Chapter 102: Feeling Hungery and thirsty

The sun was shining brightly in the sky, the wind blew through the forest rustling the leaves in the trees.
Lunarstar followed Stardust from behind, her head hung low feeling sad and a bit scared. The breeze blew on her wings and down her feathers through her coat. She ignored her surroundings as she walked, her mind was to full of thoughts to care where she was walking. She thought about Dream Castle and how pretty it was. She was so close to it and knew how close she was to Star Cluster. She was curious as to what he looked like but as the same time she didn't want to ever see him. She kept wondering what Banner was doing, did he know she wasn't in the other world?
A tear fell down her cheek as she thought about her parents, they must be so worried. She new they had to be because she never came home last night. She wondered about Buster and Charades and what they were doing.

Stardust hadn't said anything to Lunarstar since they left the hill top. He turned his head around and saw how sad she looked. He wanted to say something but he wasn't sure what to say.
Stardust stopped and looked at her. Lunarstar noticed he had stopped, she looked up at his blue eyes which stared at her. She realized his eyes weren't cold like they had been when she saw him but now they looked kind and a little sad.
"Are you hungry?" Stardust asked.
Lunarstar was so worried and lost in her thoughts that she didn't realized she was hungry. She could feel her stomach turning in knots, "Yes."
Stardust smiled which caught Lunarstar's attention, she had never seen his kind smile.
"Good. I hope you like berries because that's all we're going to eat for awhile," Stardust turned and continued walking through the forest.
"Berries?" Lunarstar asked sounding rather disappointed that there wasn't going to be more to eat.
"Yes, Berries. When me and my...brothers went on long travels we often eat berries."
Lunarstar looked around the forest, "Are...they here with us?"
"No," Stardust answered, "They past us yesterday going in the wrong direction. It'll take them a while to figure that out in the meantime we will be far ahead of them."
"They're chasing us?" Lunarstar asked sounding surprised.
Lunarstar was surprised that he had turned against his brothers and yet she wondered if this was all a trick.
"Is it because you didn't take me to Dream Castle?" Lunarstar asked.
"Yes," Stardust replied.
"But I don't understand why. You spent all this time trying to catch me and now your not going to take me to the castle. Why?"
"It was my intention to take you to Dream Castle but," Stardust paused, "I didn't...Please don't ask again. I can't give you answers that I don't have."

They continued to walk a while in silence, neither one said a word till Stardust spotted a bush full of berries.
"There's some berries," Stardust announce. He walked over to the bush and began picking a few. He noticed Lunarstar just stared at it.
"Come on, eat. You'll be really hungry if you don't," Stardust said as he eat the berries.
Lunarstar picked a berry and eat it. The berry wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She picked a few more and eat it, before long she found her self picking berries, one after another.
Stardust smiled as he watch her eat as many berries as she could.
"Slow down, the berries isn't going anywhere," Stardust laughed.
Lunarstar stopped and looked at him, it was the second time she had seen him laugh.
"Well as soon as your done we can leave," Stardust commented.
Lunarstar began picking more berries it wasn't long till she was full. She stood back from the bush and looked at Stardust.
"Lets go," Stardust turned and began walking. Watching her eat and getting carried away with berries made him realize traveling with her won't be as bad or boring as he thought it would be.

They walked in the forest for a while, Lunarstar was quiet, Stardust figured she was thinking about the other world.
Stardust thought about his brothers and where they were and wondered what Star Cluster said about him taking the Princess,if Skyview and Starfire reported him to Star Cluster.
"I'm thirsty," Lunarstar muttered interrupting his thoughts.
"Well there must be a lake or river or waterfall nearby," Stardust replied.
They continued walking till he heard a faint sound. He followed the sound through the forest to a clearing. There in front of them stood a small waterfall with a medium size lake. Lunarstar ran to the lake and wasted no time drinking. Stardust walked to the lake and began drinking. When he was done he laid down behind a tree shaded from the sun as he watched Lunarstar.
"I guess those berries made her really thirsty," Stardust thought.

When Lunarstar was done she walked into the lake getting the tip of her mane and tail wet.
Stardust watched curiously, "What are you doing?"
Lunarstar stopped and looked at Stardust, "Going for a swim. I'm dirty." She continued into the lake towards the deepest part.
"Your not that dirty," Stardust muttered to himself. He remembered the time he was stuck in the mine shaft with her, she was so dirt you could hardly tell she was white.
Lunarstar swam around the lake, her wings spread out floating on the water, her long hair floated on the water, waving in the ripples.

As Stardust laid on the grass watching her, an image flashed before his eyes. Stardust rubbed his eyes from the flash, he couldn't see what the image was or why he kept seeing them.
After a few minutes he looked up at Lunarstar and continued watching her.

Lunarstar swam around, the cool water felt good to her legs, She ducked her head under the water to wash her head clean. Suddenly, she felt something rub on her nose. She opened her eyes and gasped almost drowning in the process. In front of her face was a pony extremely close. Lunarstar surfaced quickly splashing the water wildly. She was scared to death, she hadn't dreamed of seeing someone under the water. She yelled as she swam to land and then running out of the water. Her feet was wet and so was her coat, she felt heavy with water as she tried to run. Suddenly her foot slipped on the grass and she fell getting herself dirty again.
Four ponies surfaced the water and looked at her. They had large shell like fines and long curly tails.
"We are so sorry to frighten you like that," The first sea pony quickly said, she was pink with green and purple.
Lunarstar breathed heavily trying to catch her breath and gasping at the four ponies.
"We didn't mean to," The second sea pony said, she was white with pink, yellow and orange hair.
The third orange sea pony gasped as she stared at Lunarstar's horn and soaked wings, "You're a...winged unicorn!"
"You must be the Princess, Royal heart's daughter," The fourth sea pony exclaimed, she was yellow with purple and yellow hair.
Lunarstar suddenly heard laughter, she turned her head and saw Stardust sitting up laughing. The sea ponies swam farther back from land, each of them stared at him in fear.
Stardust stood up walked up to Lunarstar, still laughing, "Don't you know what those are? Those are Sea ponies," Stardust walked towards the lake watching the four sea ponies hide in the water from his sight, "They live only in water and are quite harmless. So there's nothing to be scared of," Stardust turned and began laughing, "Don't be to long, we have a lot of walking to do before sun set."
"Where did they go?" Lunarstar asked as she looked at the lake.
"Hiding from me," he laid back down and in the sun rear the lake.
Lunarstar stood up and cautiously walked into the lake again. She swam around cleaning herself again. Suddenly a pink sea pony surfaced her head, "is he taking you to Dream Castle?"
"No he's not," Lunarstar replied still swimming around. The other three sea ponies surfaced.
"Why?" The white sea pony asked.
"I don't know," Lunarstar replied.
"Be careful, Princess," The yellow pony said, "Out of the three Black ponies, he's the one who can't be trusted."
Lunarstar swam around the lake thinking about what the sea ponies had told her.
Stardust walked up to the edge of the lake, the sea ponies swam away from him still to scared to be near him.
"You should be clean by now," Stardust remarked.
Lunarstar got out of the lake and shook her coat till she felt damp then she rung the water out of her mane and tail.
"I'm ready now," Lunarstar said.
Stardust walked into the forest with Lunarstar behind him. She glanced back at the four sea ponies, were they right about not trusting him?