Chapter 118: Return to Moonlight Castle

Stardust ran up the Mountain along the road throwing dirt in the air as he left his brothers behind. He carries Lunarstar carefully in his mouth as he ran, zig zagging up the mountain. When he sensed that his brothers were far from him, he slowed down to a stop. He lowered his head and gently set Lunarstar on the ground.
"It's ok now, you can change back," Stardust kindly said.
The white cat looked up at him and started to glow brightly, she began to grow as she changed shape. The glow dimmed and her horn stopped glowing. She stood as a pure white winged unicorn with long white hair, feathery wings and pearly white horn.
"Will they come back?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'd be sure surmised if they didn't," Stardust replied, he turned and continued walking up the mountain with Lunarstar at his side.
"Are we getting close to Moonlight Castle?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, very close," Stardust knew what the Soldiers would do to him so he prepared for the worst. Lunarstar looked up the mountain hoping to see the castle but all she could see was the castle towers and a large wall that surrounded the castle.
A Soldier on the wall gasped surprisingly when he saw who was coming up the mountain.
"Look!" he cried to the other soldiers.
They came running and gasped.
Charades walked up to the soldiers wondering what was going on, "What is it?"
"It's Stardust," a Soldier answered, "He's bringing the Princess to the castle."
Charades was as surprised as everyone else, "some of you stand at your posts, the rest go to the gate!"
Charades walked along the wall and waited at the gate with a group of soldiers on the ground standing in a row.
Stardust didn't look up at the wall, he knew they were waiting for him at the gate. Lunarstar peeked over his back to see the soldiers staring at her and Stardust.
Stardust stopped at the Gate and waited. When the gate was opened, Stardust and Lunarstar walked through it. Lunarstar gasped and hugged to Stardust side when she saw the angry Soldiers standing on each side of her. Stardust stopped in the center of the Soldiers as he looked around.
The Soldiers took out their swords and spears pointing them at Stardust.
Lunarstar jumped back in fright, bumping into Stardust. She crawled under Stardust staring at the soldiers, Stardust looked under his stomach and saw how scared she was.
"Lunarstar," called a familiar voice, "come over here."
Lunarstar looked around for the pony that called her name but all she saw were angry soldiers around her.
"Lunarstar over here," called a voice.
Lunarstar turned her head to her right and saw Charades standing there with a smile. Lunarstar wanted to go to him but seeing the angry soldiers kept her from moving.
"What are you scared of?" Stardust asked looking down at her.
Lunarstar didn't answer she just looked up at the soldiers.
"You have nothing to be afraid, especially those soldiers," Stardust replied, with his back feet he took a side step, exposing Lunarstar openly.
"Go on, Lunarstar," Stardust exclaimed.
Lunarstar looked at Stardust, all she wanted was to hide. Stardust sat down knowing what she wanted to do, "Look at the soldiers."
Lunarstar looked and noticed they were all staring at Stardust and not her.
"But what about you?" Lunarstar asked.
Stardust stood up after noticing Lunarstar was no longer afraid, "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."
Lunarstar didn't want to leave, she was worried about Stardust but he didn't seem to worried about it though. She smiled at him and hurried to Charades hugging him, "I missed you guys."
"So did we," Charades replied. Lunarstar notice Buster behind him, she left Charades and hurried to Buster, giving him a hug, "It's good to see you."
"I'm happy your back, safe and sound."

Charades turned to the soldiers, "Take him to the dungeon!"
The soldiers got close to Stardust and walked him up the steps an into the castle.
"Charades, he was nice to me," Lunarstar exclaimed.
"He's one of the black ponies..."
"But I spent almost 2 weeks with him. He saved me a few times and cared for me," Lunarstar replied sadly.
"Your spent two weeks with him while we spent almost 10 years in this world with him. He is not to be trusted," Charades said firmly.
Lunarstar looked at Charades sadly, she new Stardust was good but Charades wouldn't believe her.
"I am sorry but those are the King and Queen's orders. I'm only a soldier following orders, if you want him out of the dungeon you'll have to talk to the King and Queen," Charades paused and looked at Lunarstar and how dirty she looked, "I'm sure your tired and would like a hot bath."
"A bath sound good," Lunarstar said sadly still thinking about Stardust.
"I'll show you that bath so you can wash up before seeing the King and Queen. I'll have Buster waiting right outside the room. When your done he will take you down stairs to see me."
Charades and Buster took Lunarstar into the castle and up the wide stairs and turning right down a long wide hallway. The floor was a light yellow and white marble with white walls, some of the halls were very short and ended with a window and 2 doors, one on each side. Charades stopped and opened a white door.
"This is the bathroom, this is what most of the servants uses," Charades explained.
Lunarstar walked in and gasped, "This is the servant's bathroom?"
"Yes. The King and Queen believe in making their servants comfortable and happy. This bathroom may be nice but I hear the King and Queen's private bathroom is a whole lot nicer," Charades replied with a smile.
The bathroom was pink with light pink and white marble floor, there was a tub on the floor that looked more like a small pool. The towels hung on the wall around the room. A marble sink sat on one side of the room. A set of stars lead to the tub on the floor with a light pink mat around the tub and sink.
"Well, I'll leave you to your bath. Buster, stay out here till she's done," Charades ordered and then left heading down the hall.
"Buster, what about the water?" Lunarstar asked.
"There's knobs above the tub. It works much like it did are your house," Buster explained.
"Oh, ok. Thanks."
Buster shut the door while Lunarstar went to turn the knob waiting for the tub to fill with water. When it was full Lunarstar turned the water off and walked down the steps to the tub. She stood in the water feeling her coat waving in the water and her hair flowing freely. The water reached to her chin and her wings were under water. She flapped them slowly to get them clean. Then she walked back up the steps, took the soap from the wall where the towels sat and began scrubbing her coat and hair. When she was done she set the soap down and walked back into the water. She rubbed her coat and hair with her hoof to get the soap off. When she felt clean, she walked out of the water and rung the water out of her hair. She twisted her mane till it felt damp, then she did the same thing to her tail. She walked to the wall and grabbed a towel to dry her coat with.
She used three towels to dry herself completely, then set them in a pile against the wall, not sure what else to do with them. She looked at the water which no longer looked clean, "I guess I was dirtier than I thought."
She opened the door and looked at Buster, "I'm done."
Buster turned and looked at Lunarstar, "You look so pretty, better when you go here a while a go. So you ready to go?"
"Yes, I'm ready," Lunarstar replied.