Chapter 101: Early Sun Rise

The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky.
Skyview and Starfire, walked through town and up a hill towards the forest. They walked quite awhile till they found the spot they had lost sight of Stardust.
"Well he was heading in that direction," Skyview pointed.
"Hopefully he didn't change directions," Starfire replied.
As they walked they were troubled by what had happened at the castle.
They looked at each other, knowing what the other was thinking.
"I knew he had a staff but I didn't know it came from the Key around his neck," Starfire commented braking the silence.
"I didn't either and to be honest, I don't think I want to know what he was going to do to us if we didn't leave right away," Skyview replied.
They shook the thought out of their heads and continued walking through the forest searching for Stardust.

Stardust laid in the cave near the entrance trying to keep himself awake so he could sleep through the night. He felt like dozing off to a sleepless dream but shook his head to wake himself up. He looked behind him, farther in the cave laid Lunarstar. She was on her side, feet stretched out and sleeping peacefully. He could hear her breathing softly as she slept. As he looked at her sleeping face he began to feel as if he knew her, it was the same feeling he had in the mine shaft.
Suddenly an image flashed before his eyes, he wasn't sure what he saw, it flashed to fast for him to see it clearly.
"Headaches, nightmares and now this?...Just what is wrong with me?" Stardust asked himself.
Then he felt something, he wasn't sure was it was till he heard hoofs beating the ground. Stardust carefully watched the forest, hoping who ever it was wouldn't notice the cave. Skyview and Starfire ran by talking, non of them seem to notice Stardust.
"Would you shut up for a minute?" Skyview exclaimed annoyingly.
"What for?" Starfire asked, "Who cares if anyone hears us."
"I'm trying to listen."
"Listen? I don't hear anything," Starfire replied.
"You might if you didn't spend your time talking so much," Skyview replied.
The two ran by still arguing. Stardust smiled as he thought about his brothers, "Those two arguing again. Maybe they'll learn to get along without me."

As the sun began to set, the sky turned orange, sunlight bounced among the tree trunks casting shadows throughout the forest.
Lunarstar moved her hoof in the dirt, then she began moving her other hoof. Stardust turned his head and watched her. Lunarstar slowly opened her eyes, her vision was blurry but it only lasted a few minutes. She focused her eyes on something large and black, wondering what it could be. She gasped as her vision became clear. She lifted her head but found it to painful to do so. She grabbed her head with her hoofs, a tear fell down her cheek as she felt the pain.
"Sorry about your head," Stardust whispered noticing her in pain.
Lunarstar looked at him in fear, she hadn't forgotten what he and his brothers had did to her that night.
"You hit your head on some boxes and fell down a mountain which is probably why your head is so painful," Stardust explained.
Lunarstar was still scared she didn't move. She didn't know where she was or where his brothers were or why he was acting a bit nice to her. She didn't trust him and would wink herself out but the pain in her head kept her from using her unicorn magic.
Stardust stared at her, he didn't smile but didn't look mad either. He noticed how scared she was and figured she would be when she woke up.
"I'm not going to hurt you. Don't be afraid," Stardust whispered.
Lunarstar began shaking she was so scared, she couldn't believe how close she was to him.
"Lunarstar, calm down, " Stardust looked at the forest, "The sun is setting. We have a lot of walking to do tomorrow," Stardust turned his head and looked at Lunarstar, "Rest your head on the ground and get some sleep. I promise I won't hurt you."
Lunarstar didn't have much choice, she was cornered against a dirt wall and hurt to bad to escape, she then realized how tired she was. She laid her hoofs out in front of her and carefully set her head on the ground. The pain continued to pound her head, her eyes felt heavy and her body felt relaxed. She watched Stardust as she closed her eyes, falling into a dreamless sleep.
Once he was sure she was asleep, he laid his head on the ground and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Lunarstar woke up only to find Stardust staring at her.
"How's your head?" Stardust asked.
"Fine," Lunarstar hesitated to say.
"Good, lets go," Stardust stood up and left the cave waiting for Lunarstar to follow him. She stood up and carefully left the cave wondering if his brother were hiding nearby.
Stardust knew she did not trust him which was understandable.
"No one is around," Stardust assured her.
Lunarstar stood and looked around, she didn't recognize the forest, " I?"
"Your in Ponyland. Now lets go," Stardust began walking with Lunarstar trailing behind.
She looked around still trying to recognize the forest. She felt scared wondering where his brothers were and where he was taking her. Out of fear she turned and ran, Stardust feared she would do that, he turned and chased after her. Lunarstar glanced back, he was slowly catching up to her as she zig zag through the trees. She ran out of the forest and came to a sudden stop on the hill. Stardust caught up to her and stood next to her who could do nothing but stare at Dream Castle in front of her.
"If you want to go to Dream Castle so badly, there it is, go right ahead and keep going," Stardust remarked.
Lunarstar stared at a tall light pink and white castle with a little bit of gold on it. She had never seen so many windows in her life. Towers stood high above the castle some were attached to the side walls and didn't stick up to high. A town sat in front of the castle some distance away.
"Pretty isn't it? Stardust asked staring at the castle.
"That's Dream Castle?" Lunarstar asked.
"I guess you never saw it before," Stardust turned the opposite direction, "If you don't want to go to Dream Castle then follow me."
Stardust began walking through the clearing heading towards the forest. He glanced back to see If Lunarstar was following him. She stood a few minutes and then turned running after Stardust. She trailed behind still scared to get to close to him.
"Where are we going?" Lunarstar asked.
"Far from Dream Castle, that's all I know," Stardust answered.
"Why?" Lunarstar asked.
"To be honest with you, I really don't know why," Stardust answered.
They walked in the forest as the Castle disappeared from their sight.