Chapter 12: Incounter with the Ghost

It was a month after Christmas and most of the snow had melted. The birds were chirping and the wind was blowing. Lunarstar raced home, it was almost sunset and she could see her coat starting to glow but it was hardly noticeable.
She ran to the house on the corner, surrounded by a fence and almost ran into Buster and Charades, Lunarstar didn't have time to stop, she ran past them and around the corner.
"What's her hurry?" Buster asked.
Charades and Buster looked around the corner but didn't see Lunarstar.
"She's gone just like that one time in the park," Charades commented.
"I guess she really was in a hurry to get home," Buster guessed.
"Well, what every the reason is, it don't mater right now. We have better get out of sight before the moon comes out," said Charades.

Lunarstar appeared at the door of her house in her winged unicorn form and made Rosebud jump.
"I'm sorry, Mom."
Rosebud took a few deep breaths, "That's ok. I was about to go in your room to see if you came home."
"Your late," Booster yelled from the Livingroom.
"Sorry I'm late, I was at Bon Bon's house and forgot the time."
"One of these days your going to forget completely and someone is going to notice the glow," Remarked Rosebud.
"I'm not going to forget," Lunarstar walked to the Kitchen, "I ran into Buster and Charades on my way here."
"Did they notice the glow?" Rosebud asked.
"I don't think so. I was in to much of a hurry for them to get a good look," Lunarstar made herself a glass of milk and put 4 cookies on a plate, then she carried the cookies and the glass to the stairs, "Is it ok if I go out tonight?"
Rosebud didn't answer her right away, she was still thinking about it.
"The snow is almost gone. Please?" Lunarstar begged.
"I don't see way not," answered Booster as he walked from the Livingroom to the stairs, "You better get in your room, you starting to glow brighter."
"You be careful outside," added Rosebud as Lunarstar walked up stairs to her room.
"I will."
Lunarstar set her glass on the floor next to her bed and the cookies on the bed, she climbed in bed with a book and began reading it.
By the time she finished eating the cookies, as she looked through her window she noticed how dark it was. She set the glass and plate on the dresser and then she disappeared.

Lunarstar ran through the forest in puddles and slushy snow. She stopped at the edge of the forest, it was quiet except for a deer grazing in the meadow. Lunarstar stood and looked around, she wondered if Starfire was still around.
"I haven't seen him around in many weeks. I wonder if he left during the winter?" she thought.
Lunarstar looked around the meadow one more time and then she, ran. She wasn't sure where she was but she knew what direction the ruins were, near the tall mountain.
After running for quite awhile she slowed down to a walk. The forest was dark her only light was her coat glowing and the moon shining.
She looked around the forest still expecting Starfire to show up but all she saw were animals and rocks. At times she thought she saw Starfire but it turned out to be a rock or a tree stump.
Lunarstar had wondered most of the night in the forest thinking about her school work and friends. She decided to rest and sat down next to a tree in the tall grass. She held her head high peaking over the top of the grass and looking around, every now and then she would see the grass move which turned out to be a rabbit.
She laid in the grass determined not to fall asleep but before she realized it she was starting to fall asleep. She was half asleep when she heard the rustling of the tall grass, she figured it was another rabbit but the noise continued and it got louder. Lunarstar was wide awake when she thought it could be Starfire. She took a peak over the tall grass but didn't see anything. She was worried and quickly jumped on her feet, she looked around but still was nothing. She was starting to worry even more when the noise stopped.
Lunarstar looked around the tree, she had expected to see Starfire but it was Buster and Charades instead.
They were shocked as she was. Lunarstar couldn't get over the fact they were glowing just like her and Starfire. It was several minutes before they heard another sound. Lunarstar looked to her left and saw Starfire.
"Did you miss me?" Starfire teased.
Lunarstar began to back away when Starfire took a step towards her, then he bolted into a run and missed her as she disappeared. Starfire, Buster and Charades looked around but didn't see her.
"You two better stay out of my way or else!" Starfire exclaimed, then he turned around and walked into the forest.
Buster and Charades stood and waited till Starfire was out of sight.
"She was so pretty," Buster commented.
"She certainly was, just like her mother," Charades agreed.
"What do we do about Starfire?" Burster asked.
"Nothing at the moment. We have other things more important, such as getting her trust."

Lunarstar went to her room and sat in bed with her book. She tried to read her book but she couldn't stop thinking about Buster and Charades. They were glowing just like Starfire. Could she trust them? Were they here in Ponyland to catch her too? Questions kept racing through her head and slowly she drifted off to sleep with the book still open and laying on her bed.
A few minutes later Rosebud and Booster came into the room and saw Lunarstar asleep.
"She fell asleep with her book," whispered Booster.
"I guess she must have been worn out by the Track N Field today," Rosebud whispered.
Rosebud took the book, glass and plate while Booster pulled the covers over Lunarstar.
"Goodnight, Lunarstar," Booster whispered as he shut the door.