Chapter 115: Stardust Is Missing

Lunarstar was sleeping soundly in the field of tall grass and flowers. The sun had not yet rose, it was still early in the morning. The sky began was looking lighter by the minute. Lunarstar was a sleep breathing softly till she feel a slight warm breeze on her face. She slowly opened her eyes staring at a baby deer. It was so close to her face that she felt it breathing on her. The baby deer gasped and ran following it's mother into the forest some distance away. Lunarstar sat up and looked around wondering if there were more deer around but there wasn't. There were a few rabbits eating on the flowers. She looked around for Stardust wondering if he was still asleep but all she found was a spot where the grass laid flat. Lunarstar jumped to her feet and looked around hoping he had moved to a different spot but he was no where to be found.
"Stardust!" Lunarstar yelled but there was no answer. She got worried and left her warm spot. She walked across the field and into the forest hoping she could find him.
The sun had rose and she continued to search while getting herself lost in the process. She wondered endlessly through the thick forest. She had given up calling his name an hour ago feeling tired and hungry. Her stomach began to rumble twisting itself in knots, she stopped and looked for a berry bush. Next to a rock down a slight hill was a berry bush. Lunarstar climbed down the hill and began eating the berries. After she had felt satisfied she continued searching. She walked through bushes that tangle her hair and pass trees as birds chirped happily.
"Where can he be?" Lunarstar asked. She sighed sadly, lowing her head and feeling lonely.

She had spent most of the morning looking for Stardust that her stomach began to growl again. She was getting tired of looking and felt like staying put and crying. She was lost not knowing where she was going and had no idea how to find the field again. As she walked slowly she heard a noise. She followed the noise to a little blue pony with rainbow colored hair. His feet were hairy which fascinated Lunarstar, she never thought of little boys having hairy feet. Lunarstar got close to him hiding herself among the bushes and trees on a slope.
The little pony was smaller than her. He was looking up the trees, looking for something.
"Drifter, what are you doing?" A light sea green unicorn with rainbow hair exclaimed. She walked towards Drifter as he looked up the tree.
"I saw that racoon again!"
"Let your father handle it."
"Drifter!" his mother exclaimed.
Drifter sighed, "Yes, mamma."
"Go back to the picnic. Everyone is wondering where you went."
"Yes, mamma," Drifter and his mother turned and began walking across a clearing. Lunarstar began backing up when her foot slipped on a rock. She fell to the ground and rolled down the hill. Drifter and his mother stopped and turned around to see a white pony rolling down hill. His mother gasped when Lunarstar landed at the bottom of the hill. She knew imeadiatly who Lunarstar was just by looking at her wings and horn.
Lunarstar stood up feeling scared as she noticed the two ponies looking at her. The last thing she wanted was to be seen. She turned and ran up the hill hiding behind a large tree.
"Drifter, go back to the others," his mother ordered, "Now!"
Drifter turned and ran across the clearing. His mother walked to the hill looking at the tree Lunarstar was hiding behind.
"Come on out." but Lunarstar didn't move, "it's ok, no one is here to hurt you."
Lunarstar poked her head around the tree trunk.
The mother smiled, "my name is Pearl and you...must be Queen Royal Heart's Daughter."
Lunarstar didn't know weather to come out from behind the tree or run. She stood and stared at Pearl as her stomach began to growl.
Pearl smiled, "you must be hungry. Why don't you join us? We're having a large family picnic. Your welcome to join us."
Lunarstar didn't trust the pony after everyone tried to catch her but she was hungry and wanted something to eat.
"You don't have berries do you?" Lunarstar shyly asked, berries was the last thing she wanted to see.
Pearl was surprised at her sweet voice, "Not if you don't want any."
Lunarstar walked out from behind the tree. Pearl looked at her surprisingly, she was whiter than snow with white feathery wings and pearly white horn. Pearl thought it would be best not to ask the Princess any questions after noticing how shy she was.
"You going to join us for a family picnic?" Pearl asked.
"Yes, I'm starving."
Pearl turned and pointed into the clearing, "I live in that house, you can probably see everyone sitting on the grass."
Lunarstar looked and saw a yellow house with crops and gardens far off in the distance.
"There's a town not far from here, we harvest the crops and sell them in town," Pearl began walking with Lunarstar straggling behind, "What's your name?"
Lunarstar nervously looked at the ground, she didn't want to tell anyone her name. It was bad enough Pearl saw her as a winged unicorn.
"It's ok but do you mind if I call you Princess?" Pearl asked.
"go right ahead," Lunarstar replied, she didn't even liked being call Princess but at lest she didn't have to tell Pearl her name.
They walked across the clearing to the house. Lunarstar followed Pearl to the picnic behind the house. She suddenly stopped feeling a bit scared at the ponies staring at her.
On the ground sat ten ponies around a large pink blanket, some were Pegasus, some were earth ponies and eon was a unicorn. Most of them had rainbow hair. Lunarstar guessed it must be a family inheritance to have rainbow hair.
"Please don't be scared," Pearl quickly said, "They're my family. My husband, my brother and sister, my parents and aunts and uncles with my nieces and nephews." Pearl walked Lunarstar to the front row, "Please sit, make yourself comfortable."
"So it's true?" a light blue pony with white and gray hair asked, "Your really Royal Heart's daughter?"
Lunarstar looked at him and all the ponies that was staring at her.
"We don't mean to embarrass you or make you feel uncomfortable but there have been rumors of your birth 13 years ago. No one not even the Kingdoms have ever seen you so no one really believed the rumors. They say Queen Royal Heart's daughter was a Winged Unicorn but we thought that was just a story, a rumor since no one has ever heard or seen a flying unicorn," The blue male pony explained, "I'm Rain Shower, by the way."
"I'm...real...a real winged unicorn."
Everyone smiled and laughed as she blushed.
Pearl sat next to Rain Shower, "eat something," Pearl reach and grabbled a corn from a large bowl. Lunarstar bragged a corn and began eating, then everyone started eating.

Lunarstar sat and enjoyed herself for most of the day talking and laughing with the family. Everyone was having so much fun that they didn't see Stardust standing next to the house. The little ponies were the first to see him then the adult ponies. Everyone became silent and scared as Stardust walked towards them. He stopped at the blanket and stared at Lunarstar, "Why didn't you stay in the field?"
"Me?" Lunarstar exclaimed, "I woke up and you were gone so I went looking for you."
"I get up early every morning to check out the area before waking you up. I spent most of the day looking for you."
"I'm sorry but I thought something happened to you," Lunarstar replied sadly.
Stardust looked at the ponies who remained silent then he looked at Lunarstar, "We have to be going."
"Can I stay for a bit?" Lunarstar asked, "Why don't you join us?"
Stardust looked at the food on the blanket and then at the ponies. He had to admit, he was starving, "Mind if I join you?"
"Not at all," Rain Shower answered, not sure if it was a good idea.
They watched at Stardust walked around Lunarstar and sat down. He reached and grabbed a carrot.
"You must be Stardust," Rain Shower guessed.
"Yes, I am."
"Where are your brothers?" another pony asked.
"Far ahead I hope."
"So they're not with you?" Pearl asked.
"No they're not," Stardust took a bite out of the carrot and quickly finished it.
"Try the corn, it's so good!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
Stardust grabbed the corn and took a bite of it, "Yes, it certainly is good."

Through most of the afternoon the family learned Stardust wasn't as mean as he appeared to be. Stardust laughed and enjoyed himself as he laid on the grass. Lunarstar was still eating when Stardust looked at the sky. The sun was no longer above their heads, it was now closer to the horizon.
"We have to be going," Stardust suddenly said.
"Now?' Lunarstar asked.
"Yes," Stardust stood up, "we have a lot of walking to do before the sun sets."
Stardust turned and walked across the clearing towards the forest.
Lunarstar stood up, "Thanks for the food. It was great and I had so much fun," She turned and ran across the clearing and into the forest with Stardust.
Pearl smiled, "The Princess is very nice."
"Just like Queen Royal Heart," Rain Shower added, "I hope Stardust can keep her safe from King Star Cluster."
"So do I," Pearl agreed as they watched Lunarstar disappear into the forest.