Name: Raspberry

Family: Blueberry

Breed: Earth Pony

Information: She often appeares as a mean pony who tries everything to get attention, but she is actually nice just to affraid to show it. She doesn't know how to make friends to she learns other pony's secrets and forces them to be her friends. Thanks to Little Flitter and Skyview, she's beginning to have second thought about making real friends.
She had an older brother names Blueberry.

Highlight below to read her secret.
(Series 3) She learns to be herself and make friends with Lunarstar and her friends. She later learns the Lunarstar's secret.


Name: Blueberry

Family: Raspberry his sister

Breed: Earth Pony

Information: Blueberry is a nice and caring pony. He loves to play soccor, for a while he and his sister kept it a secret. His parents forbid him to play the game but once his parents learned to let go they let him play soccer. He eventully falls in love with Luna but finds he has to fight ageinst Blizzard for her.

Highlight below to read his secret.
(Series 3)He falls in love with Lunarstar and becomes jealous when Blizzard takes notice of her. When Blueberry goes to apologize for his behavior he accidentally learns the Lunarstar's secret.





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