Chapter 112: Deciding what to do

The sun was setting in the horizon. Skyview in cloud form floated to where Starfire was standing, turning back into a pony.
"He just keeps running and never seems to slow down," Starfire exclaimed.
"Well he doesn't get tired from running," Skyview replied.
"I know and I wish he would sometimes," Starfire remarked.
"It looks like he's heading South east," Skyview noticed.
Starfire sighed, "It's pointless following him all over the place, we can't catch him."
Skyview sighed, he knew Starfire was right, "Lets head back to Dream Castle maybe on our way there we'll think of something. Chasing Stardust is pointless, there's got to be another way of catching him."
Skyview and Starfire left and headed into the forest.

Stardust continued to run, speeding across the meadow with Lunarstar hanging onto his mane. Her eyes were closed not knowing where Stardust had taken her.
"Please slow down," Lunarstar cried.
Stardust slowed down and ran at his normal speed, "Better?"
Lunarstar opened her eyes and looked around but still holding onto his mane, "Where are we?"
"We are still in the Elf Kingdom. I'm not stopping till we are off the land," Stardust replied.
Lunarstar laid her head down on his mane watching the trees as they pasted.
The Sun had disappeared in the horizon and the sky became dark. Small clouds drifted towards the horizon as stars twinkled brightly. Stardust had traveled far into the forest, he was pretty sure he was no longer on Elf's land. He slowed down to a walk. Lunarstar had been quiet for a while, he looked on his back wondering if she was ok. To his surprise she had fallen asleep while still holding onto him mane. Stardust couldn't help but smile.
"I guess we should find a place to sleep," Stardust muttered.
He continued walking carefully making sure he didn't wake up Lunarstar. He walked through bushes and around rocks till he found a small spot that was big enough for the two of them, it had enough trees and bushes to hide them. He walked to the small clearing and stopped. He laid on the grass and leaned over for Lunarstar to slide of his back. She softly hit the ground but was still holding his mane. Stardust reached over and loosened her grip from his hair, then he leaned over to his other side laying an inch away from her. He stared at her as she slept peacefully. He thought about how he found her in the Castle. He couldn't understand why he had a sense of knowing where she was, he even sensed his Brothers in the Castle. Was it because he never been away from his brothers? Stardust shook the thought, "No that can't be. I'm always away from them," Stardust looked at Lunarstar's sleeping face, "Is it because of her?"
He felt he had the answer but for some reason he couldn't find it. Was it because of the headaches he had?
The more he thought about it the more questions he had. As the night went on Stardust eventually fell asleep.

Early the next morning Stardust jump awake from his sleep, "No!" He cried.
He sat up and rubbed his head, "It's that dream again. I hadn't had it in a while." Stardust looked at Lunarstar fearing he had woken her up but to his relief she was still asleep. For some reason he felt better just looking at her and quickly forgot about his nightmare. He reach over with his hoof and shook her, "Get up!" he shook her a few times till she started to move.
"Mmmm?" She mumbled.
"Come on, it's time to get up," Stardust said again.
Lunarstar opened her eyes and yawned as she stretched her legs towards him. She stood up and fluttered her wings. She looked around, she didn't recognize the area, it wasn't what she had last saw last night, "Where are we?"
Stardust stood up, "Well we aren't in the Elf Kingdom anymore."
"Oh, well where are we going?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know."
"Well, um..." Lunarstar hesitated.
"What?" Stardust asked.
"Umm, can we go to Moonlight Castle?"
"Moonlight Castle? Where the rebels are?" Stardust asked.
"Yes, I miss Buster, Charades and Banner. I miss the King and Queen that lives there."
Stardust stood not saying a word, he thought about what she said. He didn't like the thought of going to Moonlight Castle know what they'll do to him if he showed up.
"Please, Stardust?" Lunarstar asked.
He looked at her face, he could tell she deeply wanted to go. The longer he stared at her the more he felt it would be better if he took her to Moonlight Castle, she would be safer there.
"Ok, you'll be safer there from the other Kingdoms that are chasing us," Stardust replied.
"What about your brothers?"
"Skyview can get you no mater where you hide but it's not likely he'd risk it sneaking in Moonlight Castle. We will go around Ponyland and try to avoid going near any Kingdoms," Stardust replied.

At Dream Castle, Star Cluster woke up and sat up. he wore the golden key around his neck but his crown sat on a green silk pillow on a dresser. Just then a pink pony with pink, yellow and orange hair walked in carrying a tray with a covered plate on it.
"Good morning your Majesty. I have brought you Breakfast," The servant said setting the silver tray on a long table, she turned and left the room.
Star Cluster stood up and stretch his front legs and then his back legs. He yawned walking to the Balcony. He looked out at the hills in the distance and Soldiers walking on the wall.
"What's taken them so long?" Star Cluster asked himself thinking about Skyview and Starfire.
He walked over to his dresser, brushed his mane and tail then set the brush down next to the green pillow. He stared at himself in the mirror as if he seemed to be thinking about something. He looked down at the gold crown, it had large diamonds at the points around the crown with pure white pearls between each diamond. He picked up the crown and placed it on his head, "I will always be King of Ponyland,"
"Yes. You are and will always be King of Ponyland but there are quite a few ponies you still have to get rid of first," The voice suddenly replied.
"I'm working on it!" Star Cluster yelled, "I must have the Princess first!"
"From what Skyview said It sounds like it's already to late," The voice replied.
"No, It must not be to late!" Star Cluster walked around his room feeling mad and worried. He stopped and looked at the balcony, suddenly the key around his neck became a staff. The crystal ball on the staff glowed then a ray of light shot out from it to the balcony. A Raven appeared from the ray of light.
"Find out what Skyview and Starfire is doing. Don't not let them see you," Star Cluster ordered.
The Raven knotted his head and flew from the balcony.
"What good would that do?" The voice asked, "Those two couldn't possibly have caught him or the Princess by now. They're to slow for him."
The Staff turned into a key, appearing around his neck.
"It'll make me feel better knowing where they are and what they're doing," Star Cluster answered.
He turned walked to the table and took the silver and gold lid off the plat reveling waffles and eggs.