Chapter 113: Farm in Greanland

It was morning and the sun was rising over the hills. Stardust had woken up Lunarstar and continued on their way through the forest. They walked for miles through the forest watching the animals as they stood and stared.
"I'm tired of eating berries," Lunarstar complained.
Stardust laughed, "Well you'll have to suffer for awhile."
Lunarstar sighed, lowing her head and letting her white mane drag on the ground.
They continued walking till Lunarstar spotted something in the distance. She stopped and stared not sure what it was.
"Look!" Lunarstar exclaimed.
By the time Stardust looked Lunarstar was running. He bolted into a run, speeding after her, "Lunarstar!"
Lunarstar ran and stopped at the edge of the forest looking out from the hill top. Stardust joined her and saw what she was looking at, "That's Greenland."
"Greenland?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes, there's a small town which is crowded with ponies and other creatures. In the distance are farms."
Lunarstar saw a tall light yellow and white Castle with a town just outside the castle gates. A dirt road lead from town to the Farms and houses in the distance.
"We better go," Stardust turned and began walking back into the forest.
"Can't we see the town?" Lunarstar asked.
"I can change to look normal."
"They're after me too or did you forget that?" Stardust asked.
"Sorry," Lunarstar said sadly.
Stardust turned and looked at her, "understand, we can't go near any Kingdoms. Do you want to end up like you did in Alfeo Castle?"
Lunarstar lowered her head, "No."
"Then we must avoid going near the Kingdoms."
"What if they're nice?" Lunarstar asked.
"Not that Kingdom."

Skyview and Starfire walked through the forest, neither one saying a word. It was quiet till Skyview heard a rumbling noise, he stopped and listened.
"I'm hungry," Starfire complained.
"Was that you making that noise?" Skyview asked.
"Yes and you'll hear more if I don't find something to eat soon," Starfire looked at Skyview suspiciously, "Aren't you hungry?"
"I'm getting there."
"Why don't we go to Greenland?" Starfire asked, "they do have one of the best foods around."
"We should go to Dream Castle."
"King Star Cluster can wait, lets get something to eat at Greenland," Starfire suggested.
"We're not anywhere close to Greenland though."
"I can fly fast and you can float. We'll get there in no time," Starfire said excitedly. He turned and flew from the ground, "Come on!"
"I guess it couldn't hurt to stop there for awhile," Skyview turned into a cloud and followed Starfire.

Stardust and Lunarstar had been walking awhile when Stardust noticed how quiet it was, the birds stopped chirping, the Squirrels were no were to be found and the Rabbits hid. Stardust stopped and looked around. He knew something was wrong. Lunarstar looked up at him worriedly.
"What?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's quiet," Stardust whispered.
Lunarstar listened, she couldn't hear anything, it was starting to make her nervous.
Suddenly a light green pony jumped from the bushes and threw a net on them. The pony wore armor on his legs and back with thick armor padding on his back and front.
Stardust reared trying to get the net off of him. Lunarstar crouched to the ground staring at the soldiers as they showed themselves. They stood and pointed their swords and spears at Stardust and Lunarstar.
Stardust reached high, grabbed the net and forcibly yanked on it, throwing the net over his head and onto the soldiers in front of him.
The other soldiers jumped on him knocking Stardust to the ground.
"Give me the rope?" one of the soldiers yelled.
Lunarstar backed away, scared and not sure what to do. Suddenly a soldier came up behind her and grabbed her, picking her up from the ground. Lunarstar gasped and wiggled, she kicked her legs in the air but nothing worked.
"Let me go!" screamed Lunarstar.
Stardust look and felt himself getting mad at the though of someone hurting her. He turned over onto his belly and slowly stood on his feet with a few soldiers piled on his back. He rear throwing the soldiers off his back then he ran up to the soldier that was holding Lunarstar and grabbed him around his neck. He instantly let go of Lunarstar as he tried to wiggle free but Stardust was too strong.
"Run!" Stardust yelled.
She turned and ran through the bushed.
Soldier jumped on Stardust who had no choice but to let go and fight the other soldiers.
"Now lets play!" Stardust exclaimed.
Lunarstar glanced back every now and then, she would catch a glimpse of a soldier being thrown to a tree or flying over bushes. She continued running till she could no longer see the fight. She ducked under a bush and laid hidden.
Stardust had quickly finished fighting, he stood and looked around for more soldiers. They were all beaten, some laid on bushes, on the ground or against a tree. They all had hoof marks on their meddle armor.
"Looks like the fun is over," Stardust muttered, "now to find Lunarstar."
He left them and searched the forest following his sense. He knew she was ahead and not to far. The closer he got the stronger his sense became. He stopped and stood, his senses told him she was very close. He looked around but didn't see her.
"Lunarstar?" Stardust called.
The bushes began to rustle as Lunarstar crowed out from under a bush.
"You alright?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Lunarstar answered.
"Lets hurry and get out of here," Stardust turned and began walking with Lunarstar beside him. They didn't walk to far when he spotted a Soldier in the distance. Sunlight bouncing off his armor as he looked around.
Stardust and Lunarstar quickly hid behind a rock and bushes with trees around them. Stardust hid Lunarstar between him and the rock making sure her white coat wouldn't give them away. The soldier walked closer to them searching around. He walked to the bushes, rustling them to be sure no one was hiding in them. Lunarstar was scared and her body began to shake a bit, Stardust could feel her shake.
"Anything?" another pink soldier asked.
"We have to keep looking. Word has it that Stardust and the Princess could be coming through here," the white soldier exclaimed as he walked closer to him.
Just then a soldier looking beat up and sore walked towards them slowly.
"What happened?" The white soldier asked.
"Got beaten up by Stardust. He and the Princess headed in this direction."
"No one came by," The pink soldier replied, he turned to the other soldiers in the distance, "Stardust and the Princess is in the area, we keep looking till sun down and continued searching tomorrow."
"Where are the others?" The white soldier asked.
"Heading back to the castle, they're to beat up to search for stardust and the Princess."
"You seem fine, so keep searching," The pink soldier ordered.
They split up and continued searching.
Stardust peeked over the bushes and waited till it was all clear before standing up.
"Now what?" Lunarstar asked in a whispering voice.
"We go back to Greenland and hide there till sunrise," Stardust turned and quietly walked through the forest.
"I thought it wasn't safe to go there?" Lunarstar asked.
"The soldiers will not expect us in their own Kingdom," Stardust replied.
They walked silently till they came to the edge of the forest. In the large opened land were a few farms full of trees and gardens. The closest farm had wooden fence around it with a couple piles of hay and lots of trees.
"Lets hide in the hay for the night," Stardust proposed. He ran to the fence and jumped over it. Lunarstar winked behind the pile of hay. Stardust joined her behind the larger pile.
"Now we wait till morning," Stardust whispered.
"But, I'm hungry," Lunarstar complained looking at the Apple trees, oranges and pears. Next to the trees were Gray vines.
Lunarstar's horn began to glow as she concentrate on an apple on a tree. The apple shook and fell to the ground.
"Get me one," Stardust whispered.
Lunarstar made another apple fall and both rolled to her and Stardust.

Starfire had flown most of the afternoon, rested and then continued flying. He flew till he found Greenland. Skyview was right behind him in cloud form.
Starfire landed at the edge of town, with Skyview landing beside him. Ponies nearby stared at them. The Black ponies were well known but to see them was amazing.
"I don't like it here," Skyview commented as he looked at the ponies staring at him, "Don't take all day here."
Starfire walked on the sidewalk ignoring the looks ponies gave them. Skyview walked behind him looking at the stores. Ponies stopped and stepped aside as they walked, no one wanted to get in their way or anger them fearing the Kingdom could get in trouble with King Star Cluster.
Starfire stopped, "How about Donuts?"
"That's fine," Skyview answered.
They walked across the street and into the Donut store. There were ponies sitting at Metal table, the stools at the counter was empty. Starfire sat down on a light blue stool with Skyview next to him.
While they ordered, a group of soldier in the far corner of the room sat around some tables watching the two black ponies. The soldiers had hoof marks on their armor and bruises on their sides and back.
"It's his two brothers," the soldier whispered, he was red with green and white hair.
A yellow soldier nudged light green soldier, "Go and ask them if they're looking for him."
"Why don't one of you guys?"
"Because we want you to go," a gray soldier answered.
The green pony with light green and pink hair stood up. He nervously walked to the counter. Skyview and Starfire turned and looked at him suspiciously.
The soldier sat on the stool next to Starfire, "You two must me Skyview and Starfire."
"Yes," Skyview answered, "What do you want?"
"Are you looking for Stardust?" The Soldier asked.
"We were," Starfire answered, "Why do you ask?"
"Well, we just saw him and the Princess."
"What?" Skyview exclaimed, "Where?"
"In the forest a little while ago. Stardust beat us up for trying to catch him. We're on our way back to the castle," the soldier replied.
"We?" Starfire asked.
The soldier turned around and pointed to the soldiers in the corner. Most of them looked as bad as him.
"That's not to surprising," Skyview commented observing their battered looks.
"We had no idea he was so strong, no one warned us," The soldier remarked.
"If we hurry we could still catch him," Skyview exclaimed.
"Are you joking?" Starfire asked, "I just got started eating besides it'll be dark soon. Stardust won't go to far."
"Was he still heading South?" Skyview asked.
"Yes," the soldier answered.
"Humm," Skyview muttered.
"What does that mean?" Starfire asked.
"That's got to be what he's doing," Skyview muttered to himself.
"What?" Starfire asked.
"Stardust," Skyview answered, "He's heading south and the only reason that I can think of why he would do that is to take the Princess back to Moonlight Castle."
"Are you sure?" Starfire asked.
"It has to be it. He's going around Ponyland while trying to avoid the Kingdoms. All we have to do is meet him at Woodlock."
"What if he doesn't go through town?" Starfire asked.
"We better hope he does," Skyview answered, "Well, stay in Greenland for the night and hurry to Woodlock in the morning."

The sun had set and Lunarstar laid on the hay eating her last pear. Stardust was under a nearby tree eating his last apple. He finished the apple and threw it in the pile at the fence then looked at Lunarstar to see if she was done. She too had finish and laid her head on the hay falling fast asleep.

The next morning an adult orange pony with white hair stood at the hay with an unhitched wagon next to him, staring at Lunarstar. Her coat almost blinded him in the morning sunrise. A yellow pony with white hair walked up next to him, "Son, just what are you..."
"Shhh," The orange pony quickly said, "Look on the hay."
The yellow pony looked and gasped. A light orange pony with purple and pink hair walked up to them, "What are you staring at? We have a lot do," She stood and gasped at Lunarstar on the hay.
"It's her," yellow pony whispered, "I heard rumors that King Star Cluster is after her."
"The Princess?" The orange pony asked.
"Yes," The yellow pony replied.
"Royal Heart's it's true she really had a daughter?" She asked gasping at Lunarstar.
"I heard she was a white winged unicorn but...I never thought it was true," the orange pony commented.
As the three of them stood and stared, Stardust stirred in his sleep which alerted the family, they turned and gasped at Stardust. They were to scared to move or awaken him if they did move.
Stardust moved his legs and slowly woke up, yawning. He stood up and stretched his front legs then his back legs. He turned and looked at Lunarstar laying on the hay but was surprised to see three ponies standing next to her.
"We...didn't touch her," The yellow pony quickly said.
As he began walking towards Lunarstar, he sensed something. Stardust stopped and looked around but saw no one, yet he could sense someone was coming.
"No, it can't be them," Stardust thought.
He hurried to Lunarstar as the family stood by and watched silently. He shook Lunarstar, "Come on, wake up."
"Mmmm?" Lunarstar muttered.
Stardust had no time to wait for her to get up, his senses were getting stronger. He reached in the hay and picked her up, then set her on her feet. She was still half asleep and felt very tired.
"Come on...Quickly!" Stardust exclaimed.
Lunarstar was to tired to notice the three ponies staring at her, "Why?"
"Tell you later. come on or I will drag you with me!" Stardust exclaimed.
He ran towards the fence with Lunarstar behind him. She jumped in the air and flew over the fence landing at the edge of the forest.
"Hide!" Stardust whispered.
They ducked low in the bushes neither one saying anything or moving a muscle. As he laid on the grass, he felt Lunarstar leaning her head against him, he turned his head and looked, she was resting her head against him like he was a pillow. Stardust smiled at her as he looked at her sleeping face.
Suddenly his senses became stronger, he peaked through the bushes and saw his two brother walking pass the farm he and Lunarstar was just at. Skyview and Starfire talked as they walked by the farm. Stardust was too far to hear what they were saying, it wasn't till his brothers got closer that he could her them. Stardust laid his head on the ground hoping his brothers would walk pass them.
"I wonder what is wrong with Stardust. He never acted like this or ran from us," Skyview thought out loud.
"He never got mad at us and chased us down either," Starfire added remembering the other world when Stardust got mad.
"We can't go back to Dream Castle without him. It just...doesn't feel like Triplets without him," Skyview commented.
"Well we could be twins?" Starfire suggested.
Skyview glared at him.
"I was just kidding, don't take it so seriously. I too would like to have Stardust back. Lets hope your plan works."
"It has to be better than your last plan."
"It wasn't my fault. The tree I was on was rotten and who knew baby ponies were so attached to you," Starfire began to laugh.
"Shut up. That wasn't funny!"
Starfire could see how mad Skyview was, he bolted into a run with Skyview right behind him.
Once they where gone, Stardust stood up, waking Lunarstar in the process, "Lets go."
"Go?" Lunarstar yawned, "What why did we leave so soon?"
"Skyview and Starfire was heading our way. Come on lets get going," Stardust began walking with Lunarstar straggling behind.
Stardust glanced back, "You shouldn't have stayed up late eating."
"I..." Lunarstar yawned, "Was hungry."
Stardust laughed.
"How could I have possibly thought I was going to take her to Star Cluster?" Stardust thought to himself.
They continued walking as the birds woke up and began chirping.