Chapter 105: Grand Escape

Lunarstar scurried across the bridge to the tree. She ran up the tree and onto a roof of one of the huts, the one with two soldiers at the door. She scurried to the door and into the hut walking on the ceiling. Inside were rows of spears and on the wall hung knives. She ran to the knives and tried to pick it up but it was too heavy for her. Suddenly a monkey walked in and looked at the spears. Lunarstar had an idea, she hid behind the row of spears and changed herself into a monkey. She stood up and grabbed a knife on the wall then walked out unnoticed by the guards. She walked across the bridges till she came to the hut that Stardust was in.
"Where do you think your going?" one of the soldiers asked pointing his spear at her.
"Around to the other hut of course?" Lunarstar answered.
"Oh, ok then," The soldiers retrieved his spear and held it in one hand. Lunarstar walked by the door taking a glance inside.
Stardust still hung from the ceiling with his head resting on the net below him. Lunarstar walked around the hut to the side out of sight from the soldiers. She looked around to see if anyone was looking, they were to far to see her. She changed into a squirrel then shoved the knife through the hut wall, then she made a small hole to craw through. Once she was inside she turned into a monkey and picked up the knife. Stardust opened his eyes and looked at her not sure if it was Lunarstar or another monkey.
She walked over to the poll and climbed it, then she went to the rope that held Stardust's feet. She held the rope in one hand and cut it with the other hand. Then she crawled to the other rope and cut it freeing his back feet. Stardust fell in the net, he pointed to where he wanted her to cute, she crawled over to the net and began cutting the net making a large hole.
Stardust slid out of the net backwards, he stood on his feet and stretched. It felt good to stand, his legs had rope burns from hanging so long.
Lunarstar climbed down the net and onto the floor, then she turned back into a winged unicorn.
"We have to get out of here but those soldiers are in the way," he whispered in her ear.
Lunarstar smiled, she knew how to get out. Stardust stared at her wondering why she was smiling. Then he was her horn glow, she reached over and touch him on the shoulder, suddenly they were gone.
The two soldier looked in the hut after they kept hearing whisperings. To their surprised Lunarstar was gone and Stardust ropes and net was cut. They ran out of the hut and across the bridge towards the castle.

Lunarstar winked Stardust and herself to the ground.
"I didn't know you could do that," Stardust exclaimed.
Lunarstar didn't know how to reply, she just smiled instead.
"We better not stand here to long. I'm sure they must had noticed we're missing," Stardust exclaimed.
They ran through the forest, not caring which why to go as long as they were out of Sky Wood Forest. Lunarstar ran as fast as she could trying to catch up with Stardust.
The sun was setting and the forest got darker. It was getting hard for them to see where they were going.
Lunarstar tripped over a tree root.
Stardust stopped and turned towards Lunarstar, she looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "I'm so tired."
He knew she couldn't last much longer as tired as he looked and the forest was getting darker by the minute.
"Ok, we'll sleep here but lets find a place to hide first," Stardust turned and walked searching for anything that could hide him and Lunarstar. On the left was a large bush, it looked big enough for them to sleep under it.
He walked over to the bush with Lunarstar behind him, he crawled under the bush and laid far from the entrance. Lunarstar crawling under the bush and laid not to far from Stardust.
Lunarstar yawned and laid her head down as she fell asleep. Stardust laid on his side and fell fast asleep.

During the night Stardust was woken up by Lunarstar's sobbing. She did her best to be quiet, she hid her face from Stardust and buried her face between her legs.
Stardust looked at her but couldn't see her face.
"I wonder if she's been crying every night?" Stardust thought. He knew she was still crying about missing her family and friends.
Stardust covered his head with his hoof trying to get some sleep and letting her cry.

The next morning the sun had rose, giving light to the forest. Stardust reached over to Lunarstar and shook her with his hoof.
Lunarstar opened her eyes and yawned.
"Lets hurry out of these forest," Stardust whispered.
He crawled out from under the bush with Lunarstar behind her. He was in such a hurry to leave that he didn't even stretch nor did he give Lunarstar time to stretch either.
"Come," Stardust whispered.
He and Lunarstar ran as fast as they could through the forest. The sun light bounce around near the top of the tees leaving the forest floor nothing but shadows.
As they ran a net fell from the trees catching Stardust and Lunarstar.
Stardust reared but also watching his back this time. Lunarstar struggled in the net.
Suddenly another net fell on them just as Stardust tore a hole in the first one. Then the Apetons dropped from the trees and landed around the net.
Lunarstar looked at them, she didn't want to get could again. King Furlong walked up behind him and around the front to face Stardust.
"So you thought you could get away did you?" King Furlong asked as he laughed, "You have managed to come to the center of our Kingdom."
Stardust looked up, he could barley make out what on the top of the trees.
King furlong smiled, "Get them!"
The monkeys ran at them, Stardust kicked and reared wildly. Lunarstar did the same but it didn't seem to work for her. The monkeys covered her and soon knocked her to the ground.
"Stardust!" Lunarstar cried.
Stardust was so busy throwing monkeys off of him that he hadn't noticed the monkeys on Lunarstar. Stardust struggled over to Lunarstar and managed to throw the monkeys off of her.
Suddenly the monkeys scattered as another net dropped on him. Then more monkeys attacked Stardust.
"Don't hurt the white one. She will be my pet!" King Furlong yelled.
The monkeys attacked her but didn't hurt her.
"No," Lunarstar cried, "I will not be your pet!"
"You will be my pet and there's nothing you can do about it!" Kind furlong replied as he laughed.
Lunarstar glared at him, she hated the Apetons, their trees and their huts, she deeply wanted to blow them all away but her unicorn powers were no strong enough for that.
"No!" Lunarstar yelled as she stood up. Stardust stopped and looked at Lunarstar thinking she was scared but to his surprise she wasn't scared, she was mad.
"No! I will not. I'm no one's pet!" Lunarstar yelled.
"I will keep you weather King Star Cluster wants you or not," King Furlong exclaimed angrily.
Lunarstar stared hard at him, "NO!"
For a second Stardust saw her eyes turn green and then changed back to normal.
"So Starfire was right, her eyes did turn green," Stardust thought gasping at what happened next.
Suddenly Lunarstar horn began to glow and the Monkeys flew away out of their sight. King Furlong was also gone but his crown was embedded in the trunk of a tree. The net on them broke to pieces and flew away. Lunarstar's hair blew slightly only Stardust felt nothing not even the wind.
The huts in the trees blew off and the trees bent back, some broke or became uprooted.
The leaves on the trees blew away and the trees became bare. By the time Lunarstar was done it looked like a clearing. The Monkeys were gone, trees and the huts that sat in them were gone even the King's Castle was completely destroys.
Lunarstar cried loudly and ran off. Stardust stood for a few minutes shocker at what happened. How can a Unicorn be so powerful?
He bolted into a run chasing after Lunarstar. She ran and ran till her legs hurt. Eventually she found her way out of the forest and into a meadow. Her legs gave out and she fell to the ground.
Stardust ran into the meadow and found her on the ground among the tall grass crying.
"It's ok now," Stardust said, "They're gone."
Lunarstar looked up at him, "That king..."
"He certainly was mean," Stardust smiled at the thought of seeing his crown in the tree, "you certainly took care of him too. Their houses are gone and most of the trees in the area are no longer standing. It'll be along time till they can rebuild their kingdom," Stardust laughed, "I don't think King Furlong will be picking on little ponies either."
Lunarstar couldn't help but laugh too.
"Cheer up, Lunarstar. let's get going," Stardust smiled.
Lunarstar stood up and followed him into the forest with normal size trees.
Stardust looked at her and thought, "Maybe there is something special about her but those eyes, that's not normal for a pony. They looked more like Green Cat's eyes.
Stardust knew there was something strange about Lunarstar and he was determined to find out what it was.