Chapter 100: Brother's bad news

Stardust ran in the forest with Lunarstar on his back and his brothers chasing him. The sky was getting lighter by the minute, it was getting easier for him to see in the forest.
Stardust ran pass trees, bushes and rock, jumping over fallen logs and across streams. He couldn't run to fast fearing he could drop Lunarstar so he kept running till his brothers got tired.
Skyview and Starfire ran as fast as they could, trying to catch up with Stardust.
"If it wasn't for the trees I could fly and can easily catch him," Starfire complained.
"I wouldn't be able to catch him, he could easily out run my cloud before I have a chance to make it solid," Skyview replied.
Trees flew pass them, bushes shook as they ran through them. Their feet thundered the ground scaring nearby animals. With every step they took, they found themselves farther and farther behind.
Skyview was the first to feel tired.
"Come on, we're going to loose him," Starfire exclaimed.
"I'm getting tired of running," Skyview replied.
"You should exercise more instead of reading all day long."
"With you around, I can never get any reading done."
After awhile even Starfire began to feeling tired. Skyview's legs was starting to hurt. When they lost sight of Stardust, they stopped and rested. Skyview laid on the grass breathing hard. Starfire sat on the grass trying to catch his breath.
"If...only I," Starfire said in between breaths.
"Even...if you could...he could...still out run you. Stardust never...gets tired of running," Skyivew replied still catching his breath.
The sun began to rise, the sky became lighter. Skyview and Starfire had completely rested and were sitting in the grass.
"What do we do?" Starfire asked, "We can't chase him."
"We don't have a choice but to tell King Star Cluster," Skyview answered.
"I don't like the idea either but I don't see what else we can do."
They stood on their feet and left heading to Dream Castle.
"You know King Star Cluster is going to be furious," Starfire remarked.
"I know. Just let me do all the talking."

Stardust continued to run leaving his brothers far behind. He slowed down and glanced back. When he was sure his brothers wasn't following him, he began to walk. He look at Lunarstar to see if she was alright, she was still unconscious on his back. Then he realized how light the sky was.
"I better find a place to hide for a while," Stardust muttered.
He walked around the forest looking for a place that would hide him and Lunarstar. He looked in holes and between large rocks but there was simply no place to hide. As he walked the Sun was high above him, clouds shadowed the land.
Out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted something behind two trees. Stardust turned to check it out, he walked around the two trees and found a cave on the side of the cliff. He walked in and found the cave had lots of room. He carefully set Lunarstar on the ground, then he laid on the ground by the entrance, keeping watch for anyone that walks by.

Skyview and Starfire walked through the doors at Dream Castle and headed towards the throne room. The two soldiers standing at the throne room doors, stopped them.
"Star Cluster is expecting you," one of the soldiers said.
Skyview and Starfire looked at each other with worried looks.
"Lets get this over with," Skyview commented.
They walked pass the soldiers and into the throne room, walking down the steps covered in a red rug.
Star Cluster passed in front of the throne, he stopped and looked up when he heard their hooves on the floor.
"Where is Stardust?" Star Cluster asked almost yelling. He wasn't happy to see just the two of them entering the room.
"Well, that's what we came to tell you," Skyview hesitated at first, "We were almost here when he just turned and ran. He's been having headaches lately and..."
"Headaches?" Star Cluster asked, he wasn't upset like Skyview had thought he would be instead he was worried. Why would he be worried about Star Cluster?
"For how long?" Star Cluster asked.
"Since we joined him in the other world," Skyview answered.
Star Cluster became silent for a few minutes, "Where is the Princess I told you three to get?"
"Stardust has her," Skyview answered.
Then just as Skyview had expected, Star Cluster got mad.
"What!!?" Star Cluster's voice echoed in the room.
Skyview and Starfire stood not daring to take a step back.
"I want that Princess! You three can't do anything right!" Star Cluster yelled, "Send word to the other kingdoms to be on the look out for Stardust and the Princess, I want them both at my feet," Star Cluster was angry, he began passing again, "Go get Stardust, and do not return without him and the Princess. Do not trust what Stardust may tell you."
Star Cluster stood thinking about how close he was to getting the Princess, the more he thought about it the angrier he got.
Skyview and Starfire realize how angry he was, they slowly began to walk backwards.
Star Cluster's key around his neck turned into a Staff, Floating in front of him. Skyview and Starfire gasped as they turned and ran. Star Cluster grabbed the staff, "Get out imeadiatly !"
Skyview and Starfire ran as fast as they could out of the room and into the hallway. They stood just outside the Throne room looking at each other and breathing hard.
"He was mad," Starfire commented.
"Mad? I say he was more than just mad, he was furious," Skyview replied.
"Lets not get him furious again," Starfire remarked.
"For a while he seemed worried about Stardust headaches," Skyview replied.
"I noticed," Starfire said just as confused as Skyview.
"Well, we better go send some messengers to tell the other kingdoms about Stardust," Skyview left the hallway with Starfire behind him, "Then we have to go out and find Stardust."