Chapter 120: Banner Returns

The sun had risen shining brightly through the yellow and white clouds. Lunarstar laid in her big bed covered in blue blankets, only her face and horn was sticking out.
The sunlight shined through the cracks of her curtains and into her face. Lunarstar turned over so the light wasn't shining in her face. Flurry quietly walked in her room and tied the curtains back.
Lunarstar covered her face from the light.
"Princess," Flurry called to her, "it's in the afternoon, time to get up."
Lunarstar didn't move.
"Princess," Flurry walked to the bedside facing her, "I was told to get you up."
Lunarstar moved the covers from her face and looked at Flurry, she had her head wrapped in bandages.
"What happed to you?" Lunarstar asked in a whispering voice.
"A bed Pole fell on my head when I was cleaning. I woke up with a headache, it's a bit sore but I'll be fine, Princess."
"Oh," Lunarstar muttered as she remembered what she had did last night.
"Princess, you should get up. Banner is back and would be happy to see you."
Lunarstar quickly sat up, "He's here? when did he get here?"
"This morning. He's been talking to the King and Queen all day. If you excuse me, I've got a lot to do," Flurry bowed and left.
"I hate that," Lunarstar grumbled.
She climbed out of bed and looked around her room to be sure last night wasn't just a dream. She still couldn't believe it was her room with a balcony. She yawned and stood up, stretching her front legs and back legs. She flapped her wings a few times before walking to her dressor. On the dresser was a pink brush that the servants had left for her. Lunarstar took the brush and ran it through her mane and tail til her hair was shinny and smooth. She set the brush on the dresser and walked out of her room hoping she could find Banner.

Banner stood in the throne room alone talking to the King and Queen.
"So you see your Majesty, It seems like Stardust has changed," said Banner as he finished telling his story about his 2 week trip.
King Sea Mist was silent for a few minutes before he said a word, "I don't know what to think of all this. For years Stardust and his brothers have been after us, they even have captured a few of our ponies and soldiers one of them has switched sides? I simply can't believe it. I must have some proof of it but for now I have decided to leave Stardust in the dungeon instead of shipping him to another Kingdom."
"To another Kingdom?" Banner asked.
"My Castle is small and so is my Kingdoms without you and the Soldiers help I would have lost my Kingdom a long time ago. There is very little my Kingdom can do to Stardust but there are other bigger and stronger Kingdoms who can take care of him but if what you say is true..." King Sea Mist paused, "We could certainly use his help against Star Cluster but like I said before, I must have proof before I can trust him."
"I understand your Majesty," Banner replied.
"If you excuse me Banner I must do some thinking on this," King Sea Mist stood up and left the base heading towards a door in the corner. Queen Snowfall stood up and followed him. Banner turned and left the room only to find Lunarstar walking down stairs.
"Hi, Banner!" Lunarstar exclaimed happily.
"I heard you were back. You ok?" Banner asked.
"Yes, I'm fine. Stardust brought me here," Lunarstar replied.
"I heard."
"He's nice and he saved me a few times but," Lunarstar sighed, "They put him in the dungeon."
"I know Lunarstar and he'll be there for a while. So do you like it here?" Banner asked.
"Yes but I miss my parents," Lunarstar replied.
"I'm sorry but it'll be along time before you see them, if you excuse me I have things I must do. I'll see you around Lunarstar," Banner left and walked straight down the hall. Lunarstar stood and watched him, she could only guess where he was heading to.

Banner walked to the left of the hallway and down the stairs to the Dungeon. He saw the lanterns and knew that's where Stardust was. The soldiers were surprised to see Banner, they quickly stood up.
"Banner, your back," The Pink soldier exclaimed.
"No one told us you were back," the white soldier added.
"I got back this morning," Banner turned and saw Stardust laying on the straw in the shadows, "Is it true, did you bring the Princess here?"
"Yes," Stardust answered.
"Why did you bring her here instead of taking her to Dream Castle?" Banner asked.
"She would be safer here."
"You actually care about her?" Banner asked.
Stardust stood up and walked towards the cell door staring at Banner, "Yes I do. She's my friend."
"I heard what you did at Alfeo Castle. I know this cell can't hold you so why are you still here?" Banner asked.
Stardust laughed to himself and turned his back to lay back down, "Just where would I go?"
"Back to Dream Castle," Banner answered.
"No, it's to late for that. My answers are not there."
"Your answers?" Banner asked wondering what he meant by that.
Stardust turned over with his back towards Banner as he laid his head down.
Banner figured Stardust wasn't going to talk anymore so he turned and headed upstairs.

Later that night when everyone was asleep even the soldiers in the dungeon had fallen asleep. Stardust was sound asleep stretched out on the hay. Stars twinkled brightly in the clear sky, the crescent moon shined through the narrow window.
As everyone slept soundly a gray cloud floated through the narrow window and into Stardust cell. The Cloud floated to the sleeping soldiers and then back into the cell forming a black unicorn.
Skyview took his hoof and shook Stardust till he woke up. Stardust looked up and jumped awake when he saw Skyview standing over him. He quickly looked at the Soldiers to see if they had woken up.
"They're sound asleep," Skyview assured him, "I checked."
Stardust stood up, "Just what are you doing here?"
What neither of them knew was the Pink pony was a light sleeper and had woken up at the sound of their voices. He kept one eye half closed watching the black ponies while he pretend to be asleep.
"I came to get you," Skyview answered in a whispering voice, "I'm sure King Star Cluster would give you another chance."
"I'm not going back to Dream Castle," Stardust said firmly.
"Your crazy. Just what has gotten into you and why did you take the Princess?"
"I don't know, Skyview," Stardust walked to the cell door and looked at the soldiers then he turned and faced Skyview, "I've grown to like Lunarstar. She's my friend."
"Your friend? We have no friends."
Stardust walked up to Skyview, "While I was with Lunarstar for 2 weeks, she asked me a question. One I had not thought of. I spent sometime in here thinking about it and I just kept coming up with more questions."
"What questions?" Skyview asked.
"She asked me where I came from? To tell you the truth I don't know, "he looked at Skyview again, "Do you know?"
"No besides that's not important."
"I feel it is. Who gave us our names? is Stardust even my real name? how did we meet Star Cluster?" Stardust continued to ask questions.
"Who cares, we only take orders from King Star Cluster..." Stardust interrupted him, "I don't care about that...that...Pretty Boy!"
Stardust paused, that name Pretty Boy something about it...seemed familiar.
"Pretty Boy?" Skyview asked.
Stardust pawed the floor, the more he thought about it the more angrier he got.
"Why does it make you mad hearing his name?" Skyview asked, "I've noticed it many times."
"I don't know, it just does!" Stardust exclaimed, he stopped pawing the floor and looked at Skyview again, "I'm not going back to Dream Castle. I feel I must know the answers to those questions and I won't find it at Dream Castle."
"I think your wasting your time though," Skyview replied.
Stardust walked around the cell and then stopped, "there's something else that has been bothering me."
"What?" Skyview asked.
"Look at us, we are black. How many ponies have you heard that are black?" Stardust asked.
"There are non besides us."
"Exactly. Remember when we first took over Ponyland? Word about us spread rapidly. Ponies wanted to see us and yet they were to scared to."
"I remember that," Skyview commented.
"As you know, you are the only male unicorn and Starfire is the only male Pegasus."
"I know. So what's your point?"
"So why haven't anyone heard of us before the battle at Dream Castle?" Stardust asked in a serious tone of voice.
Skyview couldn't answer, he knew Stardust was right.
"We became so famous over night, someone should have heard about us before the battle. Skyview, tell me, I want an answer. How did we meet Star Cluster?" Stardust asked.
Skyview stood and thought about it but he too could not find the answers.
"Are we really brothers?" Stardust asked.
"Of corse we are," Skyview replied.
"How do you know that?" Stardust asked.
Skyview thought about it, he didn't know the answer or how he knew the three of them were brothers.
"How far back can you remember? Stardust asked.
Skyview didn't answer, all the questions was starting to worry him. Why couldn't he answer?
"You can only remember as far as traveling to Dream Castle, right?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Skyview hesitated to say, he was beginning to understand what was bothering Stardust.
Stardust laughed, "You are as clueless as I am. Ask Starfire, I guarantee you he won't know either."
Skyview didn't say a word, he continued asking himself those questions and trying to find the answer.
"Don't bother trying to think of an answer to those questions. I spent two weeks plus a few days in this cell thinking about it," Stardust could see the questioning look on his face, he too was troubled by the questions, "I'm sorry, Skyview but I'm not returning to Dream Castle," Stardust turned from him and laid down, "do me a favor, think about what I said."
"I don't have a choice," Skyview's horn began to glow.
"Oh one more thing," Stardust turned his head and looked at him, "Be careful."
"Why?" Skyview asked curiously.
"It's a feeling I get about Star Cluster, something...about him. You just be very careful."
"I will," Skyview turned into a cloud and left the dungeon.
The soldier couldn't believe what he heard, Stardust truly has changed. He decided it would not be wise to leave now, he would have to wait and tell the King in the morning.

Skyview left the dungeon and float to the base of the mountain where Starfire lad in the grass waiting.
As soon as Skyview changed back, Starfire stood up, "Well? Where is he?"
"Still in the dungeon," Skyview answered.
What?" Starfire exclaimed surprisingly.
"There's something I have to ask you."
"Where did we come from?" Skyview asked.
"Why do you want to know, who cares where we are from."
Skyview was beginning to understand how Stardust felt when he talked to him, "there's a lot I have to tell you, there's so many questions but first you must not speak a word about what I'm about to say."
"I won't." Starfire replied.
"Good, lets head back to Dream Castle and I'll tell you what Stardust said to me," Skyview forms a cloud in front of him, he walked up to the cloud and laid on it, "Lets go."
The Clouds lifted him up to the sky with Starfire flying beside him.
"Ok, so tell me what's gotten you all worked up," Starfire remarked.
Skyview continued to tell Starfire everything the Stardust had told him, the questions and thoughts that he had.