Chapter 10: Rumors

Early in the afternoon Lunarstar walked out of the house in her earth pony form, wearing her purple scarf and purple hat. The air was cold and the wind blowing slightly. The sun had disappeared behind the gray and white clouds.
She walked across the park to the Ice Cream shop, when she walked in she only saw a few of her friends. Patch, Bright Eye and Clover were at the counter talking to Starlight who was behind the counter.
"Hi, Lunarstar," Patch exclaimed.
"It's colder than it was the other day," Lunarstar commented.
"I can't wait for it to snow!" said Patch excitedly.
Just then Buster walked in and sat down at a booth next to a window.
"Isn't he the one that works for your father?" Starlight asked.
"Yes he is."
"Let's go say hello," Patch suggested.

Lunarstar led them to Buster who wasn't paying attention, he was deep in his thoughts.
"Hi, Buster."
The voice caught him by surprise, he looked up and saw Lunarstar with her friends.
"Hi, Lunarstar," he looked at the other 3 ponies that was with her, "I recognize your 2 friends but who's your other friend?"
"This is Clover."
Clover smiled, "Hi."
Lunarstar notice Charades wasn't with him which was unusual, she never saw Buster without Charades.
"Where's Charades?"
"Looking around town, I guess. Why don't you girls have a seat?" Buster suggested.
The three girls sat down on the opposite side of Buster. Starlight walked up to him, wearing her pink apron, "Ready to order?"
"Do you have anything hot?"
"Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Hot tea."
"Hot Chocolate sounds good."
"Coming right up." Starlight left and went behind the counter.
"So...Where are you from?" Patch asked, uncertain if she should ask such a question.
"I'm from the Mountains far from here."
Starlight came back with a cup of steaming Hot Chocolate, setting it on the table in front of Buster.
Buster payed Starlight and began drinking his Hot Chocolate, which he discovered it was extremely hot and had to drink it one sip at a time.
Just then Ace walked in and saw the girls sitting at the booth, he didn't see Buster at first until he approached the booth.
"Ace, what's up?" Patch asked.
"I came in looking for Teddy."
"I haven't seen him all day," Patch replied.
Ace looked at Buster and his big hairy feet. Ace had never seen a pony with feet like his.
"Ace, this is Buster. He works for my father," Lunarstar remarked.
"Where are you from?" Ace asked.
"The Mountains."
"Have you traveled through the forest?" Patch asked.
"Yes I have."
"That's obvious, Patch. How else is he going to get here?" said Ace.
"Then have you, by any chance seen the Ghost?" Patch asked.
"Ghost?" Buster asked, it was the first time he heard about the ghost.
"You haven't heard about the ghost?" Starlight asked, surprisingly.
"They say there's a Ghost in Ponyland," said Clover.
"Only a few ponies have seen her. She here and gone so quickly, all you get is a glance," added Patch.
"She's been seen in the park, at abandon buildings and in the forest," added Bright Eyes.
"I've seen her," exclaimed Ace.
"So have I and I think another pony at school as," added Patch.
"That would be Raspberry," said Lunarstar.
"She's real?" Buster asked, taking a sip of his Hot Chocolate
"Yes, she certainly is!," Ace exclaimed.
"What does she look like?"
"She's completely white with long white hair. She has a horn on her head and white wings on her back. She even glows," Ace answered.
Buster was surprised at what Ace had said, A glowing white pony. It had to be the pony they were looking for.
"She was so pretty, too." added Ace.
Lunarstar blushed, she tried not to but the thought of what Ace said made her blush.
"What's wrong?" Starlight asked after noticing Lunarstar Blushing.
"It's..," She had to think of something to say fast, "Well...She must have been very pretty."
"I wish I could have seen her," Clover commented.
"Has anyone ever talked to her?" Buster asked.
"No one that I know of," answered Bright Eyes.
Lunarstar was sitting next to the window looking outside while Buster finished his Hot Chocolate. Lunarstar saw a few ponies walking by carrying shopping bags. Suddenly she spotted Charades who was also walking by from across the street. He looked around and in some of the stores, she guessed he must be looking for Buster.
"I think Charades just walked by."
Buster put his empty cup down, "I better go catch him," Buster stood up, "It was nice talking to you girls." Buster hurried out the shop and walked quickly across the street.
"Charades!" yelled Buster, after he saw him a few stores down. Charades stopped and turned around, waiting til Buster caught up, "Buster, did you find her?"
"No. I got cold and stopped at the ice Cream Shop."
"It's a little cold for ice cream."
"I was having Hot Chocolate."
"Hot Chocolate sounds good."
"Were you looking for me?" Buster asked.
"Yes, I just heard about a ghost from a few ponies in town."
"The white winged Unicorn ghost that is rarely seen?"
Charades was surprised that Buster had heard about it too, "You heard about the Ghost?"
“Just a few minutes ago."
“We’ll search the forest every night until we find her and what ever you do don’t scare her, we have to get her to trust us so we can talk to her.”

Meanwhile Teddy walked in the shop with Lancer behind him and saw Ace standing with the girls, talking.
“I’ve been looking for you,” Teddy Pronounced.
“I’ve been looking for you. Where were you?”
“I stopped at Lancer’s house and then went looking for you.”
“Let’s go play soccer.”
“Let someone else be goalie for a change,” Lancer Suggested as they left the shop.
“It’s a little cold to play, isn’t it?” Lunarstar asked.
“Running around could warm them up,” Bright Eyes replied.
Late in the evening, the sky turned orange and the sun began to set.
“I better go,” the two girls let Lunarstar out of the booth, “See you tomorrow.”
“Bye!” Yelled Starlight.
Lunarstar ran home through the park past the houses until she reached the last house near the forest. She walked in and hung her hat and scar on a hat rack next to the door. She was glad to be inside were it was warm.
“I’m home!” yelled Lunarstar.
“Just in time. Would you help me get dinner ready?” Rose asked from the kitchen.

Later that night after they had dinner, Lunarstar in her winged Unicorn form looked out the window from the couch, it was dark and the stars were shining, the wind continued to blow.
“It looks like it could snow any minute,” Lunarstar commented.
Booster who was Lunarstar’s father, looked out the window, “It sure does.”
“Could I go outside?”
“Are you sure?”
“I want to enjoy exploring the forest before it starts to snow.”
Rosebud walked in the living room after hearing what Lunarstar said.
“I did buy her an extra hat and scar,” Rosebud remarked.
“I guess so but you be careful,” Booster answered.
Lunarstar got up, hugged her parents and disappeared.