Chapter 110: Rampaging through the Castle

Stardust passed in his cell impatiently as he thought of a way out. The guard sat on a chair and watched him pass by the cell door.
Stardust thought about how he was going to get around the castle. How would he find Lunarstar? What would he get out once he found her? What ever Stardust planed to do, he know he had to do it soon before someone came to take him back to Dream Castle. He stopped at the cell door inspecting it.
"I don't care how strong you are, you can't get through those bars, they're very strong," the guard said observing what Stardust was doing.
Stardust ignored him and continued to inspect the door. He lowered his head and turned around. The guard smiled thinking Stardust had given up.
Stardust reared on his front legs with his back feet in the air. The guard gasped as Stardust kicked the cell door and sent it flying to the wall. The impacted of the Cell door knocked out the guard and broke his chair. Stardust walked up to the unconscious guard and smiled, "Just what made you think I was going to squeeze through the bars?"
Knowing the guard couldn't answer him he turned and left, "Now to find Lunarstar but how?"
Stardust walked down a long hall till he found a set of winding stairs. He stood and thought about where they would put Lunarstar, he know she was in a room but there were so many rooms.
Suddenly deep down he felt Lunarstar's presence, she was far away but he could feel her somewhere in the castle. Stardust remembered when he was in the park and felt Lunarstar was there but this feeling was stronger then he had at the park.
"Strange...I never felt this before, well not quite so strong," Stardust paused, "Maybe I can follow my senses. It's my only hope in finding her," Stardust walked up the winding stairs.

Lunarstar laid in bed, she had stopped crying, "He has to be alive," she kept saying over and over to herself.
After awhile she began to think about King Adair. Why did she feel so uneasy about his touch. Was there something about him that she didn't like?
Her stomach growled reminding her how hungry she was. She sat up and looked on the night stand. There was a silver plate full of fruit and a large glass of water. She took the apple and started eating it. She couldn't stop thinking about King Adair, something about him troubled her.
Then it hit her, she remembered when he mentioned something about eating berries. How would he know that? She also don't recall ever hearing a battle, it was dead quiet in the forest except for the animals.
She finished the apple and set the core on the silver plate. The more she thought about King Adair and what he said the more she wanted to leave the castle.
"Could he have lied to me?" Lunarstar thought to herself, "could Stardust really be alive?" she refused to believe Stardust was dead and hoped that Stardust was alive, "But why would he lie?"
Then the two servants entered the room, closing the door behind her.
"I see you didn't eat much," Hazel commented.
"Yes, I didn't feel like eating," Lunarstar answered.
"You should eat more, one apple won't keep you from getting hungry," Vala commented.
Lunarstar turned from them, she wanted to ask them a few questions but she was afraid to. The two girls walked up to Lunarstar and laid their hands on her neck and back, petting her. Lunarstar felt relaxed, it was different than when the King did it.
"Can I ask you two something?" Lunarstar asked.
"Well," Hazel paused looking at Vala and at the door, "Depends on the question."
"Stardust is alive isn't he?" Lunarstar looked up at them, "There was no battle wasn't there?"
The two girls looked at each other fearing to answer her questions.
"I just want to know, I won't say anything."
Well, you pretty much guessed it," Hazel whispered so the soldiers wouldn't hear her.
Lunarstar smiled, Stardust was alive but why did the King lie to her?
"Why did he lie to me?" Lunarstar asked.
The girls looked at each other worriedly, their looks greatly troubled Lunarstar.
"Well he..." Hazel began to say but never got a chance to finish what she was going to say. Suddenly they head a loud thud noise then the door flew open. Stardust was angry, he trotted towards the two girls and corners them in a corner. He pawed the floor staring at them angrily. Lunarstar was happy to see him but a afraid when she saw how mad he was. She soon realize he wasn't mad at her.
"No, don't hurt them!" Lunarstar cried.
"Why not?" Stardust asked angrily.
"They're nice and..."
"They're only nice because they were ordered to."
"No," Vala stuttered at first, "We wouldn't hurt her."
"We like her unlike our King," Hazel added.
"Please Stardust?" Lunarstar begged.
"Ok," He turned towards Lunarstar and laid on the floor, "Get on!"
Lunarstar climbed on his back holding onto his mane, "Where were you?"
"I'll tell you later..."Stardust paused, he felt someone else other than Lunarstar.
"What?" Lunarstar asked notice him stared at the hall.
"They're here."
"Who?" Lunarstar asked.
"Skyview and Starfire," he turned his head and looked at Lunarstar, "Hold on tight and try not to slip off. I'm going to be in a hurry getting out of this castle."
"Ok," Lunarstar grabbed more of his mane tightly.
He walked out of the room leaving the two girls in the corner. He walked down the hall to a set of stairs. Once he was on the second floor he continued walked down the hall across a balcony in a large open room with several hallways. As they walked down the stair to the first floor a small group of soldiers saw him.
"There he is!" one of them yelled.
The soldiers took out their swords and ran towards him. Stardust took off at a run, ramming into them, they fell down the steps as Stardust ran by. The floor was marble and slippery on his hooves as he slid around the corner to another long hallway. Soldiers came out from every hallway chasing him. The ones that got in his way were either trampled on or rammed to the wall. Stardust didn't hesitated when someone ran out in front of him weather it was a Soldier or servant. Stardust slowed down and slid around the next corner running through more soldiers.

Skyview and Starfire walked in the hallways following a soldiers. As they walked they began to hear noises. Skyview and Starfire wondered what the noise was all about.
Suddenly Stardust ran around the corner ramming his two brothers against the walls and continued running.
"Stardust!" The two exclaimed. They stood up and ran after him, pushing all the soldiers out of their way.

Stardust rammed into the double doors which flew open as he ran out. He ran down the steps and across the yard which wasn't to big. The Soldiers at the iron gate saw Stardust and all the soldiers that was chasing him. They quickly tried to close the gate but missed him as the gates closed. Skyview turned into a cloud passing through the gates and turning back into a pony. Starfire flew over the gates.
Stardust ran through town on the rocky street as Elves and other by passing creature ran out of the street.

Skyview continued to run as Elves stopped and stared at him and Starfire.
"This is ridiculous chasing him all over, there's got to be a better way of catching him," Skyview muttered to himself.
He looked up and saw Starfire gaining speed trying to catch up with Stardust.

Lunarstar held on tightly, she had her eyes closed most of the time and her head lowered hugging his neck, she slowly opened her eyes and found herself outside. The town was big and there were a lot of elves. She looked up and noticed Starfire, " Starfire, he's above us."
Stardust glanced up and saw his brother catching up to him.
"Hold on, I'm going to run faster," Stardust said.
His legs began to move faster and before he knew it the town flew past him like a blur. Lunarstar couldn't look, the speed at which he was running made her dizzy.

Skyview gasped when he saw Stardust running at full speed and Starfire behind him. Skyview knew he could never catch him on foot, his horn glowed turning himself into a cloud so he could at lest catch up to Starfire.
Starfire was slowly getting tired and falling farther behind.

Stardust ran till he saw a large group of pony soldiers ahead of him, he slowed down and ran around the corner catching the pony soldiers completely by surprise. Once he was on another street he continued to run faster gaining speed quickly. Ahead of him was the forest, Stardust glanced back and smiled, he had lost his two brothers.

The Pony soldiers looked down the street watching Stardust running like a blur.
"Captain, was that the Princess on his back?" a green pony soldier asked.
The Captain didn't answer emediatly, he was busy asking himself the same question, "It must be. She fits the description perfectly," He turned and looked at the green pony, "Go follow him as far as you can then report back to me."
"Yes, captain," The soldier left and ran after Stardust into the forest.
the large group of soldiers continued walked towards the castle, "King Adair better have a good explanation for what we just saw," The captain said as he walked down the street.