in the Throne room, a minute later he came back, "You two may go in."
They walked into the throne room and stood at the base of the two Thrones where the King and Queen sat.
"Your Majesty," The pink soldier bowed, "I'm a guard from the dungeon. Last night Skyview came to visit Stardust."
The morning had gone by as the soldier told King Sea Mist everything that he had seen and heard.
King Sea Mist was surprised and found it hard to believe Stardust had said those things. Had Stardust really Changed?
"He really said those things?" King Sea Mist asked surprisingly.
"Yes your Majesty."
The Queen looked at King Sea Mist, "Dear, I do believe he's changed. From what Banner said and what this soldier had heard and seen, it should be proof."
"Yes it does. So Stardust really turned him down about going back to Dream Castle?"
"Yes," The pink soldier replied.
"Stardust certainly does have a point about the questions," Banner commented.
"Yes he certainly does," King Sea Mist replied, "He's right, everyone should have heard about the three Black ponies long before you lost Dream Castle," King Sea Mist fell silent for a long time.
"Sea Mist?" Queen Snowfall called after a while.
"Just thinking," King Sea Mist replied, "Banner, bring Stardust before me and bring two soldiers with you."
"Banner bowed and left the throne room and went outside, took a few soldiers from the wall and headed to the dungeon. They wore metal leg bands with a swords at their side attached to a yellow and blue belt. They walked down the stairs and headed towards the hanging lanterns.
"Open the cell," Banner ordered.
The white soldier did as he was told and opened the cell door.
"Stardust," Banner called.
Stardust stood up and looked at him.
"Come with me. King Sea Mist wants to speak with you."
Stardust left the cell and followed Banner with the two Soldiers behind him.
They walked up stairs, down the long hallway towards the throne room.
Banner took them into the Throne room where they stood before King Sea Mist.
"Stardust, you are free from the Dungeon to roam around as you please but you are not to leave the Castle walls. There will be two soldiers watching you at all times, you are never to be left alone," King Sea Mist ordered, "You will be watched closely when you're around the Princess. You will sleep outside where the soldiers can watch you till I can trust enough to give you your own room."
Stardust stood and listened, he wasn't surprised at what the King had told him but he was relieved to leave the his cell.
"Do you have any questions?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Yes I do, just one question," Stardust replied.
"What is it?"
"Where may I take a bath?" Stardust asked.
Everyone stared at him surprisingly, it wasn't something they had expect him to ask.
"On the second floor. Those two can show you," King Sea Mist pointed at the two soldiers, "They will be following you for the rest of the day. At night you will have another set of soldiers watching you while you sleep."
Banner and the soldiers bowed before leaving. Stardust followed Banner out of the room.
"follow me," the purple soldier muttered to Stardust
Stardust followed the soldier with an orange soldier behind him. They left the room and walked down the hall. The Soldier took him up stairs and down several hallways to a door.
"Here it is," The purple soldier opened the door revealing a pink bathroom.
Stardust walked in and looked around, "It's a bit small."
"Small?" the two soldier exclaimed.
"Dream Castle bathrooms are larger," Stardust replied.
The two soldiers shut the door and stood inside watching Stardust every move.
Stardust filled the tub with water and walked down the steps into the tub. He stood in the water which barley reached his back, he put his head on the sides of the tub to relax. He stood feeling his muscles relaxing and his black fur wavering in the water. He hadn't taken a good hot bath in so long and it felt so good that he didn't want to leave it. Stardust stood in the water forgetting about time and thinking about what he said to Skyview.
"How long do you plan to stay in here?" the orange soldier asked.
"As long as I like," Stardust replied, he turned around with his back towards them and sat down. he took a deep breath and then dunked his head in the water, then lifted his head above the water. He turned and walked up the steps dripping with water. His mane laid flat agent his neck and his tail hung low touching the ground, his fur was dripping with water getting the floor wet and slippery. He walked to the wall and took the soap from between the towels. He scrubbed the soap all over his fur and hair then set it down. He was no longer black, he was covered in white soap with bubble all over him.
The soldier let out a chuck but quickly stopped when they saw Stardust staring at them.
Stardust turned and walked back into the tub washing the soap from his fur and hair. He stood for a while soaking in the water before deciding to leave the tub.
When he left the tub, he took the towels from the racks on the wall and began drying himself. It took three towels to completely dry himself.
Then he set the towels in a pile and left the bathroom. The soldiers followed him through many hallways.
"Where are you going?" the purple pony asked.
"Exploring. Now, stop asking questions," Stardust exclaimed.
They walked endlessly the second floor when he suddenly stopped at the corner of the hall. Lunarstar suddenly stopped almost bumping into him, she looked up and gasped.
"Your...what?!...What are you doing here? I thought you were in the dungeon," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"You don't sound to happy to see me," Stardust observed her tone of voice.
"I...I am, " Lunarstar blushed, "I'm just surprised to see you."
Stardust smiled at her, "The King let me out," he turned and looked at the two soldier's behind him, "But not totally free, I have those two to follow me around."
The two soldiers bowed, "Hello Princess."
Lunarstar smiled but feeling embarrassed about them bowing.
"You don't like it do you?" Stardust commented noticing the unsettled look on her face.
"That's not to surprising. You never grew up around royalty so you wouldn't be used to it," Stardust explained.
"No, I'm not used to it all."
Stardust chuckled, "Well you'll have to get used to it sometime, might as well be now. You are the Princess and you should expect it."
"I know," Lunarstar mumbled.
"What are you doing up here anyways?" Stardust asked.
"My room is on this floor."
"I was just about to explore when I ran into you. What are you doing up here?"
"I just finish taking a bath and was about to explore," Stardust answered.
"Isn't the bathroom cool? It's so big!"
Stardust smiled at her, "big for you but it's a bit small for me."
"Dream Castle bathrooms are larger, almost like a small swimming pool," Stardust explained, "Since we are exploring lets explore together."
"Yeah!" Lunarstar exclaimed happily, "That'll be great and we'll have fun. I can show you my room, it's so big and then we can find the Library. I heard it's big."
Stardust laughed at her existent, "well lets get going then."
Stardust and Lunarstar continued walking the halls looking around every corner. They spent all day looking around the castle together.