Chapter 106: Feeling Alone

The Sun shinned brightly in the sky through the drifting clouds. The wind blew, rustling the leaves.
Stardust walked in the shady forest with Lunarstar quietly walking by his side. The sunlight bounced around on their coats and on to the grass. Trees thickend the forests with bushes all around and rock deep in the ground. Logs and old fallen limbs laid on the ground.
Stardust looked down at Lunarstar, she had been quiet most of the morning.
"Are you ok?" Stardust asked, knowing she wasn't. He knew something was bothing her.
"Just thinking," Lunarstar answered.
"Oh?" Stardust asked trying to sound interested, "Thinking about what?"
"What I did yesterday, in the forest."
"Oh, the Apeton Kingdom."
"Yes, I..." Lunarstar paused, Stardust stopped walking and looked at her, "I...uh, really did that?"
Stardust looked at her in surprise, "Don't you remember doing it?"
"Well, yes...but, I didn't think about it at the time."
Stardust looked at her, he was confused and not sure what she was getting at.
Lunarstar looked up at him, "I don't know how I did it."
"You don't?" Stardust asked sounding quite surprised. He looked around for something heavey like a rock or something close to it. Not far from him in the sunlight was a big log.
"Try lifting that log," Stardust suggested pointed to the long log that was almost as big as Lunarstar.
Lunarstar looked, "That's to big,"
Her horn began to glow as she concintrated on the log. She stood for a few minutes trying to lift it but all she did was shake it.
Lunarstar stopped and the light from her horn dimmed, "I just can't"
"I've seen you tear King Furlong's Kindom apart, lifting that log should be easy."
Lunarstar sighed, "I just can't. I...Idon't know how I did it!"
Stardust stood and stared at her. How can she possibly not know how to move heave object when he had seen her do it in the Sky wood Forest. He knew it was a waste of time trying to get her to lift that log or explain how she did it when she didn't know herself.
"Well, lets get going. I'm sure you'll figure it out one of these days," Stardust turned and continued walking with her by his side.

At Moonlight Castle, the soldiers potrold the wall with Charades as Captain till Banner comes back. The birds flew among the trees in front of the castle, a few of them were at the water fountain taking baths.
Charades had just left the castle when he noticed a few soldiers talking to someone over the wall. He hurried to the gates just as it opend. A soldier on the wall called down to him, "She requested to see King Sea Mist!"
Charades looked and saw a dark read pony with Green,pink and white hair.
"Follow me," Charades said to the pony.
He took her to the castle, down a hallway to the soldiers at the door.
"She's here to see the King," Charades said to the soldiers.
The Soldiers knotted their heads letting Charades and the pony in the throne room.
Charades stood at the door in the throne room while the pony walked up to the King and Queen who sat on their thrones.
The pony bowed her head, "Your Magisty. My name is Candy Apple, I have come from Woodlock with news I think you'll want to hear."
The King and Queen looked at each other wondering what kind of news would bring an earth pony to climb a mountain.
"Tell me what news you have brought me," King Sea Mist replied.
"Rumor has it that Stardust took off with the Princess. They say that King Star Cluster is looking for Stardust and the Princess. Every Kingdom is out looking for them," Candy Apple answered.
"Oh my," Queen Snowfall muttered.
"Charades!" King Sea Mist called.
Charades left the door and walked up to the King and Queen standing next to Candy Apple.
"Any word on Banner?" King Sea Mist asked.
"Not since the soldier came back a few days ago. He said Skyview and Starfire were looking for Stardust."
"I remember you telling me that. I wonder what Stardust is up to?" King Sea Mist wondered out loud.
"Maybe," Queen Snowfall paused, "He really wants to save the Princess?"
"Stardust?" King Sea Mist asked, "I doubt it. For years him and his brothers have been doing King Star Cluster's biddings. No, I think this is one of King Star Cluster's plans...maybe to get Banner and the soldiers."
Queen Snowfall looked at him worriedly, "I hope they'll be ok out there chasing Skyview and Starfire."
King Sea Mist didn't reply, he looked at Candy Apple, "Thank you for bringing this news to me. You've come along way to give me this news, let me give you some food to take in return."
"Thank you king Sea Mist. You are to kind," Canndy Apple replied.
"Charades, go tell one of the servent to bring a bag of food" King Sea Mist ordered.
Charades bowed and then left. It seemed like an hour had past since Candly Apple waited in the throne room.
Suddenly Charades walked in with a servent carrying a white bag around her neck. She handed it to Candy Apple who put it around her neck.
"Thank you so much your Magisty," Candy Apple exclaimed happily.
Charades took her out of the throne room and outside to the gates. He stood there with Candy Apple as the soldiers opened the gates.
When the Gates opened, Candy Apple walked through with the Soldiers watching her. Buster walked up to Charades as the Gates began to close.
"I heard she was bringing an importaint news to King Sea Mist," Buster commented.
"Yes. It turns out Star Cluster is looking for Stardust and Lunarstar."
"Both of them?" Buster asked.
"Yes. Every Kingdom will be looking for them. King Sea Mist thinks this is part of Star Cluster's plan to catch Banner and the Soldiers."
"But Skyview and Starfire at looking for him, Buster remarked, "To bad we can't go out and warn Banner."
"We can't go anywhere. We have to stay here besides we don't know where Banner is," Charades turned and walked up the stairs leading to the top of the wall.

The sun was setting and Stardust found a tiny clearing in the forest for him and Lunarstar to sleep. Stardust laid in the grass curled in a ball while Lunarstar laid across from him curled in a ball. Her tail covered her face and her wing laid flat on her sides to keep her warm. Her hair laid across her body like a blanket.
it wasn't long till they both fell asleep.
The sun had dissapeared and the cressent moon shined brightly but the Stars shined brighter. The Clouds skattered across the sky almost hard to see as they drifted far from the moon.
Stardust woke up from his sleep after hearing sobbing noises. He knew Lunarstar was crying again and felt bad that he had made her so sad.
he opened his eyes and saw Lunarstar with her back turned to him, her wing spead across her face. She sobbed quietly in the night not realizing she had woken up Stardust.
"What's the mater?" Stardust whispered, to tired to raise his voice.
Lunarstar jerked her head up at the sudden voice of Stardust whispering. Tears continued to trickle down her cheek.
"Nothing," Lunarstar said in a sheepish voice.
"That doesn't sound like nothing. I heard you last night too. Tell me what's the mater," Stardust remarked talking louder.
Lunarstar turned over facing Stardust, he could see she had been crying for a while.
"I...uh..." Lunarstar began to cry, tears flooded her cheeks, "I had a dream of my parents. Stardust, I miss them so much."
Stardust sighed sadly, "I'm sorry, I really am."
Lunarstar buried her face in her tail completly covering her face.
"I promise you, I'll take you back to your parents," Stardust said.
Lunarstar looked up at him, "Really?"
"Yes. I promise and I never go back on my promises. Right now isn't a good time, we are being chase by my brothers and who knows who else. Lunarstar, beleive me I will take you back through the gate."
Lunarstar sniffed her tears which had stopped flowing.
"When?" Lunarstar asked.
"I don't know," Stardust answered, "I don't know what to do at the moment or where we're going. Give me time to think about it."
Lunarstar forced a smile.
"Lets get some sleep," Stardust suggested. He laid facing her and watched her as she fell asleep.
"She's such a lively pony," Stardust thought, "She's such a sweet pony, one can't help but like her." Stardust didn't understand why he cared weather she was sad or quiet. He couldn't figure out what made her special or why would Star Cluster wanted her. Was it becasue of what she did to the Sky Wood Forest? The more he thought about it the more he was convence to find the answers to his questions even if it ment turning agaient his two brothers.