Chapter 114: The Dangers of Geysers

Stardust and Lunarstar had walked quietly through the forest since sunrise. They listened to the birds chirping among the tree tops and watched as the deer ran from their sight. The sun shined through the trees casting shadows on the grass, Lunarstar noticed there were less trees as before. She looked up at Stardust, she had been with him for almost two weeks. She no longer feared him or felt the urge to run from him. It has been while since she thought about her parents and friends. She couldn't wait to see them again. She wondered if Banner was looking for her.
Stardust looked at Lunarstar, she seemed to be deep in her thoughts.
"What's the mater?" Stardust asked.
"Just thinking."
"About what?" Stardust asked.
"Do you think Banner is looking for me?" Lunarstar asked.
"I wouldn't be surprised if he was," Stardust answered.
Lunarstar fell silent for a bit before saying anything else.
"Can I ask you something?" Lunarstar asked, wondering if she should ask him.
"Where are you from?" Lunarstar asked, she was nervous he would get upset. She had been slightly curious about their origins since she first heard of the three black ponies.
Stardust stopped, he was surprised she would ask such a question. That was something he never thought of. Why would Lunarstar want to know anyways? As he thought about it, the more worried he became. No mater how hard he thought about it, he couldn't find the answer.
Lunarstar looked up at him, she could tell her question upset him.
"I'm sorry, I was just wondering," Lunarstar muttered.
"No, it's ok. I...just can't answer you. I don't know."
Lunarstar was surprised, "What do you mean? how can you not know?"
"I don't know," Stardust continued walking, "I simply don't have an answer."
Stardust thought about it for quite a while. Her question shouldn't bother him but it did. Why did he not know?

They walked through the forest as they saw less trees around them. It wasn't till they reached a hill that Lunarstar noticed there wasn't any trees around, only a large open field with holes in the ground. There was no grass near the holes which fascinated her. Why was the ground to hard and bare looking around the holes?
"Lets go," Stardust began walking down the slight hill and onto the hard rocky ground. Lunarstar stared at the holes as she past them. They were larger than they looked from the hill top. The ground felt slightly warm but not to hot for them to walk on.
Lunarstar was curious about the large holes. What were they? What was in them?
"Why are there so many holes?" Lunarstar asked.
"Those are geysers," Stardust answered.
That didn't answer her question, she still didn't know what they were. Ahead of her was a clearing where the grass began to grow and trees scattered about but it was some distance away and they had along way to go. As they walk, Lunarstar spotted a large hole very close by. She left Stardust and walked towards the hole. As she walked closer the ground felt warmer and she could her rumbling noise coming from the hole.
Stardust sensed Lunarstar wasn't at his side. He stopped and looked, then gasped when he saw how close Lunarstar was to the hole.
It wasn't long till the rumbling noise began to shake the ground, it was very light shake but Stardust could still feeling. Knowing what was going to happen, he bolted in to a run slamming into Lunarstar just as the water shot out off the hole.
Stardust and Lunarstar slide from the hole laying on their sides. Stardust looked down at Lunarstar who was curled into a tight ball scared at what was happening. She felt the ground rumbling, the water gushing out of the hole loudly.
"Get on!" Stardust yelled over the noise.
Lunarstar looked at Stardust who laid next to her waiting for her.
"Hurry!" Stardust yelled.
As scared as she was, she wasted no time climbing on his back. Her legs hung at his sides as she held on to his mane.
Stardust stood up and bolted into a run, trying to stay far from the holes as possible. As Stardust ran by the holes, water shot up from the ground. Lunarstar buried her face in his mane, to scared to look. Stardust ran through the geysers to a clearing where the grass began to grow. He stopped and turned to look at the geysers, taking a deep of relief. He couldn't believe how close she was when the geyser was about to erupt. Did she not know what would happen?
He looked at Lunarstar who had a tears streaming down her cheek.
"Are you ok?" Stardust asked.
Lunarstar knotted her head.
"Did you not know what would happen if you got close to a geyser?" Stardust asked.
"No," Lunarstar replied in a shaky voice, "I never heard of geysers."
"They're holes that shoot boiling water from the ground. The warm ground should have told you not to get to close."
"I'm sorry," Lunarstar sobbed.
"Don't ever get curious like that again. Ask me if you want to know something," Stardust replied.
Stardust laid on the ground waiting for Lunarstar to climb off his back. Once she was on her feet, he stood up, "We're getting close to Mooney Mountain so lets keep going."

At Dream Castle, Star Cluster was in his room looking out from the balcony. He put his front feet on the white marble railings and stared at the hill in the distance.
Suddenly a raven dropped from the sky and landed on the railing next to Star Cluster.
"Well?" Star Cluster asked.
"Skyview and Starfire was on their way here but changed directions. They went to Greenland and then left heading south. I heard Stardust and the Princess are heading south."
"Here?" Star Cluster wondered out loud, "no Stardust wouldn't be that stupid," Star Cluster looked to his left staring at Mooney mounting in the far off distance, "He's taking her back to Moonlight Castle."
The raven glowed brightly and then disappeared, ray of light shot to Star Cluster's key.
"I must catch the Princess before it's to late!" Star Cluster exclaimed.
"It's already to late," replied the voice.
"No it's not. I will have her and any damage she has done, I will fix it!" Star Cluster yelled angrily.