Chapter 117: Past Unnoticed

Stardust and Lunarstar had traveled all morning through the forest, stopping every now and then to eat berries or get a drink of water.
Lunarstar saw a mountain from in the distance through the parting trees.
"Is that it?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, that is Mooney Mountain," Stardust answered.
Lunarstar gasped, she had never seen Mooney Mountain during the day or from a distance. It was a tall mountain covered with grass and thick trees. At the bottom was a clearing and a town, is wasn't large but not a tinny town either.
"That town is called Woodlock," Stardust commented after noticing Lunarstar staring at it.
"Are we going through it?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't want to but to take the road up the Mountain, we have to go through town."
"Can't we go around it?" Lunarstar asked.
"We could but it's steep and," Stardust paused, "and I dropped you once going down it. Believe me, it'll be safer to take the road."
"You dropped me?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"I told you but I guess you were so scared at the time to remember. That is why your head was hurting, I accidently dropped you on the mountain and you hit your head on some rocks."
"Oh," Lunarstar replied, remembering when she first woke up in the cave.
"Before we get any closer, I want you to change. If my brothers happen to see you, they won't know it's you."
"Ok," Lunarstar's horn began to glow, her hair turned purple, then her wings and horn disappeared. Stardust still couldn't get over her changing. She looked like a normal earth pony with long purple hair.
"Well?" Lunarstar asked noticing his stare.
"Oh, yes...well lets go," Stardust stuttered.
They walked down the hill and through the forest to a clearing. Stardust stopped and looked around for his brothers, he knew they were nearby he could sense them.
"Follow me and stay very close," Stardust ordered.
Lunarstar knotted her head and then followed him towards town. They walked to a building and stayed behind it walking from one building to the next, avoiding the street. Stardust peeked around each building to be sure his brothers wasn't there. He knew he was getting close to them but wasn't sure where they were. He continued walking behind the building when he suddenly stopped, in the alley just around the corner of the building was Skyview standing and watching the street. Stardust quietly backed away along with Lunarstar.
Skyview stood waiting impatiently for Stardust when Starfire walked up to him from the street, "I don't see him."
"Keep watching, he has to come through here either today or tomorrow," Skyview replied.
Suddenly they heard a snapping sound.
Stardust looked at Lunarstar who had stepped on a swig.
"What was that?" Skyview asked.
"What was what?" Starfire asked who heard nothing.
Skyview turned walking towards the back of the building.
Stardust stood ready to charge at Skyview. Lunarstar had an idea, she turned into a white cat Looking a lot like Sweetheart's cat and casually walked around the corner catching Stardust by surprise. Skyview stopped with Starfire next to him.
"It was just a stupid cat," Skyview remarked.
The white cat flattened it's ears and hissed at them showing her claws.
"I don't think the cat liked what you said, " Starfire commented.
"It's a cat, how would it know what I said?" Skyview replied, he took a step forward and stomped his hoof at the cat.
The white cat turned and ran around the corner hiding behind Stardust.
Skyview and Starfire turned around heading to the street.
"Lets keep searching," Skyview suggested, "he's bound to show up."
Once Skyview and Starfire had left the alley, Stardust picked up Lunarstar in his mouth like a mother cat and carried her. He walked behind the building till he could see the road to the mountain. He quietly walked around the corner and checked the street before leaving the alley. He saw his brothers standing in the street but they had their backs turned. Ponies nearby, went around them staring at them in fear. Stardust took a chance and dashed across the street.
Skyview turned just in time to see Stardust disappear into an alley.
"There he is!" Skyview cried.
They ran down the street not paying attention to the ponies staring at them. They ran into the alley after Stardust. Starfire took a flying leap in the air and began flapping his wings. Skyview disappeared in a cloudy mist.
Stardust ran along the road and up the mountain when suddenly Skyview appeared in front of him. Stardust threw Lunarstar in the bushes off the road and charged at Skyview. Lunarstar landed on her feet and walked out from the bush to see what he was doing.
Stardust rammed into Skyview sending him across the dirt road. Starfire landed behind him and charged at him. Stardust whirled around catching Starfire by surprise. He stood preparing himself for the impact.
Starfire rammed into him but didn't knock him down, Stardust bent down and caught Starfire on his back. Stardust reared on his hind legs sending him sliding down his back. Skyview was still trying to recover from the impact.
When Starfire stood up and ready to grabbed him, Stardust rammed into him sending him rolling down hill then he turned around and ran up to Skyview. He skidded to a stop and reared as high as he could looking down. Skyview looked up and gasped, he knew immediately what Stardust was going to do. Skyview quickly scooted himself back, then he tucked his front feet under his chin hoping Stardust wouldn't step on him and brake a bone. He knew Stardust could do it if he wanted to.
Stardust landed hard on the ground with in inches from Skyview's face. The ground rumble under Skyview, one would have to be very close to hear it.
Stardust turned, picked up Lunarstar in his mouth and ran past Skyview towards Moonlight Castle.
Skyview looked at the ground and was relieved he was alright but gasped when he noticed the imprint in the ground.
Starfire managed to stand up after rolling off the road. He walked up to Skyview who was in the process of getting on his feet.
"You ok?" Starfire asked.
Starfire looked up the mountain knowing they had let Stardust get pass them.
"We should go after him," Starfire exclaimed.
"No, It's to late. He's probably already there," Skyview replied.
"Did you noticed the cat?" Starfire asked, "it was a white cat."
"The one from the alley?" Skyview asked.
"That is strange," Skyview muttered.
"Why does he have the cat and where did the Princess go?" Starfire asked.
"Humm," Skyview muttered.
"I wish you quite that and tell me," Starfire remarked.
"Well, this could be a diversion while the Princess sneaks past us," Skyview walked down the hill, "Lets go look for her."
Starfire turned and followed Skyview, "Your plan failed."
"Shut up. You couldn't have done any better!" Skyview exclaimed.
"I probably could have."
The two continued arguing as they walked down the hill along the dirt road.