Auther: babysterretje
Lunarstar lands in The Friendship Lands, she doesn't know where she's at or how she's going to get home, until she meets a pony named Elia. Together, they set out to find away to get Lunarstar home.


Auther: babysterretje
Lunarstar returns to the Other world where she had visted the Friendship Lands only this time she ends up in Kin and meets a pony names Jowy. With his help They set off to find away to get Lunarstar home.


Auther: LunaCat
Morning Star had landed in a different world and to make matter's worse, she's mistaken for Lunarstar Princess of Ponyland, a white winged unicorn.


Auther: Arcanan
Eclipse (Eklip to his friends) lives in a relative quiet time in Ponyland. But then one morning while returning home, he discovers that something has gone wrong! He is no longer in the Ponyland he knows, but in one where a pony called Star Cluster had taken over the great Dream Castle! (Series 1) As he struggles to decide what he should do, he learns that Ponyland is in serious trouble, even more than the puppet-king of old could inflict upon it. The future of Ponlyland will depend on him and him alone; In more ways than one!


Auther: Battlefield (In Progress)
It has been several years since Luna and Blizzard became the king and queen of Secret Valley, and everything is going well. However, an ancient force of evil soon appear with the intention of destroying Luna and her family, and conquering both worlds on each side of the gate. In order to fight them. Luna must join forces with a force of ancient ponies, and a former villain from her past…But can she trust them?


Auther: Sunstar (In Progress)
It takes place during series three of Kingdom Lost, and series four of Worlds Apart. Mage, leader of the dark guardians of magic, is celebrating the birth of his nephew with a celebratory flight around Angels Island with his son, Cupid, and Bryon, the father of his nephew, when they are sucked into the Worlds Apart world. Mage is mistake for Teriney and arrested by King Stardust himself, and things go from bad to worse when Princess Luna is kidnapped in broad daylight, and Mage can't use his powers. Soon, it becomes apparent that something is draining the Magic. Unfortunately, the answer to find Luna, and fix the magic lays locked in Mage's lost memories. Can Mage get the black ponies to trust him in time before its too late to save Luna, and quite possibly, the very magic that makes up the whole world?


Auther: SilverWolf (In Progress)
The story is about two Princesses, Luna of Ponyland and Silver Wolf of Alëgaeria. They are kidnapped by Nebula, an evil unicorn with big ambitions, and her crew, and taken to the evil land Draconia. The danger grows as the Princesses escape and make a run for it, managing to hide in some woods. Stardust and Phantom, the fathers of Luna and Silver Wolf, travel to Draconia and arrive in time to see their daughters taken yet again by Nebula. They find out that their enemies are after the power of the ancient forms of Kiesia and Nocturnia. The girls learn of the extra power they hold and must learn to become their ancient forms to defeat another, older, and possibly stronger ancient being.


Auther: silver__dragon
Since the arrival of The Three Black Ponies, Lunarstar had been very worried about going outside at night. After some convincing she agreed to be taken to forest nearby by Charades, but when the Black ponies show up, and something goes wrong with the gate, Lunarstar, Starfire, Skyview and Stardust are forced to Moony Mountain… well, not quite, it doesn’t actually exist… apparently. Will Lunarstar and the triplets be able to somehow work together, find the solution to the problem with the gate and return home?




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