Chapter 104: Captured by the Apetons

Lunarstar has spent a few days talking to Stardust about the other world as she walked beside him through the forest. The trees were taller than normal, they were so tall she couldn't see the top of the trees. The tree trunks were largely round and the bushes even looked bigger.
"Where are we?" Lunarstar asked, "I never seen trees so tall."
"What?" Lunarstar asked looking around, "Where..."
"I think we wondered in Sky wood forest," Stardust stopped walking as he looked around.
Lunarstar was getting nervous, he looked alerted about something. Lunarstar looked around but saw nothing, "What?"
"Shhhh, Stardust whispered, "Do you hear anything?"
Lunarstar listened but heard nothing, "No."
"The birds are gone, in fact most of the animals are gone," Stardust took a few steps back, "We need to get out of here and quickly."
Stardust turned and started running with Lunarstar behind him.
Suddenly a spear flew from the trees and stuck the ground in front of Stardust. Lunarstar and Stardust made a sudden stop. Suddenly a net dropped on them catching them by surprise. Stardust reared trying to brake the nets. Suddenly something came up behind Stardust while he was distracted with the nets, A medium size brown and black money hit Stardust on the head with a thick branch. It instantly knocked out Stardust, he dropped to the ground and the last thing he heard was Lunarstar crying his name.
Suddenly monkeys dropped to the ground and threw more nets over Lunarstar and Stardust.
The nets were so heavy, Lunarstar couldn't stand, she dropped to the ground and laid there scared to death as the moneky came closer to her. They all looked the same, they were brown with black hands, feet and long curly tail. Some wore a vest others had nothing. They carried knives and belt bags around their waste.
A monkey larger than the others smiled at her. Suddenly something hit her on the head knocking her out.

Lunarstar woke up hanging from a net in a round room made of straw and sticks. She looked over to her right and saw Stardust just waking up.
He slowly opened his eyes and found himself hanging from the ceiling in a net. His feet were tired to a rope hanging from the ceiling.
Stardust looked around hoping Lunarstar was ok, he looked to his right and found Lunarstar sitting in a net looking at him with scared looking eyes.
"You ok?" Stardust asked.
"Yes," Lunarstar replied, "What are those things?"
"Those I was hoping we wouldn't see, their called Apetons. A mean group of Monkeys that live in the tallest of the trees," Stardust answered.
"You mean, we're at the top of one of these tall trees?" Lunarstar asked surprisingly.
"Yes but you shouldn't be so scared, you can fly. I'm the one who should be worried," Stardust replied.
"Well, Well," said a voice, "you two are a wake."
Stardust looked at the door only he had to look upside down. At the door stood a rather large monkey with a plain gold crown on his head, he was hairier than the other monkeys and had a little bit of white fur around his face. He walked in the room heading towards Lunarstar.
Lunarstar kicked her feet wanting to scoot herself back but couldn't. Her heart raced she was so scared, she stared at him not daring to look away.
He reached in the net with his fingers touching her hoof.
"Stop it!" yelled Stardust, "Who are you and what do you want with us?"
"I'm King Furlong. Word has it that King Star Cluster is looking for you two," He smiled greatly, "I have sent a message to your brothers, they'll be here in a few days," he walked over to Lunarstar again and staring closely at her, "I never seen a winged unicorn. I thought she was just a story some stupid creature made up...but, she is a pretty little pony," he reach up to touch her again but out of fear Lunarstar struggled in the net and kicked. Without realizing it she kicked him in the face.
King Furlong jumped back and covered his face for a few minutes, then he looked up at Lunarstar angrily. He walked over to her again, grabbed her net and turned it wildly.
He walked back to the door laughing as Lunarstar spined.
"She didn't mean to hit you. You scared her!" Stardust yelled.
"That's what she gets for kicking me," he walked out the door and said to the two monkeys, "Stand guard at the door, let no one in without my permission."
The two monkeys bowed their heads and stood and the doors with spears in their hands.

Lunarstar spined to a slow stop, Stardust could see she looked sick and dizzy. She rested her head between her front legs with her horn sticking through the holes of the net.
"You ok?" Stardust asked.
"No," Lunarstar whispered still feeling sick from the spin.
Stardust sighed, "I'm sorry. I should had realized this the minute we walked in Sky wood forest."
Lunarstar didn't response, she laid in the net for a few hours trying to feel better.
"You feeling ok?" Stardust asked noticing Lunarstar hadn't moved a muscle in a while.
"Yes, just a little bit."
"I was thinking, can you change more than just your hair?" Stardust asked in a whispering voice.
Lunarstar looked up at him, she realized what he was asking, "now why didn't I think of that. Sure I can."
"Good," Stardust whispered, "Get over here and I'll explain my plan to you."
Lunarstar's horn began to change and then a glow covered her body as she shrunk turning into a squirrel. She was gray all over with light gray underneath.
Stardust stared at her, he was amazed and surprised, it was like the time he'd seen her changed back in the warehouse.
Lunarstar climbed out of the net and up to the ceiling then across the wooden beam and down Stardust's net.
"Now, Go get a knife and cute me loose," Stardust whispered in the squirrel's ears.
Lunarstar knotted and climbed up the net, across the ceiling and to the door. She climbed outside and up to the roof which was round. She stood on her hind legs looking around.
There were round huts much like the one she was standing on. 9 huts to a tree, three on top of each other with a rope bridge stretching to each tree. The farthest tree from her had a very large hut but was build into the tree.
"That must be the Kings castle or something like that," Lunarstar thought.
She could see monkeys walking around on the bridges and around huts. Most carried a knife but she wouldn't be able to get it from them. She noticed a tree net to the castle that monkeys walking in and out with a weapon of some kind. She left the roof and scurried along the bridge to each tree till she came to the tree with the weapons. She stopped suddenly, there were two soldiers guarding the door. One of them noticed her and chased her away with his spear. Lunarstar ran up the tree.
"Looks like I'll have to find another way in," Lunarstar thought.
She looked at the castle and wondered if the King was there.
"Maybe I can spy on him and see if there's anything I can learn that would be of help to us?" Lunarstar thought.
She ran down the tree and across the long bridge. She scurried up the large tree and looked in every window till she found King Furlong.
He saw on a white wooden thrown with jewels on it. The room wasn't very large, it was made of light wood and had a window on each side. Soldiers stood in the room at the door.
A soldier bows his head and stood on one knee in front of the King.
"King Furlong, I have posted a soldier around the forest just as you have ordered," The soldier said.
"Good. I want to know the minute they walk in this forest," King Furlong replied.
"Is it true that she's the Princess and she's a Flying Unicorn?" The soldier asked.
"Yes, believe it or not she really is a winged unicorn. I have seen her for myself," King furlong paused, "I want to ask King Star Cluster if I can have her. She'll be my pet," he rubbed his face with his hand, "She'll pay for hitting me."
Lunarstar gasped, that wasn't was she wanted to learn. She ran down the tree leaving the king as he continued to talk.
"No, I'm not going to be someone's pet," Lunarstar thought as she scurried across the bridge.