Chapter 108: The Feeling of Being Watched

Lunarstar laid sound asleep, dreaming when Stardust shook her a few times with his hoof, "Get up."
"Mmmm," Lunarstar muttered.
"Get up."
Lunarstar slowly opened her eyes and yawned, then she stood up and stretched her front legs, then her back legs as she rapidly flapped her wings.
When she was done she stood up and was about to follow Stardust when she saw something run in the shadows. Stardust turned around when he noticed she wasn't following him, "What?"
"I thought I saw something."
Stardust looked in the shadows, he to noticed something running in the Shadows. A tall dark figure ran behind trees and came to a slow stop in the sunlight.
Stardust chuckled, "It was just a deer."
Lunarstar continued to look around, she wasn't sure if it was the deer she had seen or not.
"There's nothing there but a deer," Stardust assured her.
"I guess so," Lunarstar replied, she was still not convinced.
She followed Stardust through the forest as she continued to look around. The wind rustled the leaves as the sunlight danced around. Lunarstar jerked her head at a sudden noise.
She stopped and looked, Stardust stopped and looked. A squirrel ran across the grass and up a tree.
"It's just a squirrel," Stardust exclaimed as he continued.
They walked for quite a bit till Lunarstar started to feel hungry, her stomach began to make noises, "Berries are nice but I wish there was something else to eat."
Stardust smiled, he agreed with her.
Ahead of them were a couple of berry bushes. Lunarstar ran to the bushes and started picking berries.
Suddenly a flock of bird flew out of the bushes scaring Lunarstar to death. She screamed and fell to the ground covering her face as the birds flew pass her. Stardust rushed to Lunarstar after the birds had flown away.
"You ok?" Stardust asked.
Lunarstar looked up at him and knotted her head.
"I guess even birds like berries," Stardust turned to the other bush and began picking berries.
Lunarstar stood up and continued picking berries. As she eat them by hoof fulls she caught something at the corner of her eye. She stopped and looked but all she saw her shadows dancing on the ground and tree trunks.
"What is wrong with me?" Lunarstar thought, "Stardust is right there's nothing there."
When they were done, she followed Stardust through a path between some bushes.
"Where are we?" Lunarstar asked.
"I'm not sure. I do know we are close to a Kingdom, I not sure which one though," Stardust answered.
"Kingdom?" Lunarstar asked looking around for a castle or town.
"We will not be going near any Kingdom if I can help it. it'll be safer to avoid them."
Lunarstar sighed.
Stardust glanced back at her, "What?"
"I'm tired of seeing trees everywhere," Lunarstar replied, "it'll be nice to see a building or ponies."
Stardust smiled and continued walking.
Lunarstar walked behind him looking around. Suddenly she heard a rustling noise on the ground. She stopped and looked when a par of Rabbits ran out of the bushes scarring Lunarstar to death. She yelled and jumped back, falling to the ground.
Stardust swirled around but sighed when he saw two rabbits playing chase.
"Lunarstar, relax. You'll been jumpy since you woke up," Stardust exclaimed.
"I can't help it, I keep thinking someone is fallowing us. I thought I saw someone this morning," Lunarstar replied.
Stardust looked around the forest but saw nothing, "Are you sure?"
"I don't know. Every time I think I see them it turns out to be a shadow or an animal."
Stardust didn't say anything, he turned and continued walking with Lunarstar behind him.
They walked for quite a while neither one saying a word which was how Stardust wanted it at the moment. He listened quietly for noises but all he heard were birds and animal running nearby. They walked down a slight hill to a stream. Stardust stopped and began drinking the water. Lunarstar stood next to him drinking.
Sunlight shined brightly on the water as they drank the cool refreshing water. As Stardust was about to finish, he noticed a reflection in the water. Four figures standing in the shadows behind him. At first he though it was the Apetons but then he noticed they had no tail.
Lunarstar heard a noise, she swirled around and looked but saw nothing. Stardust looked at the hill but didn't see the four figures.
"Lets go," Stardust whispered.
Lunarstar looked at him wondering why he was whispering. Stardust crossed the stream and walked into the forest with Lunarstar beside him.
"What?" Lunarstar asked knowing something was bothering him.
"I think your right, but don't look around. Stay close and be careful," Stardust whispered.
Lunarstar felt a little scared, how did he know? did he see someone? Who or what was following them?
As they walked, They heard noises but this time who ever it was, wanted them to hear it. Stardust stopped with Lunarstar beside him.
Suddenly something flew through the air hitting Stardust on her rear then another one hit Lunarstar on the rear.
Stardust looked and saw a feathered white dart sticking out of him. Lunarstar had the same.
" it?" Lunarstar asked feeling tired.
"Sleeping Dart...from...the," Stardust dropped to the ground, "Elves." Stardust closed his eyes and slept.
Lunarstar dropped to the ground sleeping next to him.

Stardust head voices but still half asleep and to tired to open his eyes, he felt like he was trying to wake up from a deep sleep. He didn't know how long he was out or where he was. He laid still listening to the voices.
"Got him in the cell just in time, he should wake up anytime," said the first voice.
"What about the other one?" the second voice asked.
"She is in a room. She still hasn't woken up yet," The first voice replied.
"Why not put her in the cell with him?" the second voice asked.
"We're told to put her in the room not in a cell besides The King hopes to please King Star Cluster by taking care of her. Now don't ask anymore stupid questions. Watch him closely, they say he's very strong."
"The bars should hold him, they're made of the strongest steal ever found in this kingdom," the Second voice replied.
Stardust laid on the straw hard floor resting and gathering his strength.
"Lunarstar...Star Cluster will not have her!" Stardust thought angrily.