Chapter 11: Decorating

Early in the morning, the wind was blowing and Lunarstar was sleeping peacefully under her blankets in bed. It didn't take long for her to hear the wind whistling outside and feel the cold air in her room. She was half asleep and didn't want to wake up but the cold air in her room forced her to wake up. Slowly she opened her eyes and got out of bed.
The room suddenly felt even colder to her warm coat.
She walked to the window and poked her head through the curtains. To her surprise, the ground was covered in snow and it was still snowing but just lightly.
Lunarstar rushed to her dresser, brushed her hair and want downstairs, changing to an earth pony in the process.
Her mother was looking out the front window when Lunarstar came downstairs.
"Lunarstar, did you see what's outside?"
"I just looked."
"It's pretty, isn't it?"
"Sure is. My friends will want to go sledding."
"Yeah. Lancer has a big hill behind his house and said we could go sledding when it snowed."
"Be careful about playing in the snow."
"I know."
Rosebud continued to stare out the window for a few more minutes, "I guess you'll be wanting breakfast."
Rosebud looked down at Lunarstar, "Sure," She left and went to the kitchen. Lunarstar went to the kitchen and looked out the back door wondering how her father was doing in the shed with Buster and Charades.
"Don't worry about them in the shed. There's a small heater inside to keep them warm," Rosebud commented when she noticed lunarstar looking out the door.
"They won't get cold in their with a small heater?"
"Nope, so don't worry about it."
Lunarstar left the kitchen and in the livingroom to turn on the radio. The first song she heard was Christmas music, she liked the music and decided to leave it. She then sat on the couch and wait till her mother was done.
"We should decorate the house and get a tree," Lunarstar cried over the music coming from the radio.
"you could decorate the house now while I'm doing this and after your done eating we could get a tree."
"You know where the decorations are?"
"In the garage?"
"On the top shelf."
Lunarstar went to the Dinning room and through a door between the Kitchen and Dinning room.
It was cold in the Garage with boxes stacked on top of each other and a Utility Shelf on one side of the wall. On top were 3 boxes. Lunarstar guessed they were the Christmas decorations but they were to high for her so she used her horn.
Her horn appeared transparent and it began to glow, the three boxes on top lifted and floated through the door. Lunarstar followed the boxes to the livingroom.
"Lunarstar, not while Buster and Charades is here."
Lunarstar put the boxes down slowly, "They're not in the house and beside they have the shed door shut.'
"Hurry up before one of them decides to come in the house."
Lunarstar used her horn once again and took out the stuff in the first box. She hung the 2 Frosted Wreaths in the front two windows. 2 red and white candles went on the table, Green garland hung on the railings of the stairs with white bows along the stairs. The 3 red stocking hung on the stairs with the garland. The Gingerbread House went on the table between the Candles.
When she was done with the livingroom, she took a few red bows and garlands to the kitchen and began decorating it.
"Sometimes, I think this is your favorite part of Christmas."
"What is?" Lunarstar asked while concentrating on hanging the garlands around the windows.
"Decorating, of course."
"Oh, it's one of my favorites. At lest I can use my Unicorn magic."
"It certainly come in handy."
Once Lunarstar was done, she went to check the other 2 boxes, they had lots of garlands, ribbons, wrapping paper, Bows, strains of lights, a tree skirt and a star. The 2 boxes must be for the tree, now all she needs is the tree.
Rosebud finished making pancakes and set them on the table in the diningroom. Lunarstar didn't waste anytime eating, as soon as she was done, she put her plate in the kitchen.
"Ready to go?" Rosebud asked as she put on her hat and pink scarf.
Lunarstar rushed to the door, putting on her purple hat and scarf, "Now I'm ready."
Rosebud went to the garage through the dinning room, took the sled by the door and left the house with Lunarstar.
The sled had a rope tied to it, Lunarstar took the rope in her mouth and dragged it behind her as she walked with her mother.
The sidewalk was covered in snow, which made crunching sounds as they walked.

They walked to town looking at the shops as they went by. Lunarstar noticed some ponies on the other side of the street pulling a tree home on their sled, "I guess we're getting close to the tree lot,"
"It's just up ahead," answered Rosebud.
Lunarstar was anxious to pick out a tree. As they got closer to the tree lot, she saw more and more ponies taking trees home, she hoped there were still some trees left.
Ahead of her, she saw the town square with a big tree in the middle, decorated with lights. Around the tree were smaller trees tired with a string. The tree lot was surrounded by an orange matted fence.
"Here we are," Rosebud looked at Lunarstar who was staring up at the large tree, "Well, what are you waiting for? go pick out a tree."
Lunarstar smiled, she left the sled with her mother and hurried in the tree lot. There were lots of trees, some were bundled up in a string laying in a pile, other trees were standing up unbundled. There were lot of ponies walking around the lot, she bumped into a few as she walked around.
Suddenly she saw the perfect tree. Lunarstar rushed over to the tree and stood for a few minutes looking at it. It was an 8 foot tree, it's branches were full and green.
"Lunarstar," said the familiar voice.
Lunarstar turned around and saw Bright Eyes behind her.
"Are you here to get a tree?" Lunarstar asked.
"I just found a tree. My dad is taking it home. I'm here with Clover, helping her pick a tree."
"I think I found the tree I'm looking for," Lunarstar pointed at the tree, "It's so pretty."
"It's a tall tree." Bight Eyes observed.
"Lunarstar," said another familiar voice.
Lunarstar looked towards a tree and saw Patch walking out from behind it, "Did you find a tree?"
"Right here," Lunarstar pointed at the tree.
"Are you going to decorated it today?" Patch asked.
"Yes, just as soon as we get home. Would you like to help me?"
"I love to," Patch answered.
"I wouldn't mind helping," replied Bright Eyes.
Clover saw the girls talking and over heard them, "I would love to help you."
"What about decorating your tree?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm doing that tonight when Meadowlark visits. We always decorate the tree together."
Just then Sweetheart showed up, she had seen them from across the street, "Hi everyone."
"Sweetheart, have you found a tree yet?" Bright Eyes asked.
"I got mine yesterday."
"Would you like to help me decorated mine?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'd love to."
"Lunarstar," Rosebud walked out from behind a tree, "There you are. Did you find a tree?"
"Right here."
"Wait here while I pay for the tree." Rosebud left the sled with Lunarstar and went looking for the tree lot owner.
Buster and Charades where walking by when Buster saw Lunarstar and her friends, "Lunarstar!"
Lunarstar looked around wondering who was calling her and then she saw Buster at the fence, "Buster!"
"I see you found a tree."
Lunarstar looked at the tree again, "It's pretty. I can wait the start decorating it."
Just then Rosebud showed up, "Ok, we can take the tree." Rosebud noticed Buster and Charades at the fence, "I thought you 2 were still working?"
"We are," replied Buster.
"We were out buying lights to decorate the house," answered Charades.
"Lights?" Rosebud asked.
"Booster thought it would be nice to have the house decorated this year," replied Charades.
Rosebud was surprised, her husband hadn't been interested in decorating the house before.
While Rosebud talked, Lunarstar and her friends took the tree down and set it on the sled, Patch and Bright Eyes wrapped the tree with a string.
"Mom, my friends wants to help me decorate the tree."
Rosebud smiled at the girls, "would you girls like some Hot Chocolate?"
"Yeah!" the girls replied excitedly.
Rosebud turned around facing Buster and Charades, "Are you two heading to the house?"
"Yes," Buster answered.
"I can help you pull the sled home," Charades offered.
"That would be great if you wouldn't mind doing it for me."
Charades walked around the fence and took the sled and followed Rosebud, Lunarstar and her friends home. Buster walked with the girls talking to them on the way to the house.

When they got to the house, Buster and Charades put the tree on the stand in the living room by the window.
"There, it's up and ready to be decorated," Charades announced.
"Thank you," said Rosebud, thoughtfully.
"I guess we better head outside. Where's your ladder?' Buster asked.
"Hanging in the garage," answered Rosebud.
Buster and Charades left the house and went outside to the garage.
Lunarstar and the girls went though the two big box and began decorating the tree while Rosebud made hot Chocolates.
The girls put the lights on the tree first, then the silver Tinsel Garlands and the Ornaments. Lunarstar put the star on top of the tree while the girls put the tree skirt at the bottom of the tree.
By the time they were done, Rosebud had just finished making hot Chocolate. They could smell the Hot Chocolate and couldn't wait to drink it. They went to the kitchen and waited at the counter while Rosebud filled the cups.
Once the sun had set and it began to get dark, the girls wondered if they should go home.
"I think we better go home," Bright Eye suggested.
"My parents will be having dinner soon," said Patch.

As the girls talked, Buster walked in, "We finished putting up the lights."
"Great," said Rosebud excitedly.
"They're on if you and the girls like to come out and see them. Charades and Booster are in front."
Rosebud and the girls followed Buster outside where Charades and Booster were standing.
They stood for a few minutes in silence as they looked at the house. The Colored lights strung across the top of the roof, along the edges and down the sides of the house. Lights strung around the door, windows and over the garage door. The bushes even had lights on them.
"It's pretty!" Sweetheart commented.
"Yeah, it sure is," Patch agreed.
Lunarstar looked at the other houses down the street, they too had lights up, some had white, red, blue and multi-color lights.
Some of the houses had a deer or two in the front yard.
"I better be heading home. Bye Lunarstar," said Patch.
"I think I'll go to, Bye and thanks for the Hot Chocolate," said Sweetheart.
Clover and Brights Eyes said their good-bys and left.
"You guys did a great job decorating the house," Lunarstar commented.
"Thank you," Charades replied.
"Do you two want Hot Chocolate before you go home?" Rosebud asked.
"No, thanks for asking but we're anxious to get home and decorate our own tree," Charades answered.
"You have a tree?" Lunarstar asked.
"It's a small tree," Buster answered.
"We should put the tools and ladder up before we leave," Charades suggested.
"I'll help you," said Lunarstar's father as he followed them to the house.
Charades took the hammer and nails from on the ladder while Buster took the other hammer and a bag of nails from on the ladder and began walking around the house to the shed.
As Buster walked by the ladder, he sightly bumped the ladder which was enough to cause the ladder to fall. Lunarstar's father was heading to the ladder when it began to fall.
"Booster, watch out!" Rosebud yelled suddenly.
Booster, Buster and Charades looked at the ladder which was inches away from falling on Booster. Suddenly the ladder swerved to the side in mid-air and landed next to Booster's feet.
"That was close," muttered Booster.
"It certainly was," Charades agreed.
Rosebud rushed to Booster's side, "Are you alright?"
"I'm fine."
"I'm sorry, I guess I bumped it and caused it to fall," Buster explained.
"That's ok, just be carful next time," Booster replied.
Buster and Charades walked around the house to the shed, dropped the hammers and nail in the shed and walked home.
"See you tomorrow," yelled Rosebud.
"Bye," Charades yelled back.

As they walked on the side walk covered in snow, Charades kept commenting on the houses with lights and wished he had done that. Buster wasn't paying any attention to what Charades was talking about, he couldn't stop thinking about the ladder falling. He was so deep into his thoughts that he didn't hear Charades calling his name, it wasn't until Charades tapped Buster on the shoulder with his hoof, "Did you hear what I said?" Charades stopped walking, "Your not embraced about knocking the ladder over, are you?"
"No, I was thinking."
"About what?"
"Did you see the ladder fall?"
"Of course I did."
"Did you see it move?"
"Sure it moved, how else it is going to fall."
"No, not that. I mean when it fell, did you see the ladder move."
"What do you mean?" Charades wasn't sure what Buster was talking about. It was obvious Buster was trying to tell him something important.
"I mean, the ladder moved to one side in mid-air as it fell." Buster was getting annoyed trying to get Charades to understand what he's talking about.
"Moved as it was falling?"
Charades stood and thought about it, trying to remember the ladder falling, "Now that you mention it, I think I did see it move."
"Good, at lest I know I was seeing things."
"How? I didn't see anyone but the five of use."
"I don't know."

Meanwhile Rosebud helped Booster put the ladder in the garage, setting it against the wall.
"You were lucky the ladder didn't fall on you," Rosebud commented.
"I don't think it was luck," Booster looked at Lunarstar who was standing just outside the garage, "Am I right, Lunarstar?"
"I...I didn't want you to get hurt."
Rosebud and Booster smile and hugged her.
"Thank you," whispered Rosebud.
"I just hope Buster and Charades didn't notice it."
Lunarstar lowered her head, she had mix feeling about the ladder incident. She felt bad that Buster and Charades might have seen her but happy that she saved her father.
Rosebud hugged Lunarstar again, "Don't worry, even if they did see it I doubt they'll tell anyone." Rosebud didn't want to tell her that she was worried, she just wanted to cheer up Lunarstar.
Lunarstar looked up at her father, "Besides, who's going to believe them."
Suddenly the snow began to fall, Lunarstar stood between her parents watching the snow as it got heavier.