Chapter 119: Stardust the Prisoner

Lunarstar left the Bathroom and followed Buster down the hall. Their feet echoed on the marble floor.
"Buster, was it ok to leave the Bathroom a mess?" Lunarstar asked.
Buster looked down at her and smiled, "Don't worry about it, the servents will take care of it."
"You sure?"
"Yes, it's their job to clean up," Buster answered.
As they walked down the hall to a set of stairs, she couldn't help but think about Stardust.
"What will happend to Stardust?" Lunarstar asked.
"For now he will stay in the Dungeon. There will be soldiers watching him around the clock. As for what to do with him afterwards, that's up to King Sea Mist and Queen Snowfall."
When they reached the bottom step they saw Charades walked towards them from another hallway.
"I see you took a bath. Did you enjoy it?" Charades asked.
"Yes, I did. It was so big though," Lunarstar exclaimed.
Buster and Charades laughed.
"Yes, it's a little big," Charades replied.
"What's down there?" Lunarstar asked pointing to the hallway Charades came from.
Charades turned and looked at what she was pointing at, "Oh, just a few rooms, Library, Kitchen and dungeon."
"The Dungeon?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, it's on the opposite end of the Kitchen. Now enough talk, the King and Queen are anxious to see you," Charades replied.
Buster and Charades walked Lunarstar down a hallway under the stairs where two soldiers stood guard. They wore light armor on their backs and swords at their sides with spears leaning ageinst the wall.
"I believe the King and Queen are expecting us," Charades said to the soldiers.
"Go on in," the soldier said.
Charades lead Lunarstar in with Buster behind her. They walked to their right and stood at the base of the two thrones where the King and Queen sat. Lunarstar looked around the room, everything looked different during the day. Sunlight shined in through the large windows, a red rug sat under the thrones and around the base.
"Princess Lunarstar," King Sea Mist began to say, "It's good to see you back safly. We hope you will enjoy your stay. You are welcome to explore the castle but we may ask you not to leave the castle walls, it's not safe with the other two Black ponies still out there."
"But what about Stardust?" Lunarstar asked, "He's nice and...he kept me safe."
"He's their brother and non of them should be trusted."
"Can I see him?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm sorry Princess but I can not alow you to see him or talk to him," King Sea Mist replied, "I do not want him influence you."
"Lunarstar," Charades whispered, "He's not going to change his word."
Lunarstar sighed sadly.
"Princess," Queen Snowfall, "Please understand, you are Queen Royal Heart's Daughter, the last Royal Family member who hasn't been caught. We will take care of you and keep you safe."
Lunarstar was still sad about not being able to see Stardust again, she looked up at them forcing a fake smile, "I'm sorry."
The King ans Queen smiled at her.
"Charades, would you show her to her room?" King Sea Mist asked him.
"Yes your Magisty," Charades replied.
"But will I ever go back through the Gate?" Lunarstar quickly asked.
"No, I'm sorry but it's no longer safe. It's best if you stayed here," King Sea Mist anwsered, he knotted at Charades.
Charades turned and left with Lunarstar and Buster behind him.

Buster and Charades walked back down hall and up the stairs, Lunarstar paused as she watched a pony carrying something silver shining in the sunlight. The pony was too far the tell what she was carrying.
"Lunarstar?" Charades called.
"I saw a pony carrying something," Lunarstar replied.
"Oh, that's probaly food for Stardust. Was she going left?" Charades asked.
"Then she was heading to the dungeon," replied.
"Your going to feed him?" Lunarstar asked.
Buster and Charades laughed.
"Lunarstar, he maybe a prisoner but we can't let him starve. He will be fed twice a day," Charades replied.
They continued up the stairs to the top floor and down several hallways. Charades took her to the last room on the right. Buster stepped aside and opened the door for Lunarstar.
"This is your room," Charades commented, "go on in."
Lunarstar walked in the room, it had a light blue carpeted floor with white walls and light blue see through curtains and another set of heavey light blue curtains tied back. The bed was made of wood with tall bed poles. Lunarstar went to the bed and laid on the dark blue covers with silk blue pillows at one end.
"So you like it?" Charades asked.
The room was larger then her room back home. It had a dresser by the door and a long table a the other end of the room. lunarstar gasbed when she was the balcony. She jumped off her bed and hurried out to the Balcony. She stood on her hind legs, leaning on the railing as she looked out. Buster and Charades walked out to the balcony, standing behind Lunarstar.
"Lunarstar," Buster called.
"Do you like your room?" Charades asked.
Lunarstar turned and looked at them, "Yes, I do. It reminds me of my room back home."
"King Sea mist wanted to give you a room of your own here at the Castle, I told him you might want a blue room since that's what you had in the other world," Charades explained.
"Thank you," Lunarstar replied, she was happy but then she began to feel sad.
"What's wrong?" Buster asked noticing the sad look on her face.
"I want to go home," Lunarstar muttered sadly.
"I'm sorry, Lunarstar," Charades felt sad for Lunarstar, he knew she will miss her parents and may never see them again, "It's not safe there. The Black ponies have caught you once in that world, they'll do it again if you went back. I'm sure they know about your secret from Stardust."
"They don't know. Stardust never told them," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"Did stardust tell you that?" Buster asked.
"And you beleived him?" Buster exclaimed.
"Yes, I do!" Lunarstar replied almost yelling. She was getting anoyed that everyone didn't beleived her.
"He can't be trusted. This why you can't see him. You'll beleive everything he said," Charades exclaimed.
Lunarstar looked at him sadly, she felt tears begen to fill her eyes, she quickly turned around so they wouldn't see her crying.
"I'm really sorry Lunarstar. That's the way it is and there nothing that can be done about it," Charades replied, "Buster lets go. Lunarstar, would you like our dinner brought up to you?"
"Yes," Lunarstar answered as calmly as she could.
Charades and Buster left her room, Leaving Lunarstar alone.
Lunarstar let the tears fall, she turned and went to her bed, laying sideways on it.
"He can be trusted!" Lunarstar exclaimed, "He's changed and no one will beleive me."
Lunarstar cried for a bit as she thought about how she was going to see Stardust. she remembered seeing the servant walking to the dungeon, she wondered if that same servant was going to feed Stardust again tonight. She layied stayied in her room most of the day getting to know her room and looking out on the balcony. The sun was setting and Lunarstar stood on the bolcony looking out at the hills and mountains in the far distance, remembering her travels with Stardust.
"Princess?" A voise called.
Lunarstar turned around staring at a dark green pony wih Pink and white and mint green hair. On her back was a par of wings. Lunarstar figured she was a Pegasus, she knew Starfire had wings and was used to seeing them bit it was different on a female pony, they seemed a bit smaller than Starfire's.
"Your dinner is here. Where would you like me to put it?" The green Pegasus asked, carrying a silver tray with silver lid over her food.
"On the bed," Lunarstar answered.
The pony placed the tray on the bed then bowed at Lunarstar.
"Please," Lunarstar said in a shaky voise, "Don't do that."
"Bow?" The green pony asked, "But your the Princess, Royal Heart's Daughter. Every Kingdom respects the Royal Family of dream Castle."
"I'm not used to it. Please don't do that when you in my room," Lunarstar begged her, she didn't like seeing other ponies bowing at her or calling her Princess, it felt strange to her.
"I'm sorry, Princess," She knotted her head instead of bowing, as she turned to leave Lunarstar called to her, "Wait."
The pony stopped and turned around.
"Does Stardust get to eat?" Lunarstar asked knowing what Charades had told her but she had an idea.
"Yes he does."
"Have he been fed yet?" Lunarstar asked.
"No, I don't beleive he has," the pony answered, "I can't give him any notes or sneak something down to him, Princess."
"No," Lunarstar smiled, "I was just cerious. So you give him the food?"
"No I don't but flury does."
"Who?" Lunarstar asked ceriously.
"She's a tan Unicorn with red hair. She's probaly on the third floor cleaning."
"Oh, well thanks," Lunarstar exclaimed with a fake smile.
"Your welcome Princess," She turned and left the room shutting the door behind her.
Lunarstar stood and thought wondering how she was going to plan on seeing Stardust, she just had to be sure he was alright. She could pretend to be the Flury but she'd have to somehow stop flurry temporarly. Lunarstar left her room and searched for the stairs, when she found it, she went up the the third floor, "i hope I don't get lost up here."
The third floor was a bit different than the second floor, there were alot of hallways and more rooms. She walked down a few hallways toll she found one door that was opend. She quietly walked to the door and peek in. In the room was Flurry, cleaning a table that sat next to the bed.
Lunarstar watched and wondered how she was going to temporarly stop Flurry, just long enough to see Stardust. She looked around the rom abut there was nothing there that couldn't easily be broken or hard enough, then she looked at the Bed Poles. They were simular to her's and wondered it they could come off. Her horn began to glow as she concentrated on the one of the poles. She tried lifting it and pulling it but it didn't work, then she tried to turn it. To her surprise the poles moved, She smiled and quietly uncrewed the pole. It was heavey but if it was any heavyer she wouldn't beable to hold it. She held the pole there, hesitating at what she was about to do. She shut her eyes and let the pole go. It fell on Flutty's head nocking her out uncontious on the floor with the pole over her. Lunarstar rushed in the room hopeing she was alright.
Lunarstar breathed deeply, she was releived Flurry wasn't dead but just knocked out.
Her horn began to glow and within seconds she was Flurry, looked and sounded just like her.
"Now to see Stardust," Lunarstar whispered. She turned and left the room shutting the door behind her. She walked down stairs just as the Green Pegasus saw her.
"Flurry, You done already?" The green pony asked.
"Yes I am."
"Oh, well you better hurry and feed the prisoner," the green pony exclaimed.
"I'm on my way there now," Lunarstar left the second floor and walked to the first floor. She walked from the steps straight down the hall to the kitchen. She wasn't sure what would happen when she got there. She walked in the kitchen, it was a big room with a table next to a window and the sink across it. The counter sat all around the room with a stove in the corner and a door to the storage room next to it. next to the window was a door. Lunarstar guess it lead outside.
"Flurry!" a pony cried.
Lunarstar had almost forgot she wa flurry, she was to interested in the ponies running around the kitchen.
"Flurry!" a yellow pony cired getting close to her.
"What?..oh, i'm sorry."
"No time to be sorry. Your late!" The yellow pony yelled handing her a silver tray with silver covers over the plates, "Take this to the Prisoner."
Lunarstar took the Plate and left the kitchen heading to the other end of the hallway. She opened the door and walked down the winding staircase. She gasped when she reached the bottom. All she saw were enty cells, the dungeon was smaller than she had thought it would be. She loooked to her left and saw some lanterens hanging from the ceiling. at the end of the hall sat two soldiers staring at a cell.
"He must be over there," Lunarstar thought.
She walked down the hall notciing the cells all looks dark and cold. When she reach the soldiers, Lunarstar looked at the cell on her left. In the dark under the small narrow window laid Stardust, his coat was as dark as the shadows, all you could see were parts of the blue in his hair.
"Flurry, I see you finaly got here. Is that for us?" The white soldier asked while staring at the tray.
"No, it's for Stardust."
Stardust senced Lunarstar close by, he opened his eyes and saw Flurry but not Lunarstar, and yet his sences was telling him that was Lunarstar poseing as Flurry.
"I wonder why?" Stardust thought.
The soldiers lifted the lid and looked inside.
"What are you doing?" Lunarstar asked.
"Checking it out first like we did this morning," the pink soldier replied.
Once the soldiers where done they opened the cell door leting Lunarstar in, she set the tray on the straw bedding and smiled at Stardust. She deeply wanted to tell him it was her but she noticed he already knew that. He stood up and smiled, "Thank you."
Lunarstar smiled and left the cell, she turned and looked at him one last time befor heading back up stairs. Stardust stood and watched her leave, once she was out of sight he walked to the tray and sat in front of it with his back turned towards the soldiers.
"hey, we're suppose to watch you."
Stardust laughed, "You can watch me but you don't have to watch me eat!"
The soldiers glared at him, not likeing Stardust reply.

Lunarstar hurried down the hall and up the stair just as she ran into the Green Pegasus again, "Where are you going in a hurry?"
"Oh,I um...forgot to do something on the third floor," Lunarstar went around her and hurried up the stairs to the second floor. When no one was a round, she changed back into a white winged unicorn. She walked down the hall hoping she could still find her room. When she did find it she went into her room and quickly eat her dinner, it was a bit cold by the time she got to it but she felt it was worth it. She now knew Stardust would be alright in the dungeon.
When she was done she climbed in bed, and falling asleep under the warm covers. The bed was bigger than her's back home. she had enough room to stretch her wings with her long hair flowing laying behind her with her legs out in front of her. She had never felt so comferable. Night had fallen and the stars twinkled brightly through the cracks of her certains.