Chapter 111: Tucker and the King

The pony Soldiers walked through town as the sun began to set. The Elves stood watching the soldiers headed towards Alfeo Castle. They walked up to the closed iron gate.
The two Elf Soldiers looked at the Captain. He was very light purple with dark purple, green, blue and pink hair. He wore padded armor on his back and front with padded leg bands and a short green hooded cloak.
Suddenly Banner and his Soldiers came to the iron gate from a different direction.
"Let us in. I wish to speak with your King," The Captain exclaimed.
The two Elf Soldiers opened the gate and watched as the large group walked by, then Banner's group. They marched across the yard towards the castle. The Elf Soldiers close by stopped and stared at them.
They entered the Castle walking through several hallways as they past fallen soldiers and servants. The Elves stopped and stared at the group of ponies walking in the castle, it was unusual to see a group of pony Soldiers in the castle.
They reached the door but the guards at the door refused to let them in. The Captain looked at the two soldiers next to him, "Move them out of the way."
The two ponies went up to the guards and grabbed them. The guards tired to wiggle out of their hold but couldn't. Once all the pony Soldiers had pass the two ponies dropped the guards and followed the Soldiers into the throne room. King Adair sat on his golden throne talking to a Soldier when the doors suddenly flew open.
The Pony Soldiers marched in and stood in front of King Adair. The Elf Soldier turned and gasped at the soldiers stretched across the throne room.
"Just who are you and why have you barged in?" King Adair yelled.
"I am Captain Tucker from Ferris Castle, we have been sent to find the Princess of Dream Castle. Upon our arrival I find The Princess on Stardust's back running out of your Kingdom," Tucker looked at the King suspiciously, "Just what is going on?"
King Adair sent his Soldier out of the throne room before answering Tucker, "Ferris Castle, that's in Sky Mountain, isn't it?"
"Yes, it is."
Suddenly the doors to the throne room flew open. Banner and the small group of soldiers walked in, "I heard from some Elves in the forest that you have the Princess. Where is she?"
"The Princess is not here so leave," King Adair yelled.
Tucker stared at the yellow pony surprisingly. As Banner got closer to him, Tucker noticed Banner's cut ear and realized who he was.
"I want to know why was Stardust running from your Kingdom?" Tucker asked.
"He kidnaped her from me and is taking her to Dream Castle, "King Adair lied.
"I doubt that, he wasn't running towards Dream Castle and the Princess was holding on to him. Now tell me what is really going on!" Tucker yelled knowing what King Adair had said was a lie.
"Holding on?" Banner thought to himself, "She was holding on to him? Could Stardust have really changed sides?" He knew Skyview and Starfire was looking for Stardust and he wondered why. Could it be possible that Stardust has switched sides?
"Ok, since you noisy Ponies wants to know I'll tell you. I was holding her in a room till someone came to take her to King Star Cluster. I had stardust in the dungeon but he was to strong for the cells to hold him," King Adair answered.
"You were one of the last few Kingdoms that hadn't turned against King Star Cluster. Why?" Banner asked.
"I changed sides sometime ago. As to why, that is non of your business," King Adair stood up and walked towards them. He stopped and stood face to face, "Leave before I call my soldiers in here!"
Tucker looked at the throne and noticed not just one throne but two, "Where is your Queen?"
"There is no queen in this Kingdom."
"I know most of the Kingdoms and I know you had a Queen," Banner replied.
"Get out!!" King Adair yelled nervously.
"She was taken, wasn't she?" Banner asked noticing how nervous King Adair was getting, "King Star Cluster took your wife because you refused to join him."
King Adair was feeling nervous, he turned and walked back to his throne. He sat for a while in silence.
"Yes," King Adair muttered sadly, "I thought if I gave him the Princess it would please him and he'd return my wife."
"Your not the only kingdom who's had someone important taken from them," Banner exclaimed.
"My King had his son taken from him. When he heard about the Princess being hunted, he sent me out to find her it was the lest he could do for his son," Tucker added.
"Do you really think King Star Cluster would have given you your wife back?" Banner asked, "Your wife would be ashamed of you." Banner turned and was about to leave with Tucker behind him but the King stood up, "Wait!"
Banner and Tucker stopped and turned around.
"How can I get her back then?" King Adair asked.
Banner turned and walked up to him, "Fight against King Star Cluster. Join us and help defeat him."
"My King will join you," Tucker said to Banner.
"Good, we need everyone we can get," Banner replied, "I'm guessing King Star Cluster may not know we were here so your Majesty, would you spy on King Star Cluster for us?"
"Yes, I'll be happy to," King Adair replied.
"Let us know of any news you hear from King Star Cluster," Banner said.
Tucker turned, "Can we trust him after what he tried to do?"
"To gain allies we'll have to trust someone even him," Banner replied.
"I give you my word as King of Alfeo Castle that I will not turn against you."
"I hope you won't," Banner replied, he turned and looked at Tucker, "Who are you?"
"My name is Tucker from Ferris Castle," Tucker answered, "You must be Banner."
"Yes I am," Banner replied.
"Then you might know my brother, Charades."
Banner looked at him, he indeed looked similar to Charades, "I can see the resemblance," Banner paused, "We must be going, we have to catch up to Stardust."
"He ran out of town when I saw him and he's probably still running. You'll never catch up to him," Tucker quickly said.

Just then, a pony soldier entered the throne room breathing hard and looking tired.
"Well?" Tucker asked.
"I...I followed him. His two...brothers," The soldiers stopped to catch his breath, "His two brothers couldn't follow him either, they gave up and went in a different direction towards Dream Castle."
"And Stardust?" Tucker asked.
"He ran out of my sight, I couldn't keep up with him."
"Which way was he going?" Banner asked.
"South east," the Soldier answered, "That's where I last saw him heading to."
"We had better hurry," Banner exclaimed.
"Wait," King Adair exclaimed, "It's probably dark out, why don't you stay here for the night and be on your way in the morning?"
Banner looked at the Soldiers, they weren't looking forward to traveling again.
"Ok, we'll stay for the night but I'll have someone watching you," Banner replied.
"I'll have my Soldiers keeping watch outside," Tucker proclaimed.
"I understand," King Adair said, "I'll have my servants show you where you may sleep for the night."