Name: Silverstar

Family: Stardust,Royal Heart, Luna,Skyview,Starfire,Star Cluster

Breed: earth pony

Information: He's Stardust's son and Luna's baby brother. He will get an ability which I won't say what it is just yet. He has the ability to hypnotize anyone when his eye glows.


Name: Snowmist

Family: Snowfall and Sea mist

Breed: earth pony

Information: He's the new baby Prince at Moonlight castle. He loves to explore which seems to get him in trouble.


Name: Iceberg

Family: Luna (Lunarstar) and Blizzard

Breed: Winged unicorn

Information: He's the heir and a Prince at Winterfall castle. He loves to play and is curious about everything. He has icy ablility, freeze water and move objects.





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