Chapter 109: Prisoners at Alfeo Castle

Stardust laid on the floor for quite a while before he felt the energy to wake up. He opened his eyes looking around a small cell. The walls were red stones and the floor was a dark gray stone. The cell floor was covered in straw.
"So you finally woke up," exclaimed a voice.
Stardust looked up through the cell doors and saw an elf the size of a human teenager with pointed ears wearing a dark brown Surcoat with black pants. Around his waste hung a sword and a set of keys. On the other side hung from his belt was a knife.
"Stardust, right?" The elf asked.
Stardust didn't answer, he lifted his head and forced himself to sit up. His head felt heavy as he laid on the straw.
The guard laughed, "We gave you a strong dose of those sleeping darts."
Stardust slowly got to his feet and stood for a few minutes as he regained the strength in his legs.
He walked around the cell, passing back and forth.
"Where is Lunarstar?" Stardust asked, even though he had heard them talk earlier, he was curious what the guard would say.
"She's not down here with you if that's what your wondering. She fine and happy where she's at," The guard replied.
"I seriously doubt that," Stardust replied.
"We will keep you and the Princess here at Alfeo Castle till King Star Cluster can send someone to take you to Dream Castle," The guard remarked.
Stardust passed around the cell getting mad.

Lunarstar laid on a large pink silk bed, her head resting on a soft pillow. Lunarstar felt so comfortable that she didn't want to wake up.
"I think she's waking up," said a female voice.
Lunarstar slowly opened her eye and saw two elves only she had never seen elves before and was scared.
"It's ok," said the first elf, she wore a yellow and white dress. Her hair tied in a pony tail, the other girl dress the same.
"I'm Hazel," the red headed girl said.
"I'm Vala," the blond girl added.
Lunarstar started to sit up but the to elves rush to her side laying their hand on her soft coat.
"Please lay down. Your still a bit tired from getting hit by the darts," Hazel quickly said.
Two girls ran their hands down Lunarstar's coat, petting her on the neck and shoulder. Lunarstar had never had someone who wasn't a pony touch her before but it felt relaxing to the point of falling asleep.
"Well, we will leave some food here for you when you feel better to sit up," Vala kindly said.
Lunarstar had almost fallen asleep when she said something. As the girls was about to leave, Lunarstar stop them, "Wait, please."
The girls stopped and turned around.
"Where's Stardust? Where am I?" Lunarstar asked.
"Stardust?" Hazel asked.
"We're not aloud to say but we can tell you this is Alfeo Castle," Vala answered.
"Alfeo castle?" Lunarstar asked, she had never heard of such a castle.
"Yes, your in the Elf Kingdom. Please excuse us. We will get someone who can answer your questions," Hazel replied.
The turned and left the room. When the room was quiet and the girls had left, Lunarstar slowly sat up. At first she felt dizzy but it slowly went away.
She looked around the large room, it was mostly peach and white. A table sat against a wall on each side of the room. A night stand was on each side of the room. White curtains hung over the two tall windows.
Lunarstar got off her bed and walked to the window, she opened the curtains but to her surprise the windows had ripple texture to it making it impossible to see out but letting light in.
"Sorry about the windows," a voice said.
Lunarstar turned and saw an elf with long brown hair. He wore a blue Tunic with black pants and a gold crown on his head.
"My name is King Adair," He closed the door and walked up to Lunarstar who could do nothing but stand and stare at him.
"Where's Stardust?" Lunarstar asked.
"He's um...well. You two were hit by sleeping darts during our battle. My soldiers managed to rescue you but not Stardust," King Adair answered.
"What happened to him?" Lunarstar asked feel deeply worried.
"It was a battle so he never made it," King Adair lied.
Lunarstar felt her eyes began to water, she had grown to like him during the week that she was with him.
The king stroked her fur from her horn to her nose. Lunarstar felt uneasy about his touch, she didn't know why. He was petting her just like the two servant did but for some reason Lunarstar didn't like it when he touched her.
"It's ok. You can stay here for a while if you like. I'll have my servants check on you from time to time to see how your feeling," King Adair commented.
"Thank you," Lunarstar muttered trying to hold the tears back.
"Eat the food my servants brought you. It's tasted better then those berries you've been eating. I have to go, I got...things to take care of," King Adair turned and left the room. Just before the door closed, Lunarstar saw two soldier at her door. She didn't think much about it at the time, she was to upset. She walked to the bed and laid on it, stretching out and burring her face in the pillow. As she cried she thought about Stardust, when she talked to him about her friends and when he first showed her the berries.
She laid in bed sobbing and wondering what she was going to do now.