Chapter 13: A castle by the lake

It was morning and Amaryllis, Peaches and Star Cluster left the house, walking towards the thick forest. Star Custer and Amaryllis each carried a large pink bag around their necks.
"Isn't this the forth time this week that we're walking through the forest?" Star Cluster asked.
"I love fall, it's cool outside and the trees are so pretty, besides this is a picnic," Amaryllis told him, "There's a lake not to far from the house, we...or used to go there a lot to have a picnic," Amaryllis paused looking sad for a minute then smiled at him, "You'll love it. It's wide open and mountains all around us. At this time of the year it looks even more prettier."
"A lake?" Star Cluster asked, "How big?"
"Well it's pretty big, it could take you 30 minutes to an hour to walk around it," Amaryllis answered, "And it's the clearest lake I've seen."
Star Cluster smiled, "Well then lets not waste time."

They walked quickly through the forest while Peaches continued to ask how far is it. When they walked out of the forest and into a large clearing, Star Cluster stood and stared at the lake which was pretty large, it curved around the bend near the largest hill. The lake sparkled in the sunlight and the distance trees around them was very pretty. Reds and yellows leaves were all over the hills with a bit of orange and a few darker colors. The leaves were falling even faster than before and soon winter will be upon them before they knew it.
"Well?" Amaryllis asked noticing his silence.
"It's certainly is pretty."
"Lets pick a spot to set your picnic up," Amaryllis suggested.
Star Cluster followed her to a slight hill top over looking the large lake and the large hill in the distance.
They put their bags on the ground while Peaches ran to the lake.
"Peaches!" Amaryllis yelled, "Be careful!"
Star Cluster took out a light blue blanket and laid it on the grass. Amaryllis laid the plates and food down, then she laid down and watched Peaches splash in the water, "Star Cluster that looks like fun, don't you think so?"
Star Cluster didn't answer her at first, the way Peaches was splashing in the water had made an image flash before his mind, an image of him running and splashing water at someone but the pony was so blurry to tell who it was.
"Star Cluster?" Amaryllis called to him noticing his stare.
Star Cluster blinked and smiled at her, "Lets go and join her."
Amaryllis smiled at him, she stood up and ran with him. Star Cluster looked at her and smiled, he felt that he never had so much fun before. Had he always played before? was he a playful type pony? Even though he couldn't remember, he felt he was not always the playful pony.
They ran to the lake and splashed water at each other, Peaches got soaked but still continued to play.
Amaryllis and Peaches joined teams and started splashing water on him.
"Ok, you two won, I'm going to dry off," Star Cluster laughed and then walked out of the water. She laid down in the grass letting the sun and wind dry his dark purple coat. He watched Amaryllis and Peaches play in at the edge of the lake. He looked at the colorful trees and smiled at it's beauty. Just then he noticed something pink white and gold, it was tall but somewhat hazy. He looked again on the hill but it wasn't there. He rubbed his eyes and looked again but still there was nothing there.
"What..was that?" Star Custer thought. He looked at the hill and tried to remember what he had seen or thought he saw, then it happened again, he was a tall light pink and white castle with a little bit of gold on it, sitting on the hill. He rubbed his eyes again, he knew a castle could not possibly be there. When he looked again, it wasn't there. He couldn't believe he saw a castle on the hill. He didn't recall ever seeing a castle before or in books and yet that castle looked very familiar. Where had he seen that castle?
Amaryllis and Peaches left the lake and sat next to Star Cluster breathing heavily.
"Amaryllis, do you see anything on that hill?" Star Cluster asked her.
Amaryllis looked at the hill, "No, there's nothing there. Why do you ask?"
"I thought I saw...well I guess I was imagining it."
"Saw what?" Amaryllis asked curiously, "It could be something from your memories."
"A tall light pink and white castle with a little bit of gold," Star Cluster answered.
"A Castle?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly, "I've never seen a castle like that before."
"You haven't?" Star Cluster asked.
"No, not in that color combination," Amaryllis answered.
"Castle?" Peaches asked, "Was it pretty?"
Star Cluster smiled at Peaches, "Yes it was very pretty.
"Lets go eat," Amaryllis suggested.
"Sound good to me," Star Cluster replied.
"Me too," Peaches cried and them she ran to the blanket.

After they had eaten on the blanket and laid down feeling full, Peaches smiled when she saw a butterfly, she ran from the blanket and chased it.
"There she goes," Star Cluster exclaimed.
Amaryllis laughed, "Shall we join her?"
Star Cluster stood up and began gathering leaves, "Lets play something else with her."
"Oh, I get it," Amaryllis smiled, "Sure, this will be fun," then she too gathered leaves.
While Peaches chased the butterfly, Amaryllis walked up to her and waited till Peaches was close to her then she dumped the leaves on her.
Peaches smiled and giggled. She picked up the leaves and threw them at her mother but she wasn't there. Peaches laughed and began chasing her just then Star Cluster threw the leaves at Peaches but missed and hit Amaryllis. Peaches stood laughing at her. Amaryllis picked up the leaves and threw them at Star Cluster. Before long, the three of them were throwing Leaves at each other. After awhile Amaryllis got tired and decided to rest, she walked back to the blanket and rested then Star Cluster joined her.
"Giving up already?" Star Cluster asked her.
"I haven't played this much in a long time," Amaryllis told him.
Star Cluster smiled at her, "You should more often."
Amaryllis smiled at him, "So should you."

Peaches ran around the grass chasing anything that was moving. Amaryllis continued to watch her while Star Cluster looked at the hill again and imagined the castle. Just then Peaches ran up to him and tackled him as she laughed. Star cluster fell over on the ground with Peaches on him laughing.
"So you think that was funny?" Star Cluster asked smiling at her. Then he noticed Amaryllis laughing, she to thought it was funny. Amaryllis walked over to Star Cluster and laid in the grass. Peaches continued to lay on him, she was no longer laughing but smiling instead.
"It's a pretty day to just relax," Amaryllis told him.
"Yes it is," Star Cluster replied.
The sun was going down fast and before long Peaches had fallen asleep on him. Amaryllis giggled, "I think someone fell asleep on you."
Star Cluster looked at Peaches and smiled, "That's the second time she's done that."
"Well it's time to be heading home anyways," Amaryllis told him, she stood up and shook Peaches awake, "Get up, time to go home."
Peaches climbed off of him and yawed. Star Cluster stood up and stretched his legs then he walked over to the blanket and helped pack. When they were done, they hung the bags around their necks and noticed Peaches had fallen asleep again.
"She really worn herself out, today," Amaryllis muttered.
"Put her on my back, I'll carry her home."
Amaryllis smiled at him, "You really like her don't you?"
"Yes, I do," Star Cluster replied smiling at her, "She'll grow up to be pretty just like her mother."
Amaryllis looked at him surprisingly. Did she hear him right? Did he really think she was pretty?
"Really?" Amaryllis asked almost blushing.
Star Cluster smiled at her, "Yes."
The two stood staring at each other for a minute.
"I umm...better get Peaches," Amaryllis nervously told him. She walked to Peaches and picked her up.
Peaches slowly opened her eyes and looked at her, "mommy, your face is red."
"It is?" Amaryllis asked surprisingly.
Star Cluster chuckled.
"Oh, well...ummm. I was..umm. Hot," Amaryllis replied nervously, "Star Cluster is going to carry you home."
Peaches tiredly smiled. Amaryllis sat her on his back with her feet hanging to each of his sides and her front feet cured under her chin. She felt very comfortable and quickly fell back to sleep.
They left the lake and walked through the thick forest walking side by side.
"I had a great time today," Amaryllis told him.
"So did I," Star Cluster agreed, "We should have picnics more often."
"I would love that," Amaryllis replied.