Chapter 7: Up in a tree

It was in the afternoon when Amaryllis and Star Cluster sat by the house talking and watching Peaches. Suddenly Amaryllis notices Peaches by the edge of the forest.
"Peaches!" Amaryllis yelled, "I have told you to never go near the forest edge without me!"
"But mommy, there something in there and it's got my ball."
"Peaches, get away, now!" Amaryllis yelled fearing it could be a wild animal.
Peaches stood and stared are the figure, she wanted her ball so bad and yet she could hear her mother yelling angrily at her.
Amaryllis stood up and walked towards her while Star Cluster stayed behind watching. He knew better than to interfere. As Amaryllis walked closer she noticed Peaches backing away looking scared. Suddenly Amaryllis and Star Cluster heard a roar. Peaches screamed and ran into another part of the forest, she didn't see her mother running after her or Star Cluster running right behind her mother. Peaches ran as fast as she could with a brown bear close behind her. She cried as tears poured from her eyes. She had to hide and quick. The only thing she saw was a hole at the base of a large tree. Peaches ran for the hole and squeezed through it just as the bear was ready to swing it's large paw at her. Peaches curled in a ball far from the hole as she could get. She didn't care about the dirt she sat on or the dirt above her coming down in tiny crumbs. She sat there and cried loudly. When she saw a large paw inching it's way into the hole, she screamed.

Amaryllis and Star Cluster arrived to find a large brown bear digging at the whole in the ground. It was clear that the bear was angry.
"Peaches!" Amaryllis screamed fearfully.
"I'll take care of the bear. You get Peaches and head home," Star Cluster told her.
Amaryllis wasn't about to argue or reply. All she wanted was to have Peaches safe. She quickly hid behind some bushes and trees while Star Cluster picked up a few rocks and threw it at the bear. After a few rocks he had gotten the bears attention, it turned and roared angrily at him. Star Cluster turned and ran with the bear close behind him. Once the bear was gone, Amaryllis hurried to the hole and called for Peaches.
"Peaches, come out!" Amaryllis cried worriedly but all she heard was her daughter crying, "It's alright. The bear is gone."
Peaches peaked out the hole and then she saw her mother standing there. Peaches crawled out of the hole and hugged her mother as she cried. Amaryllis picked her up, cradling her in her arms. She quietly walked through the forest till she reached the field. She looked around and didn't see Star Cluster or the bear. She began wondering if he got away. Was he hurt? Had the bear caught him? She couldn't stand the thought of something happening to him. As she hurried to the house she began to feel worried for Star Cluster.
Once she reached the house she hurried inside with Peaches still crying. Amaryllis went to Peach's room and sat her on the pink bed.
"Stay right here, Peaches. Do not leave your room till I get back," Amaryllis told her, then she hurried out of the room and ran outside. She ran to the center of the field yelling his name but she heard nothing. She walked to the place she had seen him last and began following his trail as she called his name. The trail lead to the field but she wasn't sure which way he want after that. She decided to continued going straight calling for his name. She walked across the field and entered the forest again.
"Star Cluster!" she yelled loudly. She was about to call for him again when she faintly heard her name.
"Where are you?" She yelled again. She heard Star Cluster but she couldn't make out what he said. She continued walking as she followed his voice.
"Amaryllis!" Star Cluster yelled.
Amaryllis suddenly stopped, she could clearly hear him but she couldn't see him.
"Where are you?!" Amaryllis asked.
"Here!" Star Cluster replied.
"Where?" Amaryllis asked again as she looked around.
"Just look up!" Star Cluster replied.
Amaryllis turned towards the tree and looked up. She had expected Star Cluster to be a few branches up but when she saw how high he was she gasped shockingly. He was sitting on a branch hugging the tree trunk at the very top.
"How in the world did you get up there?" Amaryllis asked still surprised.
"I jumped," Star Cluster replied.
"From here?" Amaryllis asked.
"I jump from the ground to a branch and then here," Star Cluster replied, "how do I get down?"
"Climb down very carefully!" Amaryllis replied. As she watched him slowly climb his way down she started to worry that he would fall.
Star Cluster slowly made his way to the ground and then dropped from the last branch to the ground.
"It's good to be back on the ground again," Star Cluster commented.
"You...jumped?" Amaryllis asked again, ""
"I...don't know. The bear was chasing me and it was so close. I went to jump on that branch but instead I want half way up. I grabbed the branch and jumped to the top. I honestly didn't know I could jump so high or how I even know I could do it," Star Cluster explained.
Amaryllis looked at him with a confused look, he was clearly not a normal male pony. There was something...special about him. Amaryllis felt a tear drip from her cheek, she was so happy to see he was alright. To Star Cluster's surprise, she suddenly hugged him. Amaryllis didn't want to let go, she had realized she not only liked him but she also loved him. Star Cluster stood on his hind leg and held her in his arms. Amaryllis felt for a second like she was hugging her husband again.
"I was worried," Amaryllis finally said.
"I'm fine. How's Peaches?" Star Cluster asked.
Amaryllis let go and looked at him, "she's fine...scared to death but fine. I don't think she'll be going near the edge of the forest again."
"What made that bear so mad?" Star Cluster asked.
"Peaches was probably to close to it's cubs. bears are very protective of their cubs," Amaryllis answered.
Star Cluster smiled, "Well, lets go home."
Amaryllis smiled and walked beside him as the left the forest heading towards the house.