Chapter 27: Familar Memories

Star Cluster couldn't believe what he heard.
"What?" Star Cluster exclaimed, "Me?"
Mango looked at him curiously, "you are Star Cluster, aren't you?" He looked at Star Cluster's hairy feet, "You have to be. There's no pony around here with feet like yours."
"Have I been here before?" Star Cluster asked curiously.
"Of course. You kidnaped Luna and brought her here," Mango answered.
"I did what?" Stat Cluster asked surprisingly.
"What's wrong with you?" Mango asked, "don't your remember?"
"Actually, I don't remember a lot of things. About a year ago Amaryllis and her daughter found me, back then all I knew was my name. Just recently, I began remembering bits and pieces of my past. We came here for a vacation," Star Cluster exclaimed.
"Oh you have amnesia," Mango muttered. He looked around at the crowd, "Come with me, there's a lot to talk about."
"Amaryllis and her daughter is with me. She's my fiancee," Star Cluster told him.
"Umm, he's not married is he?" Amaryllis quickly asked.
"Oh no. He certainly isn't," Mango answered.
Amaryllis smiled feeling relieved that he wasn't already married.
Star Cluster, Amaryllis and Peaches followed Mango out of town and into the forest. Mango looked back at them, "You'll be staying in Chief Tahoo's village which is about a day away from here."
"We're going on the other side of the island?" Amaryllis asked.
"Not exactly but it's half way," Mango answered.
"Tell me about myself," Star Cluster said, "Your said I kidnaped Luna...why?"
"Fallon wanted her power to escape and thanks to your help he did. Later it turned out Luna is Kesia the guardian dragon who was reborn but it was you and the flaming pearl who defeated Fallon," Mango explained.
They continued walking deeper into the forest passing tall palm trees that covered the sky. The ground had very little grass except for where the patch of sunlight hit the ground.
Amaryllis noticed a sign on every other tree that said, 'no tourist beyond this point.' some said no trespassing.
"Who is fallon?" Star Cluster asked.
"He's also a dragon," Mango answered.
Star Cluster thought about the two dragons he kept remembering. he had a feeling the red dragon was fallon.
"He...was red," Star Cluster muttered.
Mango smiled, "Yes he was."
"Wait a minute. Are you telling me Dragons are real?" Amaryllis asked.
Mango stopped and looked at her, "Yes Dragons are real, they can change their shape to looking like a pony but it's their eyes that they can't hide."
Amaryllis was surprised and didn't know what to say.
"Flaming Pearl," Star Cluster thought, he knew that sound familiar like his own name. Then Suddenly an image flashed before his eyes, he remembered holding a large white ball on fire.
"It was...a very large pearl," Star Cluster muttered.
"Yes, the biggest in the world and a magical one too," Mango replied and began walking.
They walked till they came upon a stone statue.
"This looks like the one in town but smaller," Amaryllis observed.
"This is the real statue, the one in town is a fake for the tourist to look at," Mango explained.
Star Cluster stared at the statue trying to figure out why it looked so familiar.
"Was I at this Statue before?" Star Cluster asked.
"Yes...well, not here but another statue just like this. They're all over the island," Mango replied.
Star Cluster thought hard, he wanted to remember the statue. He knew he had seen it before. Suddenly images flashed before him almost to blinding to see. He covered his face with his hoof but it didn't work.
"Star Cluster," Amaryllis called to him worriedly.
Star Cluster was to busy remembering to hear Amaryllis call him. After a few minutes, he looked up at Mango, "I remember, I was at one of those statues with Luna and...someone else. I...shot them with a...," Star Cluster paused trying to remember what it was that he was holding, "A staff."
"Shot them?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly.
"A beam of light. It wasn't meant to kill them," Star Cluster explained.
Mango smiled, "I have a feeling you'll remember a lot more once we get to the village.
They continued walking till they stopped and rested. Amaryllis could no long hear the boats, train carts and ponies. All she heard were birds and silence at time. Peaches was enjoying herself, smelling the flowers and checking out everything that she saw.
"Mango, How do you know so much about Star Cluster?" Amaryllis asked.
"I live in the village but I spend most of my time in town and letting Chief Tahoo know who things are going," Mango answered, he looked up at Star Cluster curiously, "How did you survive the explosion?"
"What explosion?" Star Cluster asked surprisingly.
"Fallon was holding you and the flaming pearl you were had grew brightly, then you and Fallon exploded and you are."
"I...died?" Star Cluster asked.
"That can't be possible. If he was dead he wouldn't be sitting here next to me," Amaryllis exclaimed.
"I know, that's why I asked," Mango replied.
"I don't know," Star Cluster replied. He had no memory of that time.
"After the explosion you and Fallon were gone. There was nothing left but a circle of dirt. Twinkle stars fell from the sky, even your fur and hair fell as well. Luna cried for a day after that," Mango replied.
"She...cared for me?" Star Cluster asked, "After I had kidnaped her?"
"You two became friends after awhile," Mango replied.
"Star Cluster, I bet that's why you had no fur when Peaches found you. The explosion much had blew your fur and hair off. It also blew you right off the island," Amaryllis explained.
Star Cluster thought about what she said, it sounded logical, "But I was unharmed. All I had were scratches from the fall."
"Well I don't know how you could have survive the explosion but you did and I'm glad too," Amaryllis replied smiling at him.
Star Cluster smiled back, "So am I."
Mango stood up from the rock he was sitting on, "Lets go."
They stood up and began walking till it got to dark to go any further.