Chapter 116: Questions unanswered

It was in the afternoon when Stardust and Lunarstar walked out of the swamps. They looked dirty, Stardust was covered in mud up to his shoulder, Lunarstar was covered in mud up to her chin.
"I thought you said the water wasn't that deep?" Lunarstar exclaimed looking up at him.
Stardust laughed, she was no longer white not even her head.
"I couldn't ever fly in there, too many trees. It didn't help the fact I almost tripped in there a dozen times," Lunarstar was clearly unhappy about the whole swamp. Her hair was tangled in sticks and seaweed, her wings were party covered in mud, "Couldn't we have gone around it?"
"No, we'd have to walk through a Kingdom. Remember the last few times we walked through a Kingdom?" Stardust asked.
"Don't remind me," Lunarstar exclaimed, she was grouchy from being caked in mud, "lets find a lake or something. I need a bath."
"Your not the only one," Stardust legs had globs of mud caked to his hair feet and fur, he looked half brown and half black.
They walked through a meadow while getting their muddy bodies covered in grass. Lunarstar couldn't stand it, the mud and walking through the grass, she couldn't stand how the mud felt on her fur. They walked far from the swamp and onto a hill over looking another valley. Lunarstar smiled happily, "Look, there's a lake!"
Stardust noticed a rather large lake among the forest. Lunarstar ran from the hill and hurried into the forest with Stardust close behind her. She hadn't realizes how heavy the mud was till she started running.
They ran past the trees to a large lake in the middle of the forest. The trees didn't grow near the edge of the lake nor did the bushes. The Sun shined brightly through the trees and the open space above the lake. The water sparkled like glass. Lunarstar wasted no time, she ran and took a flying leap into the lake. Stardust walked in the lake and began rubbing his fur. Mud had dried and stuck to his fur which hurt as he rubbed it off. Lunarstar swam around the lake as the mud slowly came off.
Stardust continued rubbing the mud off till be felt he was cleaned. Then he swam deeper into the lake, getting his face wet every now and then. He swam to the edge and climbed out laying on the grass to dry. As he laid on the grass with his feet folded under him he watched Lunarstar swim around. She was laughing and splashing scaring the fish away. She dive in the water and jumped high out of the water making a big splash as she hit the water. Stardust stared at her when suddenly she looked like another pony with long blue hair. Stardust rubbed his face and looked at Lunarstar again, this time it was Lunarstar not another pony.
"Strange, I must be tired or something," Stardust wondered to himself.
He stretched his feet out and laid his head on the grass as he continued watching Lunarstar playing. He thought about what she had asked him a while back. Where was he and his brothers from? No mater how hard he tried, he didn't know. He began to wonder about Star Cluster, who was he? Where did he come from? Stardust began to wonder if Stardust was his real name. He laid on the grass thinking, not paying attention to what Lunarstar was doing. The more he wondered about himself the more frustrated he became.
"I...don't know nothing about myself," Stardust muttered worriedly.
As he kept repeating his questions, he found his eye became heavy and soon he fell asleep.

Stardust stood in the dark with a green and pink foggy cloud surrounding him. He noticed a bright light ahead of him shining in on him. The Clouds around him swirled wildly around him. Stardust pawed the dirt on the ground feeling mad.

Stardust was asleep breathing heavily and moving his front legs, suddenly he jumped awake, "NO!"
Lunarstar winked next to him, "What? I didn't do anything."
"Sorry Lunarstar. I was just dreaming," Stardust replied.
"Oh, sounds like a bad dream."
"I guess so," He looked up at Lunarstar, "go and play, have some fun for once."
Lunarstar smiled, her coat was soaking wet and her hair hung heavily, "Ok." Lunarstar took a few steps back and then bolted into a run then she jumped from the edge and splashed into the lake getting Stardust a little wet. He laid in the grass watching as Lunarstar continued jumping in the water and chasing the fishes.

Most of the day had gone by and Lunarstar was still playing. Stardust was playing with her but quite so he could dry off.
"Awww!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
"I just want to dry off now," Stardust cried from the grass.
Lunarstar looked at the sun through the forest noticing how late it was getting. She swam to Stardust and put her front feet on the grass, "It'll be sunset soon."
"I know. Lets just stay here for the night. We'll be at Moonlight Castle in a few days," Stardust replied.
Lunarstar turned and continued swimming. Stardust wanted to enjoy himself before heading to Moonlight Castle. He knew they wouldn't be to happy to see him and most likely lock him in a dungeon.
Stardust shook the thought, he didn't want to think about it today.

Night came and the stars twinkled brightly. The crescent moon shined partly through the clouds as they drifted by.
Lunarstar had dried off and was sleeping in the grass curled in a ball. Her wings covered her body and her tail covered her feet. Stardust laid on his side stretched out. He breathed heavily and moved his feet.
"No!" Stardust jumped awake. He quickly looked at Lunarstar and was relieved to see she was still sound asleep.
"This dream...What is it?" Stardust asked himself, "Why do I keep having it?"
Stardust looked at Lunarstar and smiled when he saw her sleeping face, suddenly an image flashed before him, an image of a pony sleeping. He wasn't sure what the pony looked like but he was sure it wasn't Lunarstar.
Stardust stood up and left Lunarstar, walking through the forest to the clearing. He sat in the grass and looked up at the moon, "What is wrong with me?"
He knew he wouldn't get an answer soon but he hoped some day he'd find out the answers to all his questions. stardust stared at the moon and stars as he listened to the crickets and owls in the forest behind him.